Landing Pages for Lead Generation: 6 Ways to Drive Conversions

Landing page optimization for high conversion rates

Do you know that feeling when you’re getting amazing traffic and great leads but just can’t seem to be making money? The most likely answer is that while you probably are doing everything right, you’re not getting good conversions.

Namely, you get people to actually reach your page, to look at your website, but you don’t really keep them there. You have high bounce rates or simply can’t make a sale. Basically, there may be a host of issues why you’re not getting the conversion levels you want.

However, today we will be focusing on the landing page and how to optimize it for conversion generation.

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Landing Page Optimization Tips To Increase Conversion Rate

Show you care about privacy.

In light of the events in the last year or two, privacy and security are a big deal for all users. Essentially, a big barrier for new leads is trust. Just think about it; people are giving you their contact information, sometimes even personal data.

How do they know that you won’t spam them with tons of emails every day or even cold-call them in the middle of the night? And of course, let’s not even start with low-security, poorly encrypted websites, and pages. So, we suggest you implement some trust and privacy signals.

One of the ways you can do this is by simply placing a reminder that they will be secure with your company. Have a very clear and direct link that leads to your official privacy policy. Furthermore, point out, somewhere on your landing page, the software or company that keeps your website protected.

Use visuals

Our brains process images much, much faster than they do text. Understand that content that contains images and basically, any visual content will much more likely be viewed and will retain users more often than regular content. It also helps you stand out; it makes you more unique.

Another important aspect of visual content within your landing page is that you can evoke different emotions and pull people’s curiosity in various ways. For example, you can attract people with some of the many infographics ideas and styles.

You can provide educational content in a very clear and concise way. For example, stating some stats that support your products or services, pointing out something that most people lack and that can be fixed with the things offered. And understand that the said infographic doesn’t have to take up an entire page of content; a simple three-panel image can do the trick.

You can also evoke certain emotions and ideas with images on your landing page. Something as simple as harmonized color combinations and an eye-catching design might be enough. Other times, placing a human face on the landing page can help.

Having a photo of the website’s team can remind people that there are human beings, actual people behind the page. This can help you build trust and familiarity.

Brevity is the soul of wit (and good landing pages)

We understand the urge to write as much information as you can and put it on your landing page. Quite often, you only have one shot at getting a conversion, and that is through your landing page.

However, understand that just vomiting all the information you have about your company onto your landing page will not get you the result you want. If they get hooked on your landing page, they will easily read more about your services, products, and company on the rest of your website.

Furthermore, keep your forms short and sweet as well. If you want people to sign up, it doesn’t matter if it’s for your products or your newsletter; you don’t want to ask for too much information. First of all, it can simply be tedious.

Filling out a form asking for everything from their social security number to their home address will take a long time. The second, more serious issue is that it will seem horribly intrusive. At best, they will think of you as a bit nosey. However, at worst, they will consider this a serious privacy violation.

Set up a chat system

Now, not every company can implement a good chat system. It requires a certain amount of bandwidth, as well as having a team there to back it up. Understand that any quality marketing company, like the professionals at GWM SEO and web design, for example, will tell you that it’s better to avoid multitasking if you truly can’t pull it off. A poorly implemented chat service with the support that doesn’t care about the user will do more harm than good.

Minimise distractions

You want people’s eyes to be drawn to your landing page to get a conversion. For this reason, we suggest you minimize every possible distraction found on the page. Your goal here, even with the chat option, is to direct people to the landing page form. Remove any fluff, visual flourishes, and unnecessary links.

Your user’s eyes are supposed to be drawn to the form and nothing else. With the exclusion of the actual design and background image of your landing page, the entirety of the attention of your users is supposed to land on the form.

Keep your content scannable.

Now, whatever content you put on your website, understand that quality always trumps quantity. Always work towards keeping your content good and as professional as possible. However, for your landing page, the content needs to be very specific.

People essentially need to scan it, look at the landing page, and basically make a choice (consciously or subconsciously) at that very instant. People’s attention spans are very limited, and a large paragraph of text will push people away.

While we already mentioned how important short, clear writing and content are, scannability is a bit different. By setting up the landing page content in a scannable, easy-to-read format, people are more likely to be converted by it.

So, things like bullet points, arrows, dashes, and lists all will get you the results you want. Furthermore, bold and underline the things you want to emphasize, things that people should focus on.


You should always strive toward conversions. Leads, visitors, all this is well and good, but without conversions, you just end up with a pretty website and no money. So, we suggest you work on your landing page. Minimize any distractions; everything should lead toward people filling out your landing page form or clicking on the right link.

A chat option or some visual elements can push toward better conversions, but remember to keep the content short, sweet, and scannable. And, of course, try to convince people, at a glance, that your website is secure and that their information will be kept safe.

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