Reasons Why App Landing Pages Are Essential Component to Drive Growth

App Landing Pages to Drive Growth

Have you heard about mobile app landing pages?

I’m pretty sure that you have heard about this many a time, but do you know why is it important for your mobile app?

Some of the entrepreneurs know the importance of app landing pages so well that you can see them setting one up before even they write a single line of code.

A successful mobile app market comprises developing exhilarating landing pages that can drive growth.

But do you know what makes an app landing page so effective? And, if you have already developed one, are you sure that it is working as it could be?

These are some of the most common questions that various startups and businesses have in their mind. In this blog, I’m going to share how app landing pages can increase growth along with tried-and-tested strategies that you can easily implement.

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Before we jump into why an app landing page is important and how it can boost growth, first, let’s understand:

What is an App Landing Page?

An app landing page is a separate web page that your visitor can arrive at, and it was designed mainly for a single conversion goal. Mainly, the landing page can create the much-required buzz for your application before it is launched in the market.

To increase the excitement of your users, what you are presenting on the app landing pages matters a lot. Every single landing page must have these few things, including a clear picture of your application, recognizable features, and a call-to-action. It will also allow users to navigate through the application without any effort.

How Can App Landing Pages Boost Growth?

Create an Excitement for Your App Before Launching It

An app landing page is like a great promotional tool that has huge power to market your application even before it is launched in the market. It will enable app developers to create excitement among the targeted audience about the application and get maximum attention from a large group of people.

With just the concept of the application, you can attract a lot of people like developers, app users, experts in the industry, other investors, etc. You can get the maximum of it by having pre-launch app landing pages.

You can also give newsletter signups, give them daily updates about your application, and send videos and other important details. You can also prefer to tell a story about the app through an app landing page. In addition to this, you can ensure them how your app will benefit them in their daily life.

App Landing Page for Post Launch

Once you launch your application, you need to provide complete information about the application, like features, video, pricing, FAQs, etc., to give important information about the app.

You can also include more information on the landing page like press reviews, testimonials, instant links, and more. With a good mobile app landing page, you can easily boost traffic to your application and build a strong brand.

Most users are dependent on Google search when looking for any new application. Ensure that your website does not act as an extension of your application. You should also avoid filling in a lot of keywords on your website.

Rather than this, you can make it more informative and give updated information. Moreover, you can utilize some of the top SEO techniques to boost traffic to your website and redirect to the app store. Various tools are there to help you track the traffic and redirect it to the app store.

Even live support also plays an important role in the success of your application. Through live support, you can clear the doubts of app users because it takes a lot of time to turn any app buyers into app users.

Enhance Brand Awareness

A professional and smart businessman knows that a landing page will give his business an opportunity to boost brand awareness. This is the reason why the style, tone, and appearance of the page should reflect the style and mission of the brand.

When any businessman successfully develops a landing page of all these boxes, he/she can efficiently reinforce and increase brand awareness. It is essential as it can add a boost to the visibility of a business and increase brand recognition. In itself, it is considered a great strategy because research shows that most people tend to purchase from brands that they are familiar with.

How to Build a Better Mobile App Landing Page?

As we all know, the landing page of apps is the very first interaction of users with the mobile application development, so it is important to make a better first impression in front of the users.

Here are some of the important tips to make the best app landing pages:

  1. First of all, you ensure that you share the logo and name of your application with the perfect color so that it appears clearly. The visitors can easily know about you like who you are.
  2. Try to keep your app’s title as small as possible, conveying about your app. You can also use your skills to the best standard so that you can attract maximum readers.
  3. You can also choose to include a video on your app landing page as it can hugely help. A video of your app can give a better idea of your app, its features, and its benefits.
  4. Calls-to-actions can also work amazingly as they can be accessed easily. If you have launched your app, you can allow your visitors to download your app. But if you fail to make the CTA better, there is no chance of creating a good mobile app landing page.

With the right strategies and tricks, an app landing page can play the biggest role in boosting your growth, no matter whether you are at the very first stage of validating your application or reached the point where you know about the marketing strategies.

If you have any doubts or confusion related to app landing pages, you can discuss it with a professional mobile app developer, who will give the right solution to your query.

Mobile App Landing Pages to Drive Growth
Design Mobile App Landing Pages to Drive Business Growth
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