Landing Page Hacks to Boost Web Traffic

Landing page design hacks to increase web site traffic

Creating landing pages that attract traffic and convert users into a loyal pool of customers is always a challenge. We have some top hacks for designing landing pages that will boost your overall web traffic and lead to more revenue.

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Landing Page Goals

You have to create content with a goal in mind – are you trying to generate leads from the page? Is the aim to encourage people to buy a product? 

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to your podcast?

Now imagine if a user arrives at your page and all the options listed above are available to them. Will they not be confused? 

This is why you need a clear goal for every landing page you create.

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Most landing pages include forms – the same logic needs to be applied to them. What is the goal of the form? 

Once you have determined that, you need to design a simple and easy-to-use form. Don’t ask too many questions, nor should you expect people to write a great deal of information. 

If you can limit your queries to a handful of choices, that will be the best way forward.

Buyer Personas

Buyer personas template
Buyer personas template – Image source: Venngage

A byproduct of deciding the goal of your landing pages is that you can also determine your buyer personas. 

You know what the landing page is supposed to do but who is it meant for? To understand this, you need to look at your other pages. 

Check your site analytics to find the pages with the best traffic. How were people finding those pages? Why did they stay?

You should also use heatmaps to determine what parts of the page users were most attracted to. 

Did they hover over a chart for a long time, or were they more interested in your product comparison infographic?

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This data can then be used to create 2-3 buyer personas who will become your target audience for that page. 

You can then create a content marketing campaign to attract them to the page and optimize your images and body copy to appeal to them.

Loading Times

The speed at which your landing page loads has a massive impact on how well the page is received.

If your pages don’t load quickly, the visitor will get frustrated and leave the page – which completely defeats the purpose of creating a campaign to attract people to the page. 

You can check page load time by using free tools online. If you find that your pages aren’t loading quickly, you need to make some changes. 

Start by looking at the images on the page – are they very large? The images shouldn’t be over 1MB each – large images massively slow down page loading time

Remove the large images and replace them with smaller-sized ones – do not scale them down within your CMS as that will create multiple versions of the image and slow down your server.

Visuals and Colors

Borderbuddy landing page
Borderbuddy landing page design – Image source: Unbounce

Many web designers make one crucial mistake – they think of landing page images as a way to attract attention when they are actually meant as an illustration of the content on the page.

This leads to beautiful visuals being included on pages that don’t have any connection to the text.

The visuals you use need to be relevant to your goals – are you encouraging someone to buy a product? This is the place to share an infographic about the product specs.

The images you use should be branded – you can’t explicitly use your logo on every image, but you can use the brand colours across the landing page.

Speaking of colours, it is important to use high-contrast colours together – especially if you want people to fill up forms.

Users with colour-blindness or visual impairments may not be able to perceive colours that are too closely related – which is why contrasting colours are a better way to convey your message.

And the colours and imagery you use on your landing page should be similar to, if not the same as, those used in the campaigns that brought users to the page.

If people click on one kind of image on a newsletter or social media post only to be directed to a page that looks completely different, they will be confused and might click away.

Optimized Landing Page Text

Visuals aren’t the only area where you can make a mistake and end up driving away your prospects. The text of your landing page needs to be on point – starting with your headline.

As you would with any other kind of content marketing, optimize your headline – keep it short and snappy. Use numbers and tell visitors exactly what you expect them to do.

This is not the place to be wishy-washy or give people a history of your company – get to the point and tell them how you can give them the product of their dreams.

Paired with a strong subheading and body copy that doesn’t waver from your brand tone and you have yourself a winning formula.

Call to Action

Call to action in landing pages
Include Call to action in your landing page design. Image source: CareerContessa

Your landing page design must have a call to action – otherwise, what was the point of creating the page? But how do you create a CTA that converts?

Keep it short – 3-4 words maximum. Remember, people don’t have time to read everything on the page – if they already know why they’re on your page, they will head directly to the CTA.

The words you use in your CTA should be focused on evoking an action – ‘buy now’, ‘save now’, ‘get your discount’ – and don’t leave anything up to the imagination.

Be as direct as possible – you need users to click this button, not ponder the universe.

The CTA button should be the sole clickable element on the page – if you have too many things to click on, you diminish the chance of the CTA being clicked on.

The colours should contrast on your CTA – the text on the button and the background colour of the button should be different enough to be readable.

The CTA should be as close to the top of the page as possible – if people have to scroll down to click it, you might lose them on the way.

Important information needs to be on top, vibrant, and to the point – all the elements of a great CTA.

Offer Support

Offer support in landing page
Offer support on your landing page for better conversion. Image source: Venngage

A new phenomenon in the world of content marketing is live chat support. When visitors to your landing page are seriously considering your product, offering support can lead to conversions. 

Imagine a potential customer looking at your form and wondering whether they will get the services they want. If they have their queries answered immediately, they will sign up.

Remember that people no longer have the patience they used to – there simply isn’t time for it. So, if they have a question, they are far less likely to email the site for answers.

If they don’t get their answers from a chatbot, they won’t make the purchase or fill in the form, or whatever it is that you want them to do.

On the other hand, if you offer live support on the landing page itself, you can ensure that they don’t leave the page before completing the desired action.

Responsive Landing Pages

Where are people viewing landing pages in 2020? On mobile devices, even more so than tablets or laptops.

Mobile marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the last five years. Mobile technology has made it more convenient to browse the internet on phones, which has impacted websites.

The chances of users clicking through to a landing page from a mobile device are very high, so your landing pages have to be responsive.

Check how your pages and the visuals contained within appear on different devices – test out variations before going to live for the desired effect.

Atmosphere of Trust

Include trust badges in landing pages
Include trust badges in landing pages – Image source: Oberlo

Landing pages are designed to get information from customers. Whether you are asking them to fill up a form or to purchase a product, information is being requested.

As much as someone wants to engage with your brand, if they can’t trust you, they won’t give you their information, and they certainly won’t buy anything.

There are a few ways to create an atmosphere of trust on your landing pages.

Including testimonials is always a good idea – a carousel of testimonials, alongside images of the real customers who provided them, is always reassuring.

You should include trust badges – if your pages and your forms have been deemed safe by companies like McAfee, Norton, and GeoTrust, people will feel more comfortable.

Always Test

Testing is an important part of content marketing – test everything before it becomes customer-facing. 

Try two different versions of a landing page on the same audience to compare which one is better received.

You can also survey customers who visit your landing page and ask for their opinion – you can use a simple survey maker to collect the information.

Testing can take a lot of time – collating and understanding the data can take even longer.

However, by the end of the testing process, you will have a better sense of what works, what needs improvement, and what absolutely should be avoided. So, it’s worth it.

Summing Up

The above landing page hacks will help your marketing team boost conversions and grow overall revenue.

Making the customer experience on your website as streamlined and supportive as possible is the key to improving traffic and customer retention.

Testing out variations is crucial in this process – you can’t sit back on your laurels because there are always ways of improving the landing page.

But with regular tests and careful analysis, you can create a landing page strategy that will work for a good long while and expand your loyal customer base.

Landing page design best practices to drive traffic
Landing page development best practices to drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

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Image source: Freepik Premium

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