Top 5 Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Custom T-Shirts Business

Marketing tips for custom t-shirt business

Starting a business and making it successful is not an easy task. You first need to have a feasible idea. After that, you need to find a profitable niche, define a target audience, and have something valuable to sell.

Nowadays, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. A lot of people are leaving their full-time jobs to start an entrepreneurial journey.

And when it comes to choosing the industry, many of them are opting for a t-shirt printing business. Why? It is because the industry is growing at a fast pace. If we go by the latest reports, by 2025, the t-shirt printing business is expected to cross the US $10 billion globally.

So, if you have thought of starting or already started a t-shirt printing business, then you have made the right decision. You may have done everything that is required to start a business, but that’s not where your job ends.

The business world is very competitive. Being new in the industry, you need to make a lot of effort in promoting and sustaining it. Many companies hire marketing professionals to promote their businesses. But not everyone is blessed with a high budget.

If you too are also one of those entrepreneurs who cannot afford to hire a marketing professional, then don’t worry! In this blog, we will be sharing the top five marketing hacks that will help you in promoting your custom t-shirt business on your own. Let’s get started!

Website Improvement Hacks

Optimize your website speed:

Website page speed optimization
Website page speed optimization

The speed of a website plays a crucial role in increasing conversions and getting a higher position in search engine results. We live in an era where people don’t have the patience to wait while surfing anything on the internet.

If a website takes more than 2 seconds to get loaded, people leave the page and move on to other related websites. You can check the speed of your website by using popular tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, etc.

If you find your website running slow, then improve it. Otherwise, chances are your potential customers may incline towards your competitors. Here are some of the ways to improve the speed of your website:

  • Compress the size of all the images
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Remove unwanted plugins
  • Minimize the number of CSS files and JavaScript
  • Detect 404 errors

Make a powerful impression of your home page:

We all are familiar with the famous phrase ‘The First impression is the last impression.’ The same holds true for a website. Your website represents who you are and what your business does.

No matter how great your product or service is, if the design of your website is not impressive, then chances are you may lose a prospect forever. A visitor takes only 0.05 seconds to decide whether they will stay or leave. Here are a few tips to make your website impressive:

  • Use high-quality and relevant images
  • Write engaging taglines or headers
  • Use the right colors and fonts
  • Keep the navigation simple
  • Have strong CTA buttons like create custom t-shirt now or design your own t-shirt

Content Marketing Hacks:

Add a blog section to your website:

Content creators - Content Marketing
Habits Of Successful Content Creators – Content Marketing

Blogs are pieces of informal writing. Company blogs are written with the purpose of sharing industry-related trends and information. You can relate your blogs with the inner product/service pages or with a website that has a high domain and page authority.

Blogging helps in driving traffic, building credibility, and starting a direct conversation with the audience. As per the latest statistics:

  • Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages.
  • 53% of marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority.
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve positive ROI on their efforts.
  • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

Maintaining a blog section may look a tedious task, but trust us, the effort of following this practice can benefit you in various ways in the long-term.

Create video content:

Did you know that in the USA, 75 million people watch videos daily, and as compared to text, 95% of the viewers are able to retain a message when they watch a video? Videos are a great way to catch the attention of the audience.

A great video can go viral within an hour or so. Therefore, promoting your custom t-shirt business through videos can benefit you in increasing 157% organic traffic from SERPs. To gather content for videos, you can hold events, webinars, live events, etc.

Offer expertise in the form of e-books:

E-books are a long-form of content that provides useful information to customers and clients. Although e-books are mostly used by B2B companies, if you think you have any case study where you have solved a big problem with any of your customers, then you can offer expertise in the form of e-books. It will not only help you gain credibility but also connect with the right people.

Include testimonials to win the trust:

We all know that today the business world is very competitive. It is quite challenging to win the trust of the customers. Testimonials help businesses in providing proof of the merits of their products/services.

Adding them on a website, blogs, brochures, or sharing them on your social platforms can help you strengthen your presence and reputation. You can have testimonials both in text and video format.

Write compelling product descriptions:

You may succeed in bringing the target audience to your website or web page, but to encourage them to make a final purchase, you need to convince them. And this can be done by creating compelling product descriptions.

Yes, great product descriptions can help you in increasing sales. With that, you can connect with your audience psychologically and emotionally. As per OneSpace data, 98% of the consumers discouraged from purchasing due to a lack of product information.

Email Marketing hacks

Email Marketing Guide
Tips for effective Email Marketing to boost sales.

Design drip campaigns:

Drip campaigns, also known as autoresponders, are automated sets of campaigns that are sent out on a specific timeline or user action. For instance, if someone subscribed to your newsletters, drip campaign will send out the welcome email immediately and maybe after two days, an email that shows off some of the most useful content. Some of the key benefits of drip campaigns are:

  • Boost engagement and loyalty
  • Create a lead nurturing marketing funnel
  • Help to increase brand awareness
  • Re-engage with long-lost or old contacts
  • Capture abandoned carts

Have an add-on email signature:

Did you know that 73% of millennials want companies to communicate through emails? An email signature is your identity information that is added to the footer of an email. It is considered essential for effective communication.

It is like a business card where you can add information like website URL, company logo, social media icons, contact information, etc. Having a simple, clean, and consistent email signature can help you in winning the trust of recipients.. Here are some of the benefits of email signature:

  • Shows professionalism
  • Helps in brand recognition
  • Helps generate more leads
  • Is cost-effective
  • Helps in getting instant reviews

Write compelling subject lines:

In email marketing, a subject line plays a crucial role. It is the foremost thing that receivers see and urges them to open an email. You can either have personalized subject lines or anything that creates a sense of urgency. Here are a few tips for writing subject lines for your custom clothing business:

  • Keep them short
  • Hook your audience
  • Place importance words at the beginning
  • Highlight the value you are offering
  • Do A/B testing

Social Media Marketing Hacks:

Time for Modern Social Media
Time for Modern Social Media Marketing

Conduct polls:

Social media polling is a great way to take the opinion of the target audience. It can help your company in getting insights into the current requirement, pain areas, expectations, etc. of customers. With the help of the data, you can offer the required products/services.

For example, you can conduct a poll on the artworks people want to have on their custom t-shirts. You can give your audience options like motivational, nature, funny, animals, abstract, love, etc.

Use Hashtags:

Hashtags are a great way to extend your reach to the target audience. Without hashtags, you cannot win the game of social media marketing, especially on platforms like Instagram and Tumblr. Before using hashtags, it is advisable to do some research.

Using random or too many hashtags is not the right approach to follow. You can even create a unique hashtag for your business and put it across all your social posts.

Launch contests:

Contests are a highly cost-effective marketing tool. Since it gives people a chance to win cool prizes (monetary/ non-monetary), they always get motivated to participate.

A lot of people also share the same posts with their friends, thus helping businesses to get more followers and engagement. Launching a contest requires an effective strategy. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Know the purpose of launching a contest
  • Set your budget
  • Choose the prize
  • Choose the type of contests (photo contest, video contest, sweepstakes, etc.)
  • Determine the length of your contest

Analytics & Growth Tracking:

Business Analytics and Data Analysis
Business Analytics and Data Analysis

This is the most ignored marketing hack. What’s the point of putting so much effort into when you don’t track and analyze the results?

Analytics and tracking will help you in understanding your visitors, leads, and things that may have gone wrong. So, track all your campaigns and analyze them. This will help you in coming up with new marketing ideas.


So, folks, these are the most reliable hacks that can help you in growing your business. Implement them and take your business to new heights. But remember, these hacks will work if you commit to providing high-quality products/services as in the custom clothing business.

Quality is the foremost thing that people notice. If you fail to do so, then nothing will work to convince customers to buy your products or services.

Custom t-shirt business marketing tips
Custom t-shirt business marketing tips

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