10-Steps To Develop Landing Page on WordPress For Higher Conversion

Tips to create a landing page design that converts

When it comes to business marketing strategies to enhance business revenue, landing pages stand first to attract a ton of traffic to your site and hold the ability to convert those visitors into potential leads.

Companies investing in landing pages have witnessed a 40% to 55% growth in the total number of leads.

But at the same time, there is nothing more frustrating than facing low landing page conversion rates after investing a great time, effort and money in marketing campaigns.

Neil Patel Co-founded Crazy Eggs in 2005 and said that “300,000 websites are using Crazy Eggs to understand what tools and plugins are working on their website, how to fix the errors and testing the new ideas.

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But let me ask you, is creating a highly converting landing page rocket science for businesses?

The straightforward Answer to this question is NO!

Crafting a highly effective and converting landing page on WordPress involves nothing more than a “Good Designing” and integration of the right WordPress plugins that help users to find everything right there to make a final decision. 

So how would you develop a highly converting landing page on WordPress?

Before diving deep into learning the steps to develop a highly converting landing page, it is worth to understand “What is the average conversion rate for a landing page”?

Well, there is no static answer to this question. However, if you will ask this question to 10 different digital experts, you will get ten different answers. As a matter of fact, the answer depends on the design, call to action, business goals and products that you are trying to pitch through the landing page.

Usually, a landing page covers anywhere between 1% to 3%, but the companies using WordPress Development Services are relishing double digits conversions.

If the truth is to be told, you can’t get it right the first time until you invest time, effort and skills in learning, testing, optimising and launching your landing page on WordPress.

But unfortunately, this falls under the top biggest problems for B2B marketers. To overcome such issues, we have put together a 9-step guide to help you develop highly optimised landing pages to improve the conversion rate.

Let’s get started with the steps involved in creating a highly converting landing page on WordPress:

1. Take Time To Understand Your Marketing Goals

You might find this point obvious, but unfortunately, many businesses take this step casually without understanding the fact that this is the biggest reason for facing a low conversion rate. 

Launching the landing page with a lack of focus on a particular goal or targeting multiple offers on a single page may make your users confused and leave them in a dilemma about what exactly you are trying to offer them.

Solution: The key to success is to leverage feature-rich WordPress landing page plugins, including Beaver Builder, Leadpages, Elementor, OptimizePress, Divi, and so on.

The WordPress landing pages plugin framework provides you with a clear way to design crisp, clean and organized landing pages that help you convert visitors into potential leads.

2. Everything Begins with a Killer Headline

Once you set your focus, now it’s time to turn it into reality, and the first step is to add a simple, straightforward and compelling headline that attracts visitors to stay at your site and learn more about your services. 

Writing attractive headlines is not rocket science; all you need to do is to keep it short and meaningful. Never use more than 20 words, and try to keep it within 10 words. A headline is the very first thing that your visitors are going to focus on on your landing page, so make it as sharp, captivating and crisp as possible. 

It is worth it if you use a headline that supports an image that describes your products and services. If visitors relate to or are inspired by the bold statement, there are better chances they will prefer to learn more about your services.

3. Compose Interesting Images

Content is essential, but images add a perfect emotion to your content and encourage customers to make necessary actions in real-time.  

Adding too much content to your landing page will make your visitor bored. To generate better traffic and leads on your site, make sure to use real high-resolution pictures of consumers at events to win the trust of the visitors.

Secondly, your real images will let your users know what exactly your company is offering and your mission is accomplished.

4. Customize the Landing Page Template Uniquely

There are several WordPress plugins available to create an attractive landing page, including Elementor, Thrive, Qards, WP Lead Capturing Pages, WP Profit Builder and so on. The best part is you can customize every single element of the template according to your campaign needs by merely pointing and clicking on it.

Instead of using the template with the default settings, it is worth changing the text, its colour, style, alignment, etc., to customize the template and make it a perfect fit for your business campaign. Also, you can change the background colour and images within the template to make a good fit with your product and services.

5. Highlight the Offers with Clear Value Propositions

If you want your visitors to accept the call to action, then make them know what the benefits of choosing your services are and what makes you different from other competitors. Use value propositions extraordinarily, so visitors get interested in opting for your assistance. 

Such a landing page uses captivating yet unique value propositions to convenience visitors to make much-needed action. For example, did you ever notice Uber’s landing page? They did a great job with their landing page. 

The user’s landing page has the right value proposition to pitch to such people who are looking for financial independence. Their value propositions like “Good Money”, “Work When You Are Free”, and “No Office No Boss” actually attract users to click on the CTAs.

6. Employ CTAs That Allow Users to Take Necessary Action

Of course, the ultimate goal of every landing page is to drive better leads for your business. And it won’t be possible without deploying CTAs (Call To Action) to your campaign. 

Make sure you use bold colours as compared to your background colour for the CTA button. And usually, we find Blue, Green and Orange CTAs work best. Usually, while customizing the template design, use the right size of the button.

It should not be too small that users lose sight of it or not so bold that it makes your visitors conscious. It should be the right size and positioned correctly so visitors can locate it easily. 

According to Neil Patel, CTAs are the essential elements of a landing page that push customers into taking necessary action. So instead of using direct CTAs like Buy Now, Click Now, Call Now, and more …it is better to use Subscribe to a newsletter, Free Trial, A Registration Form, Reserve a Services, and Ask for a Callback/ Contact.

7. Watch The Loading Time

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your landing page to load. No matter what WordPress Plugin you used to deploy and how easy to customise the template with drag-and-drop features, turning your idea into a final landing page is always a time-consuming task. 

You may spend long hours crafting the right landing page with the right content, but it won’t matter if its loading time is high. The landing page must load within a few seconds; otherwise, you may lose the potential visitor. 

To keep track of your page load time or bounce rate, you can use Google PageSpeed insights and get the perfect suggestions and make necessary changes to the landing page to improve the page load time.

8. Time to Optimize the Contact Forms

While creating the landing page on WordPress, you can leverage various Contact Form WordPress Plugins, including WPForms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and so on. After all, the primary purpose of a landing page is to capture a user’s contact details which are impossible to collect without using the right form. 

Further, all your efforts in crafting content and images are a waste if you are still sticking to asking them about their email address. The simple instruction for creating a form that can uplift the conversion is as mentioned below:

  • Craft a form that stands out from the rest of the page.
  • Use an eye-catching colour theme.
  • Use clear, exciting and captivating value propositions.

9. Ask for Less in Contact Form

To avoid making your visitors feel irritated, minimize your form with less information. Asking too much in the contact form will surely make them run away. An ideal contact form is one that only asks for necessary information, including address, phone number, and first and last name.

10. A/B Test Your Landing Page Before Its Launch

Testing is the last and mandatory step to improve your landing page conversion. Introducing your landing page with the errors will put your efforts to the sake. So always remember, when you are using the right tool to target and make necessary testing of your page, there will always be a better chance to increase the landing page conversion rate up to 100%.

Ending Note

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and learned how to create a high-converting landing page with these simple steps.

You may find several other blogs and articles on Google about creating a useful and attractive landing page for high conversion. Still, we have listed some points that help you understand what exactly makes your landing page highly exciting and how to generate authentic leads and increase sales.

If you find this complicated and feel clueless about where to start and what to keep in mind, then it is worth looking for WordPress development services.

As they are experts in using WordPress plugins and know how to build a landing page, therefore, developers can assist you in developing a highly converting landing page that perfectly fits your overall business strategy.

How to design landing page
How to design a landing page for better conversion.

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