10 Best Marketing Automation Software of 2020

Top Digital marketing automation software and tools

The purpose of marketing automation software is to streamline the various marketing operations with the help of machine learning and AI technology.

Furthermore, they serve as a central node for all marketing operations and create an easy to access database.

It is almost impossible to run large-scale marketing processes without the help of automation software. Smaller processes can also benefit from this software, as it helps heighten the business growth rate. But with so many variants available in the market, it can be tough to decide which one fits your purpose the best.

Thus, to ease out your search process, we have compiled a list of the 10 best marketing automation software that is currently available in the market. Read through the list below and you will gain comprehensive knowledge about each of their operative procedures and unique solutions.

1. ActiveCampaign

Used by over 90,000 businesses across 160+ countries, ActiveCampaign is one of the best marketing automation software available to anyone performing large-scale marketing tasks.

The software features a huge range of automation modes that can be used for any purpose required, such as email marketing, CRM, social media management, etc. It’s priced at $9 per month, so you can get the best marketing automation experience at a very budget-friendly rate.

ActiveCampaign can be used by businesses of all sizes, and it will be the only piece of marketing software that you require. The interface is customizable and absolutely user-friendly. This is software recommended by experts across industries and for good reason.

2. HubSpot

While HubSpot’s user base goes much beyond that of marketing professionals, its features have made it a solid marketing automation software. This prize-winning software features a variety of automation tools that can be used for marketing, sales, and other CRM related needs.

The best thing about HubSpot is that it provides readymade solutions to every possible marketing automation need that a company can have.

If you are in need of software that will go the extra mile and provide tools that perform industrial-grade CRM functions, HubSpot should be your number one choice. Apart from industrial usage, it is also used by many individual professionals who perform marketing tasks.

3. SharpSpring

If you are looking for budget automation software, then this is the best pick. It is behaviour-based software, i.e. it can track the behaviour of the user and set up the various processes to match the unique marketing needs. This makes SharpSpring extremely easy to operate software that can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

While it does not have an in-built CRM system, it provides various 3rd party CRM tools that can be easily integrated with the software. Hence, for those who want to go a step beyond the usual marketing automation, SharpSpring delivers at a professional level.

Whether you are a blogger or a social media manager, the various functionalities of SharpSpringwill surely help you achieve your needed tasks. The platform is widely used and can be customized as per your needs.

It has various 3rd party integration facilities available as well, so any other software that you might use can be controlled through SharpSpring.

4. Marketo

An offering from the house of Adobe Marketo is part of the ‘Marketing Nation’ series of tools by the IT giant. It is one of the pioneers of the marketing automation revolution and is used by thousands of marketing managers across the globe.

The usability of this application is highly scalable, i.e. it can be used by both large corporations and also smaller organizations. It is also a very open platform in terms of its integration potential, making it absolutely easy to use and personalize.

Marketo can be used successfully to build business growth and increase followers. Brand value increment and revenue growth are two of its essential functions. It also has the Launchpoint Partner ecosystem that can be used to integrate various other tools into the software.

5. Pardot

B2B marketing is becoming one of the primary segments of online marketing, and Pardot is specifically created for this purpose. This is essentially a lead management system, since it allows marketing and sales both to operate within a singular platform.

From tracking marketing ROI to lead cycle management, Pardot provides all the necessary tools that a B2B company will ever need in order to perform its marketing tasks. A user can track all movements within their website and set parameters based on which the leads will be scored. This is a highly helpful feature that allows for easy access to marketing insights.

Further features include automated sales alerts, pipeline acceleration, closed-loop reporting, etc. Overall, this is the best choice for any B2B organization, large or small, to align their sales and marketing and achieve maximum ROI.

6. Autopilot

One of the unique marketing automation platforms available, Autopilot allows for a visual experience of the marketing processes and makes it absolutely easy for even the most amateur marketers. All marketing processes can be performed with a few clicks and drag-and-drop options, making it highly user-friendly.

Autopilot can be used to automate social media marketing, email marketing, lead management, and a score on other tasks.

Autopilot is also great for performing multi-channel marketing through a singular node. It allows for the integration of multiple social media platforms under its wing and automating end-to-end processes within them.

7. Act-On

This is another powerful automation tool that allows users to categorize the various leads and perform the marketing processes on them through automation. From website movement tracking to social media management, reporting and planning to organize webinars, Act-On is the one-stop solution for all marketing needs of an organization. While it can be used by large organizations as well, the primary user base of Act-On lies with SMEs.

One of the unique features of this platform is the ability to group contacts as per their engagement on websites, social media, emails, etc. These contact groups can then be dealt with on an individual basis. This whole process is, of course, automated as per the user’s needs.

8. Exponea

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, customer data becomes an immensely important concept. Exponea was built to help such platforms consolidate all their data into a singular node, such that tracking and lead management can be done in a hassle-free manner.

Using this platform, one can perform high-level analytical processes as well as run multi-channel campaigns to increase lead engagements. The primary purpose of this platform is to ensure that visitors to your eCommerce platform are turned into solid customers.

The platform is quite easy to use and hardly requires any setup time. The automation processes can be set up without any hassle at all and you will gain constant access to your data analytics in real-time. Moreover, this platform is the ultimate need of an eCommerce platform owner and will help them boost sales in a short period.

9. Dotdigital Engagement cloud

Building your own marketing cloud has never been easier. Dotdigital is used by almost a million users across 150 countries and its user base is constantly growing at a massive scale.

A highly intelligent platform that can be used to develop human-like messages and then sent through multiple channels to interact acutely with users and viewers of your website or social media, Dotdigital is one of the leading automation platforms that can be used to create an upscale of leads.

The software also features integration capabilities with some of the largest industry names such as Shopify, Big commerce and other CRM tools. Users claim that this is a dynamic tool that can perform multiple functions to ensure an end to the end marketing process.

10. Iterable

The last entry to our list is Iterable, a growth and development tool that is used to create winning campaigns via emails, push messages, in-app notifications, and other channels. Made with an intelligent process, the software tracks the buyer’s journey and processes the steps within it to automate marketing responses.

The consumer psyche is the primary driving force behind the automation used in this software. It creates various onboarding campaigns based on these factors that are utilized to nurture and develop leads.

Developing intelligent and targeted sales campaigns is the primary purpose of this platform, and it is further used to consolidate data for analytical purposes. With the help of Iterable, any organization can grow its customer base quickly and develop a winning strategy.

Summing Up

Any of these aforementioned tools will be able to perform marketing automation at a professional level. While all of them are capable of handling campaigns and automated responses, they all have their own unique features that serve acute business needs.

Thus, make sure to read through them carefully before choosing the one required for your marketing needs. Use marketing automation to drive your sales and grow your business. Choose amongst the best tools!

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