8 Landing Page Examples and Ideas for Inspiration

Best landing page design ideas

Did you know that 96% of all the visitors that arrive at a website will leave without ever converting to a lead or sale?

Any website out there has 0-8 seconds to form an impressionable image in the visitor’s mind because, after 8 seconds, the majority of them leave. In such cases, how does a business convince users to take the plunge on their website?

Landing pages are an organisation’s identity and can often mean the difference between acquiring loyal customers and having high bounce rates. Any business that can correctly target its landing pages can increase its conversions by almost 300%.

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A top-notch landing page has many elements, but what makes those elements work for you depends on what your landing page goals are.

For instance, for 77% of businesses, landing pages are home pages. But, since they don’t make a distinction between the two, they tend to lose out on a lot of conversions.

How you theme your landing pages is also important. And it all depends on your unique offerings and how you sell them. Contextual landing pages with videos, for example, can increase conversions by 86%. On the other hand, landing pages that have fewer form fields, usually in the range of 4-11, see a 120% increase in conversions.

Rather than simply being a generic advertisement that shows customers a product, a landing page aims to engage them by offering something that resonates with their product or the business’s industry.

Discounting what the nature of your product is or your conversion goals, it can pay a great deal to take inspiration from other successful landing pages. Itching for inspiration so as to gain that elusive creative license?

Check out eight great landing page ideas and examples below.

8 Landing Page Examples and Ideas

Regardless of the business you are in, landing pages are the way to capture the attention of potential customers, and marketers deploy all sorts of relevant landing pages, complete with clear CTAs and social media sharing options, to that end. In fact, 48% of marketers develop entirely new landing pages for different marketing campaigns.

Landing pages are what drive your CRO and literally run your business behind the scenes when you aren’t there. Here, we will take a look at eight successful design ideas and examples to help you build a great landing page.

Landing Page Example 1: Khan Academy

The toughest part of building a homepage that also serves as a landing page is that you have to oblige certain types of audiences at the same time.

However, Khan Academy does a brilliant job of working its way around this conundrum by designing a page that’s meant for three kinds of visitors: learners, teachers, and parents. Not to mention the highly encouraging emblazoned, “For every student, every classroom. Real results.” text at the top.

What remains of the landing page is a colourful and relevant graphic that would resonate with all of their visitors equally. They also make a complementary statement that reinstates their offering: “We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” How good is that?

Khan Academy - Landing page design
Khan Academy – Landing page design

Landing Page Example 2: Acquire

Do you know which landing pages really convert?

The ones with live chat integrations.

Integrating live chat software on post-click landing pages gives you the chance to capture even more leads. On these landing pages, where first impressions are everything and visitors form one of yours within seconds, you have to ensure you create a lasting one by offering them ready support in the form of a dedicated representative that’s available at their beck and call to answer any questions they might have.

Here’s a good example of a post-click landing page promoting itself through its own live chat software.

The landing page itself has a myriad of trust indicators and social proofs in the form of numerical statistics, privacy policy, company logos, customer testimonials, etc. that compel a visitor to convert to the offer.

The live chat then further capitalizes on this by helping build a better relationship between the prospect and the company.

Acquire landing page design
Acquire landing page design

Landing Page Idea 3: Leverage Unique Value Proposition

On any landing page, users should always be able to clearly identify why they should transact with you and the benefits that doing so holds for them.

Take a look at MailChimp.

In a world where email service providers are many and sundry, MailChimp differentiates itself from the pack by making everything available for its users in one place.

In most organizations, the person that’s usually tasked with sending out email newsletters is someone who is not specialized in marketing. As such, making  “Everything you need in one place” becomes really important!

Mailchimp landing page design
Mailchimp landing page design

Landing Page Example 4: Muck Rack

Muck Rack’s landing page design is truly one of a kind. They have scannable yet interactive headers about their services. It has quotes from customers and industry professionals for social proof. It is visually pleasing and still descriptive, in addition to being a page that is easy to navigate.

However, what really makes their landing page tick is that it appeals to both sets of Muck Rack’s visitors. Any visitor to the website can find services “for PR Pros” and “for journalists” along with a CTA to “build a free portfolio,” clicking upon which reveals a very straightforward form that doesn’t distract the user too much from the task at hand.

Muck Rack landing page design
Muck Rack landing page design

Landing Page Idea 5: Place CTA Front and Center

Hubspot increased its conversions by 105.9% by featuring a company on its blog that employed a clear CTA that led to a whitepaper. The whitepaper detailed the company and its offerings along with employing a more effective headline combined with relevant graphics to guide the user. Just implementing these changes saw them more than doubling their conversion rate.

Let’s take a look at another example. Proflowers, a site with high conversion rates with estimates detailing around 40%, make it easy for customers to buy flowers by giving them an incentive right from the start. Anyone who does “Shop Now!” will receive 25% off on select flowers and plants.

Pro Flowers an FTD company landing page
Pro Flowers an FTD company landing page design

Landing Page Example 6: Upwork

We have already seen the importance of highlighting a CTA button on a landing page to increase conversions substantially. One brand that makes good of this is the global freelancing platform, Upwork.

With a distinct CTA design that places emphasis on posting a job, it is easy to determine that their goal is to garner the attention of freelancers and businesses alike to register.

Looking at it from the perspective of user experience, the green “Post a Job” button at the top right corner of the page does a good job of targeting businesses.

Not to mention that their copywriting is very inspired and directional. Rather than using a generic CTA, they use language that instigates action by connecting “In-demand talent on demand.” And then uses an action-driven CTA of “Get Started” to urge potential users to, well, get started.

UpWork landing page
UpWork landing page design

Landing Page Idea 7: Have Short Forms

Tim Ash, a conversion expert and marketing advisor, recommends restricting forms to just the essentials. How often does it happen that you visit a website, look at its inordinately long form, and bounce from there?

If you’ve been successfully able to guide the user to the point where they want to sign up, it’s pivotal that you don’t lose them because your form’s too long.

Let’s take a look at Dropbox’s sign-up form.

Dropbox only asks its users for what they absolutely need. They don’t ask for a username, date of birth, first pet’s name, security questions, second password field, verification code, or any of those trite details. Just enter your name, email, and password, and sign up.

Dropbox landing page design
Dropbox landing page design

Landing Page Idea 8: Utilize Aspirational Copy

If there’s one weapon in a copywriter’s arsenal that always makes the cut for conversions, its aspirational language. A beautiful example of this is the artist funding site Patreon, which does all things right on its landing page with a great aspirational copy.

Patreon brings together working artists and fans of their work, who can also support their artists through financial means by making small donations. What this essentially means is that Patreon pays its artists through its visitors.

Patreon could have used any approach, but by using aspirational copy, they appeal to the fans of the artists and urge them to be an important part of the creative process.

By endorsing “Creativity over anything,” Patreon makes the distinction that it’s not asking fans to simply give away money or donate to a cause. They highlight that visitors are patrons of the art, a term generally reserved for connoisseurs. The positioning makes all the difference, too, as it makes benefactors think differently of themselves when they financially support the artists they love.

Patreon landing page design
Patreon landing page design

Land Conversions

A truly well-designed landing page can make all the difference between moderate business and high conversions. It can help you capture the attention of prospects and transform them into customers by gathering information that helps you better market to and delight visitors.

Digital marketing is changing by the day. As new trends take space by storm, it’s advisable to invest adequate time to stay informed about them. Landing pages are vital to conversions, and it’s important that they are well designed and executed.

Keep note of the aforementioned landing page examples and ideas and try to implement them while making your own, and you are sure to see boundless conversions.

Landing page design inspiration with good conversion rates
Landing page design inspiration with the highest conversion rates.

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