How Triggered Drip Email Marketing Boosts ROI

Drip Email Marketing To Boost ROI

Trying to keep up with all the marketing terminology can be a daunting task. One that you likely hear about often is a triggered drip email marketing campaign. A drip campaign refers to the automated emails that your company has set up or triggered emails.

These are likely arranged to be sent out at certain milestones, such as when a new user signs up, after a customer makes a purchase, etc. Many people may tell you that using drip email marketing is ineffective, but they just don’t know how to do it right.

Triggered Drip Marketing can actually boost your ROI, and here’s how.

Niche Marketing

One of the ways that triggered drip email marketing to boost ROI is through niche marketing. When you have emails set up to go out after certain milestones, it allows you to personalize these emails for a select group of people. For example, you can create triggers set to certain website interactions, such as when a purchase is made.

Then, an email aimed at recent purchasers will be sent to those individuals. Using an email list provider to help you calibrate and separate your email list is a great idea to ensure accuracy. Instead of sending one mass email to everyone on your list, you are generating niche marketing tactics, which will have a better open rate and improve your ROI.


We all experience a busy time in our life, which means that checking emails isn’t always top of mind. With a drip-email campaign, you have the ability to reach your target audience on their terms. By setting up automated emails to appear every three to seven days, you’re creating a constant reminder for your customers to open and read your email.

Maybe they missed the first one, or maybe they accidentally deleted it. This doesn’t mean your email campaign is going to suffer. Instead, a follow-up email a few days later will remind them of your presence and generate more interest in opening and reading your email.

Repeat Business

The nice thing about drip emails is that they can serve as a reminder to past customers and generate repeat business. For example, you can send out an email reminding them of what they recently purchased, and provide them with things you may like” suggestions to try and generate another purchase.

If the item they purchased is something that needs to be replaced, such as a water filter, then you can send a reminder email after six months or a year to get them to buy another filter. By doing this, you are not solely focused on generating new interest in your company but instead focused on getting some repeat business that can have a major positive effect on your ROI.

Close the Deal

When you set up the right type of triggered email, it can help you close the deal on a sale. For example, if your website has an online shopping cart, and a customer placed an item in the cart but never went through with the purchase, you can send reminder emails about the item in that cart. Chances are they got distracted and forgot about the potential purchase. Now, your reminder email can subtly make them aware, and they may go through with the purchase.

If you send a reminder and they still don’t buy, you can send another one a few days later with an incentive, such as free shipping. This incentive may be the boost they need to actually make the purchase. Not only did they open and read your emails, but they also closed the sale, which improves ROI in a variety of ways.

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