Website Analytics: Almost Everything You Need To Know

Website Analytics

A/B tests, and traffic testing or big data are all examples of preliminary analyses. Certainly, you are not unfamiliar with any topic.

Nowadays, websites compete fiercely to attract as much traffic as possible. Online businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to maintain high visitor levels due to increased competition. It’s demanding the employment of a complex strategy to enhance conversion rates and user amount.

But, what exactly is website analytics, and why is it so crucial? In the following, we will show you the best website measurement tools and what information they provide you with.

What is website analysis?

Website analysis data analysis
Website analysis data analysis

The technique of studying the behaviour of visitors to a webshop is known as website analytics. 

This encompasses gathering, analyzing, and reporting data in order to evaluate user activity and behaviour, which includes how a website and its parts are used.

It allows you to set trends and also perfectly optimize your website to meet the needs of your visitors.

When we talk about website analysis, you will be reminded of a huge excel spreadsheet and that you will be analyzing the data for a week. Of course, this is also part of this topic, but don’t worry, you now have plenty of new ways to analyze your webpage in a simpler way.

Let’s have a look at your options:

  • Heatmaps
  • Session Replay
  • A/B tests

As you can see, these are no longer classic analytics tools. They greatly shorten the analysis process and provide much more usable data. Let’s see one by one.


Heatmaps are analytical tools that may help you evaluate traffic, examine the efficacy of your website, and help to optimize your webshop. It is really simple to use, simply a few clicks, and the device is collecting data.

As soon as the software has completed the research, you will notice red and blue colours. Heatmaps use warm colours to show the most effective areas of your webpage and cold colours to indicate the least effective.

This analytic tool can be used to design various visual elements because it provides a clear image of which colours or motifs work best on your website. It can also help you enhance the conversion rate of your online store.

Heatmaps can help you figure out what CTAs to employ in a marketing campaign. You can utilize the data gathered by the tool to minimize barriers in your conversion funnel, too.

There are different types of heatmaps that provide different useful information to you. Let’s see these types:

  • Click heatmaps
  • Segment heatmaps
  • Scroll heatmaps

Click heatmaps

When you want to know how your consumers are using your webshop, click heatmaps is a great tool to use. It assists you in determining which buttons, sub-pages, or goods are the most popular.

It can be very useful when your goal is to optimize your website and even if your aim is to create perfect advertising.

You can use click heatmaps to see which CTAs are working well on your webpage. You can utilize them in your ads and you can use them for a website optimization concept too. 

You also need to examine specific design aspects, as the creative elements that worked well on your webshop will probably function well in your advertisement as well. Sounds good, right?

Scroll heatmaps

With scroll heatmaps, you can see how long your visitors spend scrolling down your website and where they spend the most time.

Scroll heatmaps contribute significantly to the growth of your visitors. It has a significant advantage in blog interfaces since it allows you to add links to your products in spots where your visitors are likely to see them.

This will make your product more likely to be found by your visitors and increase your conversion rate. In addition, you will be able to give more information to your visitors, which will greatly increase the trust. Pretty convincing, isn’t it?

WittySparks scroll heatmap
WittySparks scroll heatmap

Segment heatmaps

With the help of segment heatmaps, you can figure out where the majority of your traffic comes from. With this in mind, if you’re having trouble keeping track of your purchases, you can utilize this data to help you.

All you have to do is look at the most popular resources and implement an effective marketing strategy on these channels. If you notice that social networking interfaces drive the majority of your traffic, you need to create more posts and advertisements there. It’s very simple.

Another advantage of segment heatmaps is that these tools will show you how new and returning website users interact with your site.

You’ll be able to compare how new and returning users act on your site if you keep this information in mind. This is critical since it enables you to create a website that is totally user-friendly. So, your UX will be perfect.

The tool can also be used to make your online business more accessible. You can eliminate the issues created by diverse uses by using segment heatmaps.

Session replay

Session replay is a data visualization tool that displays how your website’s users interact with it. Consider it as starting a screen recording on a visitor’s computer or smartphone while they’re using your website.

It shows you what your users are watching, or where they are clicking. As you can see, this information is highly important, especially if your goal is to improve your website’s conversion rate or if you want to optimize your website.

Using session replay, you can figure out what are your well-performing CTA texts and CTA buttons are. It also answers how your users use your webshop. We know this is similar to heatmaps but believe us the situation is completely different here.

As long as the heatmaps show you areas on your webpage, session replay examines each user specifically. In our view, this provides a much more detailed analysis.

Replays help you monitor what sub-pages your visitor opened, and why they arrived on your website. This will enable you to spot a pattern in the way people use your website.

With this information in mind, you can further upgrade your website to best suit the needs of your visitors.

A/B test

A/B split testing with percentages
A/B split testing with percentages.

A/B testing, also known as split testing. It is an analytical process in which two or more versions of a webpage, Ad, or element of your website are shown to different segments. 

During the test, the individual elements run in parallel and at the end of the measurement, you can find out which elements performed well. This will allow you to choose the most optimal variation.

We’d like to emphasize that these analytical tools cannot be employed on their own. These tests can be used to evaluate pre-made campaigns.

You should always use it in combination with some other device to be able to measure effectively. For example, with heatmaps.

A/B test efficacy in compiling marketing efforts is evident. It’s one of the best tools when combined with heatmaps.

With the help of A/B tests, you’ll be able to gain a complete picture of your target market. The evaluation reveals what attitude your group has and what factors can be employed to modify them. 

After a while, you might be able to conduct outstanding campaigns without measuring if you keep this knowledge in mind.

Your campaigns can get considerably better outcomes with A/B testing than they could without it. Your effect will be felt not only when that measure improves, but in all areas of your organization. Your tested campaigns can yield higher organic traffic in the long run.


As you can see, data analysis is critical to the success of online businesses. You have a lot of new instruments to capture more and more useful data rapidly as a result of technology advancements.

Remember to use a combination of the tools mentioned above. For example, always use heatmaps in addition to A/B tests.

We recommend that you abandon the old slow ways and try something altogether different. Take a chance.

We hope we can help.

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