Get Your IT Business on the Map with Effective Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy for your Business

How do you effectively market to businesses when you ARE a business? This is the question on the minds of many IT consultants. For many, networking with others is how you get an adequate number of clients. This may suffice for now, but it isn’t the most dependable way to take your business to the next level.

Standing Out

Begin with your website. Obviously, most visitors would expect that you, as a tech professional, would have a website that’s a cut above many other industries in terms of appearance and performance. Still, there are a lot of slick websites out there, so how do you make yours stick out in someone’s mind?

There’s no one better to present your strategies and skillset than you. Long lists of acronyms and certifications will be lost on a great many prospective clients, assuming that they don’t totally check out a third of the way down.

This is why video is fast becoming a key tool that sets tech consultants apart. Use a high-quality video to explain your background, or set up a video testimonial that drives home just how easy it is to work with you.

Aside from things like basic info and job experience, there are two more points to get across with your content. The first is that you’re not another faceless consultant who executes their services in a way similar to every other consultant. If you have a great sense of humor, a close-knit team, or a particularly interesting way of operating your business, let some of this shine through.

Providing Value Without Cutting Your Rates

Secondly, when cruising businesses that sell services, everyone loves feeling like they’re getting a piece of that service for free. Let your video and blog content build authority by presenting tutorials, or telling a story of how you solved a specific problem. This lets you pull the potential client closer without lowering your rate.

Yes, offering a lower price seems like a good way to hook new clients, but with services, it’s not always a good look. Keep your rates at or slightly above where your competitors are, and keep seeking ways to make visitors feel as though they’re getting the best deal without a potential sacrifice in quality.

One way many do this is through packaging their services. If you find that you get the most leads from certain business sectors, bundle relevant solutions together. Not only does this convey that you’re experienced and intuitive, but it makes future clients feel as though they’re getting the best, the most, for their budget.

While you’re retooling your marketing strategy, you might want to consider exploring a marketing agency for IT consultants. This can be extremely beneficial when you’re not only looking for new clients but making repeat customers out of former clients; these are frequently separate efforts.

Don’t assume that just because you’re a business selling to a business, they’ve seen it all. Demonstrate your expertise with up-to-date content, let past clients sell your services for you, and always exude value without marketing yourself as a “budget” option. It’s the best way to grow your client base and stay competitive.

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