Have More Fun With These Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy

A lot of numbers, testing, and data go into effective marketing campaigns. It’s a process that can get rather dull pretty quickly. Even having fun at marketing conferences can be difficult if you don’t plan accordingly.

But that doesn’t mean your marketing strategies have to be boring. In fact, marketing that focuses on the fun factor is often more effective than campaigns with a serious undertone.

How can you bring a little more fun to your marketing? Try a few of the ideas below to lighten the mood and increase your customer acquisition.

POP Displays

POP displays, also known as the point of purchase displays, are found in brick-and-mortar stores. These displays tend to be bright, festive, and attention-grabbing. Some also incorporate an interactive element. The position is a very important point for POP displays. They’re usually located in the center of aisles, on aisle end caps, or on checkout counters where they are highly visible.

Festival Booth

For starters, the atmosphere at festivals is fun. People are out and about having a good time. It’s the perfect mindset for discretionary spending.

The fun part of this marketing strategy (besides enjoying the festival) is decorating your booth. You’ll want it to reflect your brand but also the spirit of the festival. This marketing strategy works best when you can find festivals that attract your target market. Being together at the event helps you make an immediate connection and shows that your business has a fun side.

Social Media Contests

There are lots of fun ways to use social media for marketing, but one of the most effective strategies is throwing a contest. This type of marketing is known as gamification, and it has become more popular in recent years. Depending on the prize, a social media contest can generate a lot of positive buzz about a brand and attract more followers. You can also up the fun factor by connecting the social media contest to a live event.

Just make sure to start promoting the contest early and often. Gaining traction in social media can take time, and the longer you give people to sign up the more contest signups you’re likely to have.

Partner with a Fun Social Influencer

Sometimes marketing is most effective when someone else does it for you. That’s often the case online where social influencers have become an important part of marketing strategy.

Do your research to find a fun social media personality that can benefit from your business offerings. The best social influencers genuinely like and need the products or services they’re promoting. People tend to trust their friends, family, and favorite celebrities more than companies so partnering with a social influencer is usually worth the effort.

Street Art

This marketing strategy can be long-term or temporary, but either way, it’s a cool idea for spreading the word about your local brand. Street art can be found on sidewalks, the sides of buildings and even the middle of the road. If you don’t have an artistic person at your company, team up with an artist who can create a standout piece of artwork for you.

Next, decide where you want the branded street art to be. It should be someplace with great visibility and high foot traffic. Keep in mind you may need to get permission if you want to do a mural on the side of a building or in a private parking lot. Last but not least, work with the artist to decide on the messaging and visuals that will have the greatest impact.

Create an Infographic

Who doesn’t love infographics?! They include fun visuals, are informative, and are quick to read. The best part for marketers is infographics get shared, a lot. According to one study, infographics are shared three times more on social media than any other type of content. Maybe that’s why infographics are now commonly referred to as visual content marketing.

Infographics are a good idea in general since they provide value for the reader and can be promoted through free channels like social media. The key is to find a topic matter that’s of interest to your target market and interesting facts to highlight. As long as you have a designer that can put it all together, you’re in business.

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