Best Productivity Apps to Save You Time In 2021

Productivity apps to consider

Sitting in a workplace from early morning till late night does not mean being productive. To work productively is to use the available resources to the maximum in order to quickly and efficiently solve the assigned tasks. You can’t be permanently productive without a systematic approach.

The to-do list should be drawn up sequentially, taking into account the priority and volume of tasks. Well crafted, it serves as a rigid framework for your productive activities during the day, week, or month, preventing you from being sprayed on secondary matters and procrastination. For this, there are certain methods and applications that will help to clearly structure all tasks and save time in other ways.

1. Email Verifier

Work with email marketing requires a lot of nuances. You have to realize that there are many reasons why marketing lists degrade in some time: email providers get hacked, confirmation emails become buried under a huge amount of spam, and users simply stop using their inboxes.

Nobody wants to have low deliverability and open rates. That is why it is important to use bulk email verification services like an Email Verifier instead of manual email addresses validation.

2. Trello

If you do not systematize edits and new tasks, do not collect them in one place, then the project can turn into sheer chaos. Both in the minds of your employees and in reality. Trello allows you to understand at a glance what projects are in the works, what teams are working on them, what each employee is doing, and so on.

No tables and heap of numbers – the program interface is made in the form of a bulletin board. It will take no more than 10 minutes to deal with it. Using cards, users can add attachments, leave comments, create checklists, set deadlines, and more. And the notification system will allow board members to keep abreast of all changes made to the project.

3. Clean Email

This app is a great tool for organizing your incoming messages automatically and simplifies email management. It sorts all your messages into easy-to-review bundles and you can apply actions such as delete, archive, move, star, etc. to any of them with little effort.

The app works with all IMAP mail service providers, so no matter what email account you are using, it will help you have a clean inbox and increase productivity.

Along with managing and organizing your mailbox, this tool can also unsubscribe you from all unwanted marketing newsletters, block senders you no longer want to receive messages from, sort your messages with the Smart Views feature, and much more.

Smart Views are email bundles like Social media notifications, Travel or Finance emails, messages from dead ends, etc. It also has a Privacy Guard feature allowing you to check if your address was found in any known data breaches and incidents. In case it was found, it will be suggested to change passwords, enable two-factor identification, and so on.

4. Echo

It can be used for both personal and professional communication amongst employees. It’s a quick, easy, and convenient way to reduce the number of emails you send and receive to have a more organized and clean inbox as a result.

Each organization or team has its own workplace, where they can communicate in real time or through channels. You can use it for free with some restrictions or subscribe to get access to all the features. It has a built-in transcription, which makes communication easier and quicker for foreign colleagues.

5. Toggl

This is a traditional time tracker that allows you to keep track of your daily activities from a variety of platforms, including desktop apps, websites, and smartphone apps. It’s simple to use, and it’s appropriate for both individuals (such as freelancers) and groups of workers.

It’s quite simple to use: just specify the project and the task, then click “Play.” The system will begin ticking down the minutes. Stop the timer before a break or at the end of the execution to display not only the total time spent but also the hours. You can either self-discipline or keep track of how much time employees spend on a task.

These are some of the best productivity apps to help you keep your work productivity under control and become more organized in general.

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