In 2021 Make Sure Your PC Has This Software Installed

Must have Windows PC softwares

If you purchase a new PC or get the old one overhauled, you must install some software programs that enhance your experience. Along with the new year’s resolutions, you may have a wish list of apps to use.

However, some of these may be outdated, and you may be looking for alternatives too!

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With the numerous Windows programs available, confusion can arise. Knowledge of the essential software aces your installation game!

Here is a list of essential programs that every Windows PC owner should possess.

Software’s Topping the Charts for Your Windows PC

1. LibreOffice Suite:

Accessing spreadsheets, documents and working on presentations is compulsory for all Windows PC users. If you are a student or an employee, an office suite is a must-have!

However, many of you would like to skip the payment part of Microsoft Office and work on a free tool. With LibreOffice, you can get access to all that you need completely free of cost.

It is a dynamic software that allows you to switch between Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Install the application on Windows PC, learn LibreOffice tips, and get started. With a few aesthetic contrasts, it has all the features of a robust office suite.

2. VLC Media Player:

If you are a movie freak and desire some chilling sessions in between work, get the coolest media player. Without a second thought, try downloading a VLC media player if your PC does not have it till now.

VLC seconds is your must-have software list for Windows PC in 2021, as it is a 360-degree video file supporter. You can watch videos from CDs, DVDs, download movies in any format, and watch with this powerful media player.

Download the software and learn a few things to use it anytime. Read some online guides regarding setting up a music playlist in VLC to binge-watch your favorite movies or shows anytime. Stay entertained anytime, anywhere with a powerful media player on your PC.

3. Spotify – Music on Spot:

Listening to songs while working can be relaxing and soothing to stressed minds. In this new year, keep a provision for music streaming software on your Windows PC.

Spotify eliminates the necessity of downloading albums, searching for songs on the web, etc. With Spotify, you can find numerous songs, albums, and podcasts in a single place.

All you need to do is install the software, play your songs, find playlists, and enjoy! So, Spotify can be an addition to your Windows software library in 2021.

4. Bitdefender: Online Privacy Protection:

Digital identity protection is necessary for remote workers and users making online payments. Studies reveal that almost 163.5 million people have been affected due to data breaches. Often, it is too late to comprehend that your financial credentials are available to hackers.

Whether you are a student or an employee, protect your financial records and accounts through online privacy protection. Safeguard your SSN, bank credentials, and credit card information via this security software. Moreover, it scans websites and tracks the Dark Web with alerts before any intrusion.

Bitdefender – A global leader in cybersecurity

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, iOS, Android & Windows is the perfect companion for your devices. With Bitdefender, you can rest easy knowing your devices are protected.

Bitdefender - Antivirus, VPN, Password Manager, Total Security

5. Recuva:

What happens when you accidentally press shift plus delete on an essential file? Things go completely out of your hand as you cannot recover the vital information anymore. With a few data recovery applications, you are out of the problem!

Recuva is one of the top 4 free data recovery software that assists you to retrieve your information. It is a powerful, handy tool that your Windows PC must have in times of need. It helps you to discover deleted files and restore them if you have accidentally lost the information.

Even after formatting the disk, you can still search and find a file in the software. It is no wonder why it stands out in your must-have list of software for 2021.

Other Programs to Consider:

1. Antivirus Protection from Threats:

If you are using a Windows PC without a protective layer, you are doing it all wrong! An antivirus is an essential requisite for your computer to keep it secured in real time.

However, Windows 10 users also have Windows Defender to track malicious activities. With the best antivirus, you can keep your PC safe against multiple threats or online fraud. Antivirus products from Bitdefender keep your system safe against phishing, and ransomware attacks and provide a secure VPN for 360-degree protection.

2. Adobe Reader:

Adobe Reader software is a great tool for viewing and editing PDFs in one go! With easy options like highlighting vital points, and adding text, you can get a complete PDF reader and editor for your Windows PC in 2021.

3. 7-Zip – file compressor and extractor:

With 7-Zip, you can use a support tool for extracting files along with compressing them. The small and powerful tool helps you store massive files and unzip them when necessary.

Summing It All Up:

With some features, the above-listed software offers a bit more than the default ones. Also, they are almost completely freely available. So, turn on your PC and get on to download this software.

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