The 6 Best Team Management Apps for Productive Teams

Team management applications for productivity

You’ve got a new joinee at work – you follow the onboarding process, you train her, and then? How will you find out what she does, how will you assign her the tasks, what’s her schedule for the day, and how do you share the information she needs to know?

Most of the time, you’ll have to call her for meetings, send emails, and go back and forth to her desk, and without doing much the day will pass. For this, if you’ve got a team management app by your side you can definitely give it a good start.

Not just this, team management apps can be used for teams working in-house or remotely, you can know how they spend their time, share responsibilities, and make sure they are not spending time on the wrong things at the wrong places. And of course, it offers the features that you would need to maximize your team’s results.

  • Assigning and prioritizing tasks, work schedule
  • Communication & collaboration, document sharing
  • Project management and tracking the progress
  • Centralized access to information
  • Reporting & analytics, time tracking, dashboard

But, do you know which are the best apps that you should have on your side? I’ve got a list for you.


The notion is an all-in-one workspace to plan and discuss projects, keep track of all ideas, and share everything with the team. If you’re looking for a completely new team management experience, you should try Notion. It is a place to streamline everything while keeping things in one place.

Notion – One workspace. Every team.

Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web application developed by Notion Labs Inc.

Notion logo

What’s special about this?

The best part is you can integrate Slack (if you are already using it) for faster and more streamlined communication. Here are Notion’s four major tools:

  • Notes and Docs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Tasks and Projects
  • Spreadsheets and Databases


  • A perfect balance of tools
  • Works faster
  • A lightweight CRM
  • Notion templates are awesome


  • No note annotations


ProofHub is an advanced team management tool to enhance collaboration and work coordination. Not just this, it has a bunch of tools all in one place for team management and team communication (and that makes it one of the most popular Slack alternatives).

What’s special about this?

You can do real-time task management quickly. The Kanban board is something teams love and project managers need. It helps to assign multiple tasks (sub-tasks) to multiple people, set due dates for each task, add labels and comments, and manage how the team is moving the tasks through workflow stages.


  • Reliable customer support
  • Doesn’t charge per-user (unlimited users)
  • Mobile optimized
  • Advanced easy-to-use features


Though ProofHub has integration with many third-party apps like Freshbooks, Google Calendar and iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Outlook, the app doesn’t allow integration with Zapier.


At times, there comes a need to have meetings (as much as you avoid it) but it can be a success if you beforehand allow all attendees to collaborate on the discussion. The minute app allows you to do this and have all the meeting information in one place.

What’s special about this?

You can stay together with everyone – before, during, and after the meeting. Simply import meetings from your calendar into Minute, make it all accessible to everybody, and create a follow-up meeting quickly for productive teams.


  • Combine pre-meeting agendas
  • Equal participation
  • Syncs with your calendar
  • Take notes


  • The app is a little buggy at times


Flow helps you plan and execute projects with teammates to get things done easily. Create tasks, comment on them, add tasks to lists, assign tasks to others, and prioritize to-dos in one collaborative workspace.

What’s special about this?

It is designed for any project or workflow to have clear visibility of anything happening in your organization.


  • Project timeline to see the status at a glance
  • Task timelines to visually plan tasks
  • Resource management
  • Team task tracking


  • Integration with email is not good enough


Monday – formerly Dapulse – makes sure that each step in your workflow would go perfectly. You can list the things you need to do, update tasks with just a click, add columns after the task lists in your workflow, and see exactly where each part of your project stands.

What’s special about this? is used as a CRM to manage your ad campaigns, manage customer projects, and manage video production. It focuses on the process that conveys information about a project or task in a structured way (and that is what management is all about).


  • Visually appealing and easy to use
  • Easy collaboration
  • Smartly integrated
  • Works with third parties


  • Not as intuitive as needed and priced per user.


If you want a spreadsheet-style tool, Toodledo’s customizable task interface lets you do something like that. You can have a customized workflow that keeps your team focused on what to do each day. It gives all the features that will organize your life, work, and schedule.

What’s special about this?

Toodledo makes it easy to collaborate with other people and share your to-do list giving you control over who has permission to read, edit and/or add items to your to-do list. More than just a to-do list, Toodledo provides a place to write long notes, make custom lists, find what to work on next, create structured outlines and track your habits.


  • A one-page task list that makes things easy
  • Popular GTD method
  • Create repeating tasks
  • Filter out what you don’t need


  • Releases have been slow


Team management is a never-ending task. Now that you know some of the best team management apps, choose one that best suits your team and projects. You’ll manage great teams – and get more things done.

Top team management apps for productive teams
The best team management applications for productive teams.

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