The Ultimate Solution for Compressing Video Files

Tips to compress video files

Surprisingly, videos have grown to become an integral part of almost every industry. Videos are in extensive use.

From homemade videos to industry-driven tape recordings, there are lots of videos out there for every movie fan and video lover to enjoy.

However, the major challenge most video lovers face is getting to keep many video files on their devices. When you have too many video files, it easily takes up all the space on your device, especially if they are large-file videos.

But what if we are going on our long-awaited vacation and need lots of videos to keep us entertained while we are away on our own? In that case, we need to know how to compress videos to help reduce their size without compromising quality.

Compressing your videos will not only allow you to keep more videos but will also save you time while uploading such videos on the internet for your friends to also see and enjoy. Good compression software can compress large video files by half without losing quality.

In this post, I will be highlighting some challenges video lovers face when trying to compress their videos and why UniConverter may be the ultimate solution. You need to compress and convert your videos.

Common Challenges That Come With Converting Video Files

There are a couple of video converters out there that allow you to convert and compress your videos in order to reduce their sizes. But not all of this software really does the job without sacrificing the quality of the video.

Sometimes, after converting your video with this software, the video may refuse to play or becomes too poor in quality that you easily lose interest in even playing such a video.

Sometimes, you might find a video converter that allows you to edit your video as per your wish. But editing videos with such software can sometimes be time-consuming, becoming quite slow and tedious to use. Time is precious, and a reliable converter should do the job without wasting your precious time.

UniConverter; the Ultimate Solution for Converting and Compressing Video Files

UniConverter is an excellent video converter that has earned a reputable name among the several video converters presently on the market. It has various unique features and functionalities that made it stand out from the rest.

It is completely user-friendly, even for individuals that are not that tech-savvy. Compatible with both Windows and macOS computers, UniConverter can be enjoyed by everyone looking to compress and convert their videos for a better experience.

UniConverter Features at a Glance

This video converter is loaded with many unique features that make it one of the best converters you can ever lay your hands upon. Some of such features are:

  • Compatibility with both Windows and macOS
  • Fast and reliable
  • Converts videos between different formats
  • Compresses videos by half without losing quality
  • You can compress videos in batch
  • Allows you to easily burn your videos to DVD fast
  • Download and record videos you want

How to Use UniConverter to Convert Video Files in 3 Easy Steps

UniConverter allows you to convert your video to any format of your choice. It is super easy and in just three steps, your videos will be ready in the new formats. Below are the steps to take when using UniConverter to convert your video files:

Step #1: Add your videos

After launching UniConverter, you will need to add the videos you want to UniConverter to get started. To do that:

  • Go to the convert section on the home, then click “Add Files” at the top-left corner to select the video files you want to convert.
  • Select the video files you want to convert and click the Open button to add the files.
Uniconverter - video compression tool
Uniconverter – video compression software

Step #2: Select the format you want to convert to

  • After adding the video files you want to convert, click the drop-down icon at the top-right corner to show a drop-down list of available output formats you can convert to.
  • Click on the Video tab. This will bring up the list of all the available video output formats for you to choose one.
  • Select your desired output format from the list, for example, MOV.
  • A list will be displayed showing different presets. You can either preset with a specified resolution or keep the original resolution.
Uniconverter - Types of files to compress
Uniconverter – Types of files to compress

Step #3: Convert your video files

After taking all the above steps, the final step will be to click the Convert All button located in the bottom-right corner to initiate the processing of the files. If you don’t want to do the conversion all at once, you can convert each video one at a time by clicking the Convert button at the side of each video.

To speed up the conversion process, you can turn on the switch High-Speed Conversion.

Uniconverter - converting all video files
Uniconverter – converting all video files

How to Use UniConverter to Compress Video in Batch

Remember, UniConverter does not only allow you to convert your video files to other formats, but you can also compress video files in batches to reduce their size without losing quality. Follow the steps below to compress your video files in batch using UniConverter:

Step #1: Launch UniConverter to get started

After installing the UniConverter on your computer, launch the software and click the Toolbox to choose the Video Compress option to get started.

Uniconverter - Toolbox video compress
Uniconverter – Toolbox video compress

Step #2: Add video files you want to compress

The next step is to add the videos you want to compress by clicking the Add Files button.

Step #3: Compress Your Videos in Batch

  • After adding your videos, click the drop-down icon beside the Convert All Files button. Then choose the Video Tab option to select your preferred format, for example, MP4.
  • Choose the video resolution. Then click the editing icon to have a real-time setting window to make the job easier for you.
  • Click the + Create Custom button at the bottom of the page to access the Setting window.
  • There, you can manually adjust features like the Bitrate, Frame Rate, Resolution, and other settings to make your video smaller without losing quality.
  • Click Create button to proceed
Uniconverter - Batch video compression
Uniconverter – Batch video compression

Step #4: Compress Your Videos

  • Now, it’s easy for you to preview the size of your file. So click the Convert All button to begin compressing the videos you have added.
  • When the compression is done, go to the Converted tab to see your compressed videos.
Uniconverter - Preview and compress all videos
Uniconverter – Preview and compress all videos

Final Thought on UniConverter

Even though there are several video converters on the market, which promise to help process and convert your videos, UniConverter may be your best choice if what you want is quality without stress. There is a reason many movie fans and video lovers prefer it above every other converter.

Easy to use, compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, fast and easy. It does not only allow you to seamlessly convert your videos to different formats, but it also allows you to compress and reduce the size of your videos.

Now, you can keep many video files on your device without the fear of losing your storage space or missing out on your favorite movie.

You can check out the UniConverter website now to see how to get started with installing this amazing video converter and also how to use it to convert or compress your video files.

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