10 Top-rated Right Help Desk Software For Businesses

List of best helpdesk software

It would interest you to know that up to 66% of customers use about 3 different media to communicate with customer service. It will also interest you to know that up to 47% of customers have retracted from enterprises as a result of bad customer relations.

But what you actually need to know is the right way to deal with this problem. The best way to avoid this is to use help desk software to ensure the best customer service.

The right help desk software has the following advantages:

  • Swift and precise attendance of issues customers have.
  • A single podium to address customer problems.
  • Quick resolution of customer queries.
  • Cross-platform integration.

A help desk software is like a ready place for fixing all the queries customers might have and the software keeps tabs on customers’ requests so they can be quickly resolved.

This right help desk structure, when provided, will be a medium to attend to more customer issues. However, you might be wondering about the right help desk tool for what you need. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Help Desk software that will help you make a good decision. Here goes the list:

1. ProProfs Help Desk Software

ProProfs Help Desk Software
ProProfs Help Desk Software

Proprofs HelpDesk Software is a feature-rich platform that offers a comprehensive knowledge base, a live chat functionality that can be seamlessly integrated with any website or mobile platform for a swift resolution of customer concerns along with the option to share inboxes.

These tools can be a combined effort of different units to solve problems easier. It offers easy and seamless segregation of customer tickets and automated email responses. ProProfs HelpDesk is the best solution for businesses that are looking to reduce their customer tickets.

With the integration of Knowledge Base into the Help Desk, you can easily reduce ticket support requests by 80%. You can access multiple documentation, guides, manuals and tips, and an internal knowledge base.

This certainly expedites the problem-solving process, as the employees familiarize themselves with recurring customer issues and formulate intelligent resolutions and responses to tackle them.

This is because ProProfs help desk software makes for time efficiency. Data won’t need to be imputed manually. The application also aids representatives in proffering the right help desk techniques by providing data and useful tips as soon as needed.


  • The shared platform helps reps see their customer’s needs and attend to them in time. Also, it makes for better unit teamwork by sharing tickets, data, tags, and various others.
  • Users save time by imputing customer information. As the software provides tickets, customers can be better satisfied.
  • Feedback is allowed from customers through ratings. The program also allows an easy review of reps’ performance by showcasing customer reports and analysis.

Pricing: This software starts at $39 per year and $49 if a per-month payment scheme is preferred. In addition, users get to try out the software for free.

2. Happyfox

HappyFox Helpdesk Software
HappyFox Help Desk Software.

Happyfox software is the right help desk system known for its efficiency in customer service. It is cloud-based and has a simple structure. The software also focuses on small enterprises for business organizations. More so, customers find its setup quite easy to work with. It can give a small business a glimpse into the system of larger enterprises.


  • Emails can be turned into tickets. More so, a merger of such tickets is one of its great features.
  • It is a strong unifying tool with some social platforms. One of them is Facebook.
  • Happyfox is a good backbone for communication channels and social platforms, as mentioned above. It also supports some communication devices.
  • It has a program and system for over 34 languages.

Pricing: Starts according to the decision of agents.

3. Freshdesk

FreshDesk Help Desk Software
FreshDesk Help Desk Software

Freshdesk is an unfailing IT help desk software that helps actualize the desires of small and big establishments. It has lots of work tools, multiple support systems, and avenues. The software follows tickets customers have made. Furthermore, the package is large, with a path for great customer satisfaction.


  • Freshdesk changes emails into tickets and gives them a swift answer. No email is ever missed in the truckloads.
  • The software has a system to track the work of a team, the customer’s experience, and any imminent issues.
  • It has a system for the process of ticket allocation, thus ridding one of the monotonous activities.
  • Its automated knowledge makes for a swift response to customer queries.

Pricing: Starts at $99 monthly, depending on the agent in charge.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent HelpDesk Software
LiveAgent HelpDesk Software

You need the right help desk software to integrate numerous channels into one for effective correspondence. LiveAgent is just what you need, and the software is easy to use. It has a great backbone plan for users with over 174 features packed into it.


  • Its ticketing formation is topnotch for ease of usage.
  • There is the availability of inbuilt chat media with mechanized invites.
  • LiveAgent connects well with phones and responds to customers through social platforms.
  • It is a supportive program there for customers all day.

Pricing: Starts at $39 monthly.

5. Team Support

Team Support Helpdesk Software
Team Supports Helpdesk Software.

Team Support is built with “B2B” businesses in mind. This software allows one centralized communication into one forum for better relationship structuring. With Team Support, there is a total look-in on queries, tickets, and chats. Its adequate analytic system enables the identification of customers’ most voiced needs.

The software also matches users with their preferred products. It has a rather good system that manages tickets and keeps tabs on one’s workflow.


The following are some attributes that make this software the right help desk tool for agents.

  • Team Support concentrates on the needs of the “B2B”.
  • Its setup organizes users’ tickets so a relationship with clients can be protracted over time.
  • Users can be linked with products that might interest them

Pricing: starts at $65 for enterprises (per agent) and $50 for support desks (per agent).

6. Zendesk

ZenDesk Help Desk Software
ZenDesk Help Desk Software

Zendesk is a platform to service customers’ needs and places all communication across different media together. This unity of mobile, email, and media platforms is the “Omnichannel”. The software is able to help agents satisfy customers well enough.


  • Tickets are well managed together with work activities. Zendesk also works well with supporting multiple channels.
  • It possesses good knowledge of the web community, for effective customer interface.
  • The software offers good analysis laced to aid one’s business.
  • It has a private/public platform that supports mobile phones like Android, iPhone, and so on.

Pricing: Starts from $5 to $199 monthly and this is based on the agent.

7. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk Helpdesk Software
Zoho Desk Helpdesk Software

Zoho Desk has great support systems and gives you a sublime product at the end of the day. This way, the client relationship is continuously improved. The various support systems satisfy customers better. Its features can work for all sizes of companies.


  • Its ticketing is accurate and responsive.
  • Zoho Desk is suitable for different kinds of software.
  • It is the right help desk software to aid agents. It provides knowledge to increase their productivity.
  • Zoho Desk teams up with different units in the company, sharing essential tools to aid customers.

Pricing: starts at $15 to $30 monthly charge.

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Help Desk Software
Bitrix24 Help Desk Software

This Bitrix24 platform seamlessly integrates task management, contact desks, website structuring, and CRM features. Do you know you can perform these tasks in person or on the Internet? This team-up offers a range of tools for business processes. In this forum, collaboration is easy and well-organized.


  • The team-up manages the time usage of users on tasks.
  • The integrated forum and contact availability are available adequately for customers.
  • It has a feature for having chats and making videos, so communication looks real.

Pricing: Its price starts at $39 monthly.

9. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Help Desk Software
Salesforce Essentials Help Desk Software

Salesforce Essentials help desk software guides agents to give adequate support to little enterprises. The software can be easily managed and is suitable for the requirements of customers. Customers have support on a personal basis and essential links are provided by this software. Many establishments note it as trustworthy.


  • Salesforce offers customers a good deal on project management and the like.
  • It monitors activities with essential tools that satisfy customers.
  • It allows customers to customize personal profiles as they need it.
  • The software has an amazing user interface.

Pricing: Starts at a monthly $25 fee.

10. Freshservice

Freshservice Helpdesk Software
Freshservice Helpdesk Software

This software is cloud-based and can work for any enterprise as it concerns the customer help desk. Its system of ticketing can be customized to meet business necessities. Freshservice possesses numerous features that provide notifications, data, self-service, ticket tracking, and so on. These allow customers to have the best of experiences by themselves. Freshservice also has an app for mobiles that allow its agents to work even offsite.


  • The software has a good system for managing tickets.
  • Freshservice’s knowledge support is superb.
  • It has CMDB and recovery features.
  • Anything that has to do with the customer’s aid system can be programmed.

Pricing: Starts at $19 to $99 per month.


With all said, it is evident that the right help desk structure is important to a business. Customers would choose you and your brand when you put them and their needs first.

Numerous tools are available, and choosing the right one for your needs is essential. We hope the article will help you make a decision to give your business the advantage it needs today.

Top helpdesk software for businesses
Best Help Desk Software Solutions for Businesses.

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