People are switching from Zendesk Chat to Freshchat. Here’s why!

As much our observation goes, a lot of Zendesk Chat customers are switching to Freshchat, the modern messaging app from Freshworks. As you would expect, there is always a common set of reasons for people to migrate to a different app.

Here are some of the common ones to migrate:

1. Ability to quickly connect with the right teams

This is the most common one among the people who are switching from Zendesk Chat to Freshchat. If you have to connect with the support team for a solution to your problem, the way it works on Freshchat is you choose the in-app support channel that you want to connect with and get on with it.

Whereas with Zendesk Chat, by default you tend to be connected with a sales rep, and once you explain what your issue is, you get transferred to the respective support team. And then again, you start explaining your issue all over.

In the age of CX, no one wants that kind of an experience.

2. Screen sharing option

Imagine a customer support agent is helping you resolve an issue by requesting you to make a few clicks on your screen, and you find it tough to locate those menus. Freshchat has an option called Co-browsing, where you and the agent can share screens and they can do the clicks for you.

This is another feature where Freshchat wins over Zendesk Chat.

3. User experience is everything

This is in continuation with the above discussed point. Zendesk still comes across as a traditional chat tool in the era of modern messaging. For instance, Freshchat offers a seamless messaging experience between support agents and customers in comparison the Zendesk Chat experience.

4. Messaging experience vs traditional forms

I don’t want to fill up a form and feel treated like a support ticket. I’m sure you don’t like that experience either. So, when you get onto the website of an organization using Zendesk Chat, you’ll need to fill up a form before you get to chat with your support agent. In this era of modern messaging, does it really make sense to gate your chat with a form?

Zendesk Chat
Zendesk Chat

Freshchat doesn’t need you to fill up forms. Either it’s a live agent conversing with you right away or an intelligent bot kicks in, asks the right questions, and assigns you to an agent automatically.


5. Getting context about your prospects and customers

With Zendesk Chat, you can get information on the time spent on a specific page of your website or even the number of pages visited. Though useful, this information is not useful enough.

With Freshchat, you would need contextual information about a customer or website visitor such as what whitepaper did they download from your website, the pages visited by them, the actions taken by the visitor, etc. For instance, if you knew that a live visitor on your website has added a  product worth $1000 on the cart – you could offer them discounts to enable them complete the purchase.

In short, using Freshchat you can build meaningful conversations and enable your prospects and customers at the right touch points.

6. Opportunity to personalize user experience

You would be able to get a lot of context about the user from Freshchat, so that you can send personalized messages to your customers based on behavior, usage, demographics, and more.

7. Messaging experience on the go

Freshchat allows you to take your messaging experience everywhere through its mobile app with inbuilt channels and native FAQs.

8. Reducing the customer wait time

With Freshchat, you will always have the previous conversations unerased, to get the context/history of a customer. Secondly, Freshchat identifies conversations that are due a first response thereby ensuring that customers aren’t waiting for long.

9. Distribution of traffic

The “IntelliAssign” feature in Freshchat auto-assigns conversations to the right team members based on their current workload or skill levels. Thus it ensures that the customer traffic is distributed meaningfully without the need for supervisors to keep a tab on which conversations your team members are engaging in.

10. Freshworks ecosystem

For Freshchat customers, it is much easier to build their complete stack by just adding FreshSales (CRM) and Freshdesk(helpdesk) subscriptions. Given the apps in their marketplace, you have the ability to integrate with your existing systems and hit the ground running. Zendesk Chat, though they have their own helpdesk, they just recently acquired a CRM tool to compete with Freshworks. But, it doesn’t integrate with the helpdesk and Chat systems yet.

Published by Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.

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