Freshsales: How good is this CRM software really is?

Freshsales How Good this CRM software really is

Freshdesk is well known for coming up with products that can help businesses streamline their operation. It is another addition to this list of products. Freshsales is designed to meet the specific needs of a sales team of any business.

Unlike Freshdesk, which is a customer support tool, Freshsales focuses more on sales and lead management.

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But is Freshdesk really good? Could it be the tool that you are looking for to supercharge your sales team and give them an edge? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to find out in this detailed review.

Let’s begin.

What is Freshsales?

Freshsales – Comprehensive sales and marketing

All-in-one sales and marketing solution that offers substantial features.

Freshworks freshsales logo

Have you ever felt that your sales team needs a reliable partner that can streamline their operations? If yes, Freshsales is the answer to your prayers! It is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed specifically for sales teams.

It’s a part of the larger Freshworks suite that has a killer reputation amongst the users. The Freshsales user swears that it offers seamless integration capabilities, ensuring streamlined operations for businesses. Whether you are running a small business or a mid-sized enterprise, Freshsales can take care of everything.

Look, Sales Managers have to track sales activities and evaluate the team’s performance. And for that, they need reliable CRM software like Freshsales. It can prove a worthy tool if you are looking for something to manage leads, get insightful analytics, and give an edge to your sales team.

You can manage your email marketing, manage leads, close deals, automate tasks, and keep tabs on quotes and invoices. A great strategic ally, I would say!

Affordability: Offers a user-friendly free plan.Support Limitations: Inconsistent customer support.
Ease of Use: Intuitive design for all user levels.Limited Free Reporting: No reports on the free plan.
AI Features: Prioritizes leads with AI-powered scoring.Weekday-Only Assistance: No weekend support.
Diverse Communication: Chat, email, or phone integrations.Learning Curve: Some features may require extended training.
Customization: Tailored dashboards and reports. 
Integration: Seamless compatibility with Freshworks products. 
Pros and Cons of Freshsales

Who is Freshsales Suitable for?

Who is Freshsales suitable for?
Who is Freshsales suitable for?

Before we move ahead and take a deep dive into the features of Freshsales, let’s find out who this software is suitable for:

  • Startups & SMBs: It’s affordable and reliable. This makes Freshales a perfect choice for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. The free plan acts as an entry-level tool. And as you grow, you can always upgrade to the paid plans with better features. 
  • Sales Teams: Sales teams are the top beneficiaries of Freshsales. It has robust lead scoring, easy to use layout, and multiple options to effectively manage the lead. Everything that a sales team would need, right?
  • Businesses New to CRM: New to CRM software? Freshsales makes a perfect partner for you. Its user-friendly interface and minimal learning curve make it a preferable choice for users.  
  • Companies Seeking Integration: If you are already using other Freshworks products, Freshsales would be a perfect product to add to your suite. Reason? Its amazing integration capabilities make the integration buttery-smooth.
  • Data-Driven Organizations: There are businesses that solely rely on tangible data. For them, Freshsales could be a boon in disguise. It has exceptional reporting and analytics capabilities, making it an eye candy for such organizations.
  • Teams Needing Custom Solutions: Firms with specific business needs can benefit from Freshsales’ customization options, tailoring the platform to suit their unique requirements.

Who is Freshsales NOT Suitable For?

While Freshsales is an excellent software, it might not be the right choice for you if you are:

  • Large Enterprises: Businesses with vast sales teams might find Freshsales limiting, especially when it comes to individual user management and complex IT structures.
  • Advanced Customization Seekers: While Freshsales offers a good degree of customization, companies requiring extremely intricate and specialized customization may find it restrictive.
  • Heavy Reliance on Free Plans: Businesses hoping to rely solely on the free plan for extended periods may miss out on the advanced features available in the paid versions.
  • Organizations Preferring On-Premise Solutions: Freshsales is cloud-based, making it less suitable for companies that prefer or require on-premise CRM solutions.

In a nutshell, Freshsales can be of great help to SMBs, without a doubt. But if you are a large enterprise, you might want to check out some other CRM solutions.

What are some of the best features of Freshsales?

What are some of the best features of Freshsales?
What are some of the best features of Freshsales?

When it comes to features, Freshsales easily outnumber and outsmart its competitors. It’s been developed by Freshworks, which is well known for creating business software. So you will expect only the best from Freshsales. And trust me, it does not disappoint. Here are some of the top features of Freshsales that make it super helpful:

AI-powered Contact and Deal Scoring

Are you drowning in the sea of leads and struggling to stay afloat? Well, Freshsales have got you covered! Its amazing AI-powered Contact and Deal Scoring feature is a Got a mountain of leads and feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

Enter Freshsales with its game-changing AI-powered Contact and Deal Scoring. Instead of blindly diving into the pile, this feature intelligently sifts through your leads, ranking them based on their engagement and potential to convert.

It’s almost like having an expert strategist by your side, guiding you on which leads to prioritization and which one’s might need a bit more nurturing. No more guessing games; with Freshsales, you get a clear roadmap on where to invest your time and efforts for maximum results. It’s smart, efficient, and designed to give you that competitive edge in sales.

Built-in Phone Features:

Gone are the days when you needed multiple apps just to make a call to your client. Today, all you need is a platform like Freshsales that can take that hassle away. Freshsales allows you to connect directly with your leads from the platform itself with Cloud Telephony and can record it for employee training and assessment.

Result? No more missed opportunities! The best part? Freshsales offers metrics that give insights into your call activities. Personally, I strongly prefer a tool that allows everything in one place, whether it’s making a call or managing leads via their built-in phone using cloud telephony feature. That’s what Freshsales offers.

Freshsales Phone Features
Freshsales Phone Features

Unified Sales Platform:

Managing the sales of any business means managing a lot of data and processes. So, I am sure your team, too, has to switch between multiple tools and platforms for handling different tasks. Frankly, this is the most frustrating thing for any sales executive or even the whole team.

But guess what! Freshsales is an answer to this universal problem. This tool is so diverse and so complete that your team won’t need any other tool to manage your sales, leads, and customers.

You can manage everything from marketing campaigns to real-time chats, phone calls, and lead management, all from a single platform. There are just a handful of tools that offer such an exceptional service, all under one roof.

The beauty of it is its seamless integration; everything feels interconnected, making your sales process not only efficient but also intuitive. It’s a holistic approach to sales, ensuring every tool you need is just a click away.

Freddy AI:

AI is taking over the world, and Freshwork knows this very well. That’s why they have integrated this cool feature called Freddy AI. This AI-powered feature acts like your super-informed sales buddy. Freddy combs through everything – chats, customer interactions, sales actions, the whole shebang. After analyzing all of this, it gives you a clear picture of where your sales are at.

Freshsales Leads
Freshsales Leads

But wait, it gets cooler! Based on all that data, Freddy dishes out advice on your next best moves. This can be of great help in closing deals. Here’s the cherry on top: Freddy doesn’t just stop at advice. It highlights the hot leads you should focus on and sounds the alarm on deals that are teetering. How awesome is that?

Robust Reporting and Analytics:

When it comes to managing a sales team, robust reporting is critical. You can plan your future course of action based on this reporting only. That’s where the Freshsales reporting and analytics can come in handy. It gives you a clear insight into the numbers of your business.

No more shooting in the dark or making guesses. You can deep dive into essential sales metrics, from how well a campaign is performing to the finer nuances of conversion rates.

It’s like having a roadmap of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed. And the best part? Every decision you make is backed by solid data, ensuring you’re always on the right path. Pretty handy, right?


You can rely on the human workforce to do all your redundant tasks. It wastes your precious resources and drains the energy of your team. At some point, you will need automation. And Freshsales brings you exactly that! Say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks that eat up your time.

With Freshsales, you can set up automation for various processes, be it lead assignments, follow-ups, or even sending out routine emails. The result? A significant chunk of your manual tasks gets automated.

It frees your team’s time and resources that you can divert in some creative direction. And we all know that in the sales world, time saved is money earned. So, streamline away and watch your efficiency soar!

Freshsales Workflow Automation
Freshsales Workflow Automation

Third-party Integrations

Freshales can act as a Swiss knife for your sales team. By itself, it’s already powerful and efficient. But what if I tell you it can become even more potent? Yes, that’s correct. When you connect it with a plethora of third-party tools and platforms, its capabilities skyrocket.

Whether you need advanced analytics, a specific marketing tool, or even a niche application, the integration options ensure that Freshsales molds and adapts to your unique needs. Once you add this integration, it can skyrocket your sales team’s efficacy. Pretty impressive, right?

Freshsales third-party app integrations
Freshsales third-party app integrations

360-Degree Customer View:

You can sell better when you know your customers better. That’s exactly what this amazing feature of Freshsales brings to the table. This feature gives you access to every touchpoint with your customers.

From that first hello to the celebratory sale handshake and even the post-sale follow-ups, everything’s within arm’s reach. Understand your customer’s journey, their interactions, their preferences, and even their pain points.

Imagine the power to pursue when you know how exactly your customer responds to certain offers and certain events throughout the year. You can create a custom strategy that resonates the best with your prospects. Result? More conversions and better sales.

Now that you have a clear idea about the usability of Freshsales let’s take a look at its usability.

How does Freshsales Really feel while using it?

If you are using Freshsales for the first time, it might feel a little bit daunting. Still, it’s a little less complex than other sales CRM software out there. So, overall, the learning curve is not that great.

The heart of Freshsales is its visuals, workflows, and contacts. Setting them up is like arranging your desk – you want everything right where you can see it and reach it. And once you’ve got that sorted, navigating the platform feels like a breeze.

Now, let’s talk about the AI features, especially our buddy Freddy. Initially, it’s like getting to know a new colleague – you’re figuring out how they work. But soon enough, Freddy becomes that go-to team member, always ready with insights and guidance. It’s there to make your life easier, suggesting where to focus your energy for the best results.

What I love about Freshsales is how it’s always looking out for your efficiency. From automating chat campaigns to smoothly capturing leads, it’s all about giving you the tools to be at your best. And for those who like their tools to play well with others, Freshsales comes with a solid lineup of integrations for popular business apps.

To wrap it up, Freshsales might require a brief moment of familiarization, but once that’s done, you’re looking at a streamlined, user-friendly experience. It’s like mastering a new recipe – a little prep upfront; then you’re cooking with gas!

Freshsales CRM Setup Insights

While setting up Freshsales may seem like a nuanced endeavor, the process is made simpler thanks to their structured guidance. True, it’s not the most plug-and-play CRM available, but the accompanying resources aim to ensure clarity every step of the way.

Delve into their knowledge base, and you’ll find 15 helpful articles that simplify tasks from initial login to converting sales emails into actionable leads within Freshsales.

If we were to strategize the setup sequence, our advice would be to begin with fundamental configurations. Take advantage of the platform’s user-friendly interfaces for adding new users, and if you’re incorporating a new local or toll-free phone number, be aware that there’s a brief wait period—typically up to two days.

However, the reward is a seamless integration as evidenced by the phone widget that will conveniently nestle at the bottom of your Freshsales account, readying you for swift communications.

Moreover, Freshsales offers workflow templates. These are akin to blueprints designed to get you started, and can be tailored to align with your team’s specific requirements.

For those opting for the Enterprise plan, the added benefit is a dedicated account manager, streamlining the setup even further and ensuring that you can tap into expert assistance when needed.

Pricing Plans for Freshsales

PlanPrice (Annually)Key Features
Free$0Contact, deal, and task management; Mobile app; Built-in phone and chat solutions; 21-day full-feature free trial
Growth$15/user/monthEverything is Free, plus Custom fields, automated workflows, product catalog, visual sales pipeline, custom reports/dashboards, two-way email sync, limited automation, messaging integrations, and 2GB file storage/user. Special: Free for the first three users
Pro$39/user/monthEverything in Growth, plus Custom sales activities, time-based workflows, auto-assignment for contacts/accounts/deals, territory management, multiple pipelines, sales forecasting, AI-powered deal insights, 5GB file storage/user
Enterprise$69/user/monthEverything in Pro, plus Automatic profile enrichment, sales/marketing dashboard, deal teams, AI-powered deal forecasting insights, website tracking, advanced sales metrics, 100GB file storage/user, dedicated account manager
Add-onsFrom $19/user/monthAdditional workflows, bot sessions, phone credits, CPQ module
Freshsales Suite$15 to $69/user/monthCRM with sales and marketing tools, 1,000 marketing contacts (options to buy more), email marketing campaigns, webhooks, live tracking, and landing pages (features vary by plan)
Pricing Plans for Freshsales

Freshsales offers a wide range of plans for its users. This makes Freshsales super flexible in terms of pricing for the users. The best part? They also offer a free account. So, if you are just getting started, Freshsales has got you covered.

Once your business takes off, you can always upgrade to a paid plan with better features. You can check out more about their pricing plans on their website.

Customer Support from Freshsales

If you ever get stuck somewhere with Freshsales, you’re never alone. First off, every plan—right from the Free tier to Enterprise—comes equipped with 24/5 phone, email, and chat support. So, whenever a question pops up, or you hit a minor snag, know that a Freshsales expert is just a call or click away.

And for those who opt for the Enterprise plan, things get even more personalized. You get your very own dedicated account manager. Think of them as your personal guide, always ready to offer tailored assistance. Whether it’s understanding a feature or getting insights on optimizing your setup, they’re there to make sure you’re getting the most out of Freshsales.

Lastly, if you’re someone who likes to explore and learn at your own pace, Freshsales’ extensive online walk-throughs and documentation have got you covered. From setting up to mastering advanced features, their resources are comprehensive, ensuring you have all the knowledge right at your fingertips.

A Final Verdict

There are thousands of CRM software out there, making the choice a bit difficult. But Freshsales seems to have hit a sweet spot. It’s clear they’ve thought about everything – from businesses just starting their journey to those bustling enterprises ready to scale even more.

What’s truly refreshing? The generous free plan and the trial period. It’s like Freshsales is saying, “Hey, test the waters with us. No strings attached.” And when you do take the plunge, the range of features across the board, from analytics to omnichannel support, makes it feel worth it.

A big thumbs-up for the no-nonsense pricing. There are no hidden fees or surprises—just clear, upfront costs. And if ever you’re in a pickle, their support is just around the corner, waiting to assist.

So, if you’re hunting for a CRM that’s intuitive, transparent, and can genuinely be a growth partner, Freshsales should be on your radar. It’s a well-rounded package wrapped in professionalism.

Wrapping Up

Freshsales have been carving out a niche for itself since its launch. And it’s clear to see why it’s gained traction in the business world. In an era where every tool claims to be the best, Freshsales genuinely strives to make a difference. The attention to detail, from its user-friendly interface to its transparent pricing, speaks volumes.

But remember, every business is unique. What works wonders for one might not resonate with another. So, while Freshsales brings a lot to the table, it’s essential to assess how it aligns with your specific needs.

We hope this guide has offered you much-needed insight into the Freshsales. Remember, if you’re in the market for a CRM, that isn’t just about bells and whistles but genuinely understands the nuances of today’s business needs. And Freshsales is certainly worth considering.


How does data migration work when transitioning to Freshsales from another CRM?

Transitioning to Freshsales allows for direct data imports from many established CRMs or from standardized data spreadsheets. Comprehensive guides and resources are available to assist with the migration process.

Is technical expertise essential to effectively set up and use Freshsales?

Freshsales is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With 24/5 support and an array of online tutorials, users can get the assistance they require. The Enterprise plan even offers the advantage of a dedicated account manager for enhanced guidance.

Does Freshsales offer features to track sales team performance?

Indeed, Freshsales provides built-in analytics and report functionalities, facilitating the monitoring of team performance, potential bottlenecks identification, and sales forecasting. Enhanced AI-driven insights are integral to the Pro and Enterprise versions.

Is omnichannel customer support feasible with Freshsales?

Yes, Freshsales supports omnichannel interactions, enabling consistent customer service across diverse channels like email, chat, phone and platforms such as WhatsApp Business.

Is it possible to upgrade to a more feature-rich Freshsales plan as business needs evolve?

Certainly, Freshsales is structured to adapt to evolving business requirements, allowing for plan upgrades when more advanced features are sought.

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