5 key advantages of live chat assistance (infographic)

5 convincing reasons why live chat is a must-have for your site

I think you will agree that businesses that constantly stay on top of things and know how to adapt will always have an edge over their competitors. If you can’t keep up with the changes, you will slowly but surely fall behind and ultimately lose the race.

What matters in 2019 and beyond is not only how awesome the product or services you provide but also if you really care about your customer base and are willing to be a reliable partner along their way.

Customer onboarding, adoption, and engagement are some of the key elements that go into customer satisfaction and determine if your customers will stick around or start looking for better options before churning.

So it’s not surprising that delivering outstanding customer support has become a great necessity and not less important than the actual product. This is why more and more companies gradually shift their focus to customer satisfaction metrics and tools that help maintain a high quality of assistance. One of the most efficient and proven ways of keeping your customers happy is without a doubt a live chat.

The times when you could keep your users on hold for hours or even days are long gone. Outdated ticket systems were taken over by live chat operators and customer success teams who are ready to help you out and solve any kind of problem in a matter of minutes. And seeing that the bar of customers’ expectations is set high as never before, not having a great solution for them is a big crime.

So even small and middle businesses try to do their best and provide live assistance to any potential customer that visits their site. Not only does it make the whole communication process more convenient (unlike emails, for example), it also gives you a chance to close the deal here and now by putting to use your soft and professional skills.

Plus, even if your visitor doesn’t happen to find what they were looking for (there’s nothing wrong with that), you shouldn’t be upset. They still might recommend your business to their friends and generate some sweet word-of-mouth for you, given that the assistance is given was exceptional.

Apart from that, live chats are great at problem-solving, announcements, or clarifying any doubts that may arise. Time is money, and if you can’t come up with an actionable solution now, you are running a risk of losing your customers.

In order to avoid any stagnations, it is of utmost importance that both your team and your customer base can reach out to each other and have a conversation. Should something not go the way it was planned, you will always have an opportunity to mitigate the situation by providing speedy feedback.

In case you are still not convinced, take a look at the infographic below. It perfectly highlights 5 pivotal advantages of live chats over other customer care channels (like email, phone support, emails). The numbers speak for themselves.

5 crucial reasons why you should start using a live chat.
5 crucial reasons why you should start using a live chat – Infographic

Advantages of Having Live Chat on Your Website

The higher customer satisfaction rate

Live chat with 73% has the highest customer satisfaction rate compared to other traditional channels like email with 61%, social media with 48%, or phone with 44%.

Increased Conversions

Live chat can increase conversions by up to 20%. 40% of people are more likely to buy from the same website consistently if they’ve had a live chat conversation compared to 22% of those who haven’t.

Better Customer Experience

Live chat gives you an opportunity to have real-time conversations with your customers with the fastest response time of 2 minutes.

Cheaper and Easier to Scale

According to different sources, live chat support can be from 17% to 33% cheaper than phone calls.

Higher Customer Retention

  • 63% of customers who had a live chat conversation are more likely to return to a website.
  • 62% of customers who had a live chat conversation are more likely to buy from a website again.
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