How to Market your SaaS Product with Webinar?

Grow SAAS product with webinars

The emergence of advanced technologies in the 21st century has made us believe that there will be a change in direction with SaaS products coming up as the solution for many challenges.

The number of internet users is increasing day by day. As everyone is looking for a sophisticated solution to their common problems, SaaS or Software As A Solution companies have been getting an immense rise in the market.

You have been using many marketing strategies to promote products, but here, SaaS marketing will differ from the orthodox way of B2B marketing. In this article, we will be discussing one such aspect of marketing SaaS products, which is a webinar!

Proven SAAS Marketing Strategies Through Webinar

The Webinar is used to drive specific purposes for marketers. The main object of using a webinar for a marketing strategy is that it generates more traffic on respective traffic, builds the brand image, and makes people aware of the SaaS product significantly. Most importantly, it is the most prominent platform for lean engagement.

There are some interesting statistics that we want to mention; these stats were introduced by ClickMeeting. As said, 85% of companies use Webinars to educate their potential and current customers, 77% do so to generate leads on the website, and last, but not least, 60% of the companies use Webinars to create a brand image and earn prime benefits in the marketplace.

In the following section, we will see how webinars are used as a distinctive method to market your SaaS product.

Use Webinar to Maintain Your Authority

At first, a webinar may seem like an outdated tool for promotions. Still, in reality, this is the best marketing tool for SaaS companies to establish their authority in their respective domains.

We have been using blog posting, email marketing, newsletters, and many other marketing tools, but the webinar is still considered the most effective way to get the job done faster.

The reason why a webinar is quite useful is that it allows users to meet and interact with global leaders rather than just reading content online. The fact becomes very understandable when you get the chance to meet marketers and learn to excite strategies about the same.

The webinar can completely change how your existing customers look at your products. With a successful webinar, your potential customers may know your business with new prospects, and more importantly, as a marketer; you can easily connect with the audiences and perform better communication with them.

Share the latest information

There is one effective way to attract your audience is by giving them information they haven’t received from any of your competitors.

Since you want to make an impact as a SaaS company, you need to be at your absolute best in giving your customers as much new data to cut off the competition as there are many others who are dealing with the same products as your company does.

By demonstrating something different from the others, you will have the chance to entice your customers and generate significant leads. With the latest information you share with your potential client, you can successfully build a reputation for hosting a webinar that provides never before seen data to your consumers.

When you include the latest information in your presentation and give useful insights to your customers, it will always be appreciated by them, and they will unquestionably believe that you have something new to offer. Hence, this will become your ultimate strategy to market your SaaS product effectively.

Follow up with Event Attendees

Many of you may think that it is enough to share the latest information and host webinars to drive the result SaaS companies are looking for. However, the follow-up process is as important as sharing new data.

You need to create your company’s image in your customer’s minds consistently. The best way to do this is by following up with your customers now and then.

There are quite orthodox techniques that you can use to draw your customer’s attention. Sharing an email is one of them. You can try sending an email after the webinar or set up a campaign that gives your customer appropriate content transmitted by you in your presentation.

In addition to that, you can share recordings of your previously done webinars, which would be helpful to create a long-lasting relationship with your potential clients.

Use Relevant Topics & Themes

Depending upon the subjects you represent, your online webinars can remain relevant long after they’re finished.

With the capacity to replay online classes on specific stages, you might have the option to keep pulling in leads if your content is something that will consistently hold esteem.

While examining the latest things is an incredible crowd-puller, you need to contemplate the sort of online courses you’re facilitating. If your introductions cover subjects that are never obsolete, your webinars will keep on driving traffic long after you’ve overlooked them.

Appropriate use of webinars to drive your SaaS marketing strategies

Webinar as a marketing tool for your SAAS product
Webinar as a marketing tool for your SAAS product.

Considering all marketing strategies such as blog posting, multimedia, newsletters, and email marketing, a webinar is the most cost-effective way that can be used for any SaaS marketing strategy.

One thing that you can do is conduct an eventful presentation of your webinar that is thoughtfully prepared to engage more customers.

If you stick to the marketing strategies mentioned here, you will find it easier to carry out the marketing objectives with the webinar. Giving your customer the best marketing practices will always be helpful to promote your SaaS product significantly.

Final Say

Webinars are considered the most excellent technique for any SaaS company to display their software products or guide the customers in using them in a scalable way. These online platforms’ webinars are quite versatile.

The days have long gone when you use PowerPoint for marketing purposes; now the time has changed. Use webinars to help multiple leads and customers and make them aware of your latest software products and innovative ideas.

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