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Marketing with Promotional Products: Clients, Customers, and Employees

As a business owner, I’m sure you’re aware of branding, advertising, and promoting. There are literally thousands of products available for purchase that can be customized with certain features of your business (logo, contact information, mission statement, etc.). Car wraps, magnetic signs, baseball caps, and so many other products are commonly being implemented within many businesses ‘ marketing campaigns.

While most companies would incorporate a number of promotional goods for their loyal customers, many are also using them amongst employees as well. Regardless of who receives the promotional product, one thing holds true – free stuff is a welcome treat for everybody. Even something as simple as gag gifts for employees or customized swag bags for customers is enough to drive loyalty, retention, and overall satisfaction.

For now, though, let’s talk about clients and customers. Unlike employees, your clients may not be physically present as often, making them a tricky bunch to appeal to. For that very reason, more companies are opting for items that are relatively small and easy to ship out, fitting neatly within a large envelope or small box.

Common promotional items that meet these criteria include magnets, baseball caps, t-shirts, squishy balls, among others. These items are fairly compact, can be ordered in bulk, and can be customized easily. While promotional products are usually sent out around the holidays (primarily Christmas), there really isn’t a bad time to do it.

While clients and customers are typically on the receiving end of promotional gifts and items, many companies treat their employees the same; after all, employees will likely enjoy a free gift as much (if not more so) as clients. Office-related toys and gadgets are popular items given to employees.

For the most part, employees enjoy functional items that actually serve a useful purpose or are simply entertaining. These include flashlights, flash drives, personalized coffee mugs, etc. Gag gifts and games have also gained popularity since they bring entertainment in what might otherwise just be another boring, monotonous workday. As a last resort, a gift certificate to a local restaurant or another venue will work fine too!

Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Independence Day (July 4th), are some of the more popular times to send out promotional products. Companies and websites that offer promotional products will usually release a line of goods that are related to specific holidays.

However, the holidays are not the only occasions where promotional goods can be used effectively. Rather than just sending them out freely, many companies will use them as giveaway items, contest prizes, employee recognition, and customer survey incentives. Regardless of how they’re used, when promotional products are used appropriately and effectively, they can only bring positivity to a business.

In the end, just remember, Happy staff and happy customers will drive prosperity!

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