10 Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools For Your Small Business Needs

Small Business Marketing Tools

Successful marketing is a combination of creativity, diligence, perseverance, and tools. Today, there are hundreds of integrated tools businesses use to market their products. Sometimes, these tools are designed for large corporations, and other times they’re made for startups.

You need tools geared toward small businesses to make your marketing goals a reality.

Small Businesses Marketing Tools, here are a few worth trying.

1. Phonexa

When you’re in need of an all-in-one platform for marketing that delivers a strong return on investment, look no further than Phonexa.

This powerful tracking tool will provide all the insights possible from your marketing campaign, including email marketing, integrated accounting, call analytics and tracking, and lead generation and distribution. It also has predictive modeling capabilities, so you can project the effectiveness of your campaigns.

2. Buffer

Social media is an essential marketing tool today, but keeping track of all of your posts and staying on top of engagement is a challenge. Buffer makes it easier by allowing you to manage all of your accounts in a single place.

Buffer is a widely used platform thanks to its ease of use and integration with all the most popular social media platforms. You can set it and forget it because Buffer will take care of the rest.

3. Spaces

Branding is vital to the success of your marketing, and Spaces can help. It’s a free logo maker that helps you bring your vision for the perfect logo to reality.

There’s a huge library featuring unique icons, fonts, frames, and graphics so you can create something beautiful. It’s easy to use and will save you time and money.

4. Survey Monkey

One of the best ways to plan a successful marketing campaign is to ask your customers what they want to see. You can do this through surveys, collecting limitless data to help you curate your marketing efforts.

Survey Monkey is a great tool for sending out surveys and getting detailed information from your customers. It’s easy to use and lets you widely distribute surveys for accurate results.

There are also a bunch of SurveyMonkey Alternatives you can choose from that might meet your needs better.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google has a series of free marketing tools that you should know about, especially if you want to perform well in search rankings. Google Keyword Planner is designed to help you create effective advertising campaigns in the digital realm.

This keyword planner shows you the most common search terms used in your industries. It’s an important way to target your audience and make sure your content gets in front of the right people.

6. Chatfuel

After a customer engages with an advertisement, they need to be able to contact you to ask questions. Chatbots field customer questions when you don’t have enough personnel to do it. It’s especially useful when customers want answers in the middle of the night.

You don’t need a high-tech understanding of technology to create a chatbot. You can use Chatfuel to do it for you. This is one of the better tools for this purpose, and it’s totally free.

7. BuzzSumo

Knowing as much as possible about your market is vital for successful campaigns. You need to understand your competition and learn what content works best.

BuzzSumo will show you some of the most effective marketing tools of your competitors. You can analyze topics and key influencers to best promote your content. It’s an undervalued tool that can make a big difference in your campaign’s success.

8. UnBounce

As you’re probably aware, a high bounce rate for your landing pages is no good. It’s important to create landing pages that convert potential customers rather than scare them away.

UnBounce is a tool that helps you create better landing pages with strong templates designed for marketing. You can also use it to run A/B testing so you can optimize conversion rates and give potential customers what they really want.

9. Sniply

Social media is a powerful tool that, when used properly, can grow your audience significantly. By producing and sharing content, you can build audience trust and create more value for them.

Sniply lets you put a call to action on each piece of content you share on social media. Most importantly, it allows for an inbound button that takes engagers to your website rather than to the original site of the content you share.

10. Canva

Great graphics are essential to any good marketing campaign. Customers are very visual, and the images you use can make or break your campaign.

Canva helps you create these graphics for free. You can import photos and graphics or use their library of free and paid images. The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use, and the finished products are exactly what you need for a strong campaign.

Small business marketing tools
Marketing Tools To Grow Your Small Business

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