How to convert AVI video formats to MP4 video formats

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With options such as Wondershare Online Uniconverter, it is easier to pass the files so that they are compatible with various devices and various formats. Developed by Microsoft, AVI is one of the most used video formats that use a variety of codecs.

The format is good for video playback on Windows devices, but when it comes to playing files outside this operating system, third-party applications may be required. In addition, for video playback on portable devices and for streaming content, AVI is not the most correct option.

Here, the need arises to convert AVI to a more popular format, like MP4. Using a good professional program, conversion can be achieved simply and quickly.

Online tool to convert AVI to MP4:

You have tons of options to convert AVI to MP4, but among a large number of online conversion programs available, Wondershare Online UniConverter is a good option due to the simple interface and the fast process.

Originally known as, this browser-based tool is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and supports popular video and audio formats. Up to two files can be converted at once with the tool and, after the process; you can download the converted video to your computer or save it to your cloud account in Dropbox.

Steps to convert AVI to MP4 using UniConverter online:

Step 1: Open in your browser. Drag and drop the AVI videos to the interface or click the + button to navigate and add them.

Step 2: In the ‘Convert all files to’ option, tab in the upper right corner, choose MP4 as the desired format from the video list.

Step 3: click on the CONVERT button to continue with the file conversion process.

Professional desktop software to convert AVI to MP4:

Using professional desktop software while converting your AVI files to MP4 gives you the freedom to batch convert (multiple files) and use additional functions. Wondershare UniConverter is a tool full of functionalities that facilitates the conversion of files in more than 1000 formats, including AVI to MP4 in lossless quality.

You can also add several files, as well as a complete folder, to the program, since it supports batch processing. Additional features include video editing, video transfer, adding AVI and other files directly from the device, video compression, and others. The software can be installed on all the latest versions of the Windows and Mac system in a few simple steps. Here are the steps:

Steps to convert AVI to MP4 using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1: Add AVI files to Wondershare Uniconverter

Run the software on your system and add the AVI files that will be converted to the Convert tab of the program by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, you can click the + Add files button to upload the files. The added files will appear in the interface with a thumbnail image. Click on the editing icons present below the thumbnail image to crop, cut, add watermark and perform other functions.

Step 2: Choose MP4 as the destination format

The list of supported output formats can be verified by opening the drop-down list in Convert all files to tab. Choose MP4 from the list of videos. Keep the resolution as the source file or change as necessary.

Step 3: Convert AVI to MP4

Finally, click on the Convert All button to start processing and converting all the AVI videos added to the MP4 format. On your local system, the files are saved in the location selected on the Output tab, while in the software you can manage them from the Converts tab. You can’t find anything else simpler.

Difference between online and desktop AVI to MP4 conversion tool:

Above we have discussed Wondershare’s online and desktop programs to convert AVI to MP4. The main differences between these two programs and, in general, between most of the online and desktop tools are listed below:

  • The online program only works when connected to the Internet, while the desktop tool has no limitations.
  • The online program has limited compatibility with the file size and the number of files that can be added to the interface for the process, while a desktop program supports batch conversion without any limitation.
  • Online tools result in a basic quality output file with no option to edit its parameters, while a desktop tool supports high-quality conversion with an option to choose the output file resolution and other parameters.
  • Online converters are basic tools without any support for additional functions. Desktop programs are complete programs that support various functions, such as editing, transfer, and others.
  • The compatibility of formats with online tools is limited, while in the desktop software, a wide range of file types and formats is supported.

Therefore, for basic conversions, online programs are fine, but for professional requirements, desktop software should be used. Just keep this in your mind.

Wondershare as a software organization:

We have known that Wondershare is a useful software. Wondershare is a reputed and recognized software company that is known for its different types of simple but powerful tools that specialize in multiple videos and audio-related functions.

Wondershare UniConverter is among the company’s highly rated software that is primarily used for file conversion. No matter what type of video or audio conversion you are looking for, UniConverter will surely help you with its wide range of format support.

In addition, the software also supports video editing, disc burning, video transfer, and others. If you are looking for advanced video editing features on your Windows or Mac, the software is suitable for its variety of features. There are many more programs on Wondershare for all your video and audio needs.

Digital technology is growing day by day, as is the digital storage format. Arming ourselves with converter software will ensure that we stay on the path of development. Hopefully, this article can provide useful information for you. Thank you for reading and good luck.

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