Top 6 WPS Office Writer Features That Make It a Worthy Alternative to MS Word

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If writers are the Picasso of wordplay, then MS Word is the canvas that has helped them craft their art, and add voice to their creations with phrases, words, and sentences depicting images of happiness, anger, depression, musings, and more. An artist should not restrict his/her creativity within the confined walls of limited options.

What if you wake up to the news of MS Word banished for a lifetime? What if the software crashes in the middle of a project? The show must go on. There’s no stopping.

Find out why WPS Office Writer is the best ALL-IN-ONE Office Suite

This is the reason I have conducted thorough research and figured out that the all-new WPS Office Writer is home to some of the most amazing features. This makes it a worthy alternative to the flagship application. Take some time out to read this informative blog and do not forget to share your opinions with me.

1. Robust editing tool that resolves a chunk of issues

“Writer” is a rich editing software one would get to use by installing the all-new WPS. Here are
the key functional areas of the editing tool you must know.

  • It can create and edit texts, images, tables, and custom charts.
  • The software is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • This application will allow you to open, edit, and save MS Word documents without hassle.
  • It provides a tabbed view that is helpful in accessing and opening multiple documents at the same time.
  • You can manage multiple documents from one screen or window.

Not only this, the WPS application has a plethora of helpful features as well. We shall know about the same in the following sections.

2. Facilitates layout paragraph spacing with advanced assistance

The drag-and-drop feature present in the Word Processor provides significant assistance. Here’s everything you should know.

  • It will allow you to adjust your indention.
  • You can adjust line spacing and paragraph spacing quite conveniently.
  • The users will be able to edit document layouts easily with just the use of the mouse.

3. Advanced File recovery features and components that simplify PDF conversion

This is yet another WPS feature that gets a special mention. As a writer, you may end up being overly occupied with lots of projects. What if you miss out on saving a particular file or the document gets corrupted midway? Only a seamless and advanced file recovery feature can save your day. This is the reason the all-new WPS has come up with an advanced file recovery feature that facilitates the following:

  • The WPS Data Recovery Master allows users to recover all encrypted documents and files.
  • This feature can bring back the file, irrespective of the fact whether the file has been accidentally deleted or removed due to hardware glitches or other technical malfunctions.
  • The in-depth scan feature included in the data recovery add-on can help in deep data recovery.

Converting documents into PDF files is one of the most challenging tasks. Thanks to the WPS writer, it has made the entire process much easier for the users.

Here’s what it has got in store for you:

  • It offers better security of files while accessing.
  • The high-quality PDF converter can easily convert PDF files to DOC and DOCX formats.
  • The PDF file converter is easy to use and ensures that the fonts, styles, and layouts are intact after the conversion.

4. Easy access via mobile phones and boosts creative presentations

In a world where the total number of mobile phone users is expected to pass the mark of 5 Billion by 2019, this is one feature the developers cannot afford to overlook. Users can easily access the application via mobile phones.

Here’s how:

  • Android users can visit the “Google Play Store” and download the application directly.
  • Apple users can visit the “App Store” and install this application in no time.
  • Accessing WPS via mobile phones allows users to create and edit documents on the go.
  • You can also access the documents stored in the cloud from your mobile devices.

The WPS software has a presentation tool that helps users in creating amazing presentations. Here’s how you can leverage the potential of this feature to the fullest.

  • You can utilize the formatting tool and insert different types of multimedia, such as videos and images in support of your project.
  • This particular add-on allows users to add comments and share their ideas about the presentation.
  • There are pre-made templates available for users to choose and implement customized layouts in accordance with the look and feel of the project.

5. Full support for VBA and MACRO, benefits of keyboard shortcuts with WPS

The advanced WPS Office comes with full support for the VBA and MACRO formats. As a result, users can enjoy each of the following benefits listed below.

  • It will allow you to create macros, automate a repetitive set of tasks and work on new algorithms to analyse a particular set of data.
  • The feature facilitates advanced data segmentation as the process of analysis gets easier and organised in nature.

The feature promoting advanced keyboard shortcuts is one of the most significant aspects to be mentioned. Here are a few of the mentionable shortcuts that can come into play for users in 2019.

  • CTRL+ – Enters the current time.
  • CTRL+ ARROW KEYS, Select the entire worksheet.
  • ALT+ F11, Shows the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.
  • CTRL+ PAGE DOWN, Switches between the worksheet tabs from right to left.
  • CTRL + HOME, It will take you to the beginning of the worksheet.

6. Enhanced password protection, security, and Mail merge feature

In today’s world of rapid advancements in the field of digital communication via the internet, nothing really guarantees security. However, we can always create a difference by upgrading certain applications with enhanced password protection features and the like. This is exactly what WPS has done to help its users experience better security.

  • You can choose the people who can access and edit your documents.
  • Document password protection fosters enhanced security, along with advanced “read and write” permission.

There can be multiple recipients awaiting a particular document. This makes it all the more crucial for an individual to access multiple windows so that they can send documents to the recipients with the ease of a single click.

  • The mail merge feature allows you to insert address fields and database fields.
  • The” insert merge field” add-on facilitates “Courtesy Title”, “Unique Identifier” and “First Name” options.

Now that you are aware of the salient features associated with the advanced WPS in 2019, it can be safely assumed that the process of text editing and creation is about to make its presence felt across all high-performing platforms.

More interestingly, the office suite is available in various editions that include a free version that
provides the users with Spreadsheet Application, Presentation Tool, and Basic Word Processing

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