The Conversion of Excel and PowerPoint Files to Soda PDF Converter – A Guideline for New Users

PDF Converter

Soda PDF is the best option for people who are looking for an efficient option to create, convert, share, edit, etc., their PDF documents. Beginners are always confused in choosing between the various options available to them.

The popularity of Soda PDF Converter

Since 2010, after the launch of Soda PDF product by LULU software, the confusion is reduced because people have the best product with no other matchable standard in the market. Apart from all other important features that Soda PDF converter offer to its users, its quality of converting Microsoft Excel and word documents easily has taken its popularity to the next level. Given below is the description of how Soda PDF help us in these conversions.

Microsoft Excel File to Soda PDF Document

First of all, open your excel file in your Microsoft Excel software. Now go to the Files option and chose print. When Soda PDF is first installed, it is going to install what we called a ‘virtual printer.’ The Microsoft Excel can change its printer to Soda PDF. This is the tool that Soda PDF uses to convert these excel files into a PDF.

All the versions of Soda PDF access the default print settings of each program and use this technique to convert the file. When we look at the file which may contain excel formulas, we see that the default setting is ‘Print Active Sheets.’ This means that the only sheet that is open when you last save your file will be converted by Soda converter into a PDF by default.

Now to convert your entire file, you will have to change this default option of ‘Print Active Sheet’ to the ‘Print Entire Workbook’ option. Once you do this, you can click on ‘Print.’ The next thing is that the Soda PDF will ask you where you want to save this file. Once you chose the place, you will see that excel document being opened in Soda PDF, which contains the whole file or the selected range you chose for it.

Microsoft Word File to Soda PDF Document

Within Soda PDF, you can click on the ‘Create’ module at the top left side of the toolbar. After this, from the options that appear in front of you, chose the ‘From Any File’ option and clicked on it. You can then browse your computer and chose the doc file you want to convert to the Soda PDF document. Open it, and the Soda PDF will convert it into a PDF file. This is the simplest way of creating a PDF from Word document using Soda PDF.

Another way of this conversion is to simply drag and drop the same file into the Soda PDF, and the Soda PDF converter will immediately convert it into PDF format. In addition to creating a file from within Soda PDF desktop, you are also able to do it from within the Soda PDF online by choosing any file in the ‘Crete’ module.

This is how you can convert your Excel and Word documents into PDF using Soda PDF converter with so much ease and comfort. It saves a lot of your time, and that is why it is the first choice of millions of people around the globe.

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