Smart Microsoft Excel 2007 Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips

For all those of you who are used to working with shortcuts in MS-Excel, Office 2007 would appear to be with a little makeover in terms of the shortcuts and layout! Among the more often used shortcuts, some of them have been provided in this post.

Well, the new Office 2007 has a few similarities for a few tabs between Word and Excel. The first three alphabets for the shortcuts stay the same just as the last two i.e. H N P and R W.

Excel shortcuts Word shortcuts
h n p m a r w h n p s m r w

The tabs which appear in the Excel sheet are-

Home Insert Page Layout Formulas Data Review View

The shortcuts for each of the tabs mentioned above are:

Alt+h Home

Alt+n Insert

Alt+p Page layout

Alt+m Formulas

Alt+a Data

Alt+r Review

Alt+w View

Let’s look at some of the most often used shortcuts under each of the tab

The Home tab (Alt+h)

To change font face Alt+h+ff

To change font size Alt+h+fs

To bold/underline/italicize text Alt+h+1/2/3

To colour cells Alt+h+h

To change the font colour Alt+h+fc

To conditional format an array Alt+h+l

To choose a new table style Alt+h+t

To change a cell formatting style Alt+h+j

To insert rows/columns/sheet Alt+h+i+r/c/s

To fill values in a pattern Alt+h+fi

To sort a range of values Alt+h+s

The Insert tab

To insert a pivot table Alt+n+v+t

To insert a pivot chart Alt+n+v+c

To insert a picture Alt+n+p

To insert a column graph Alt+n+c

To insert a line graph Alt+n+n

To insert a pie graph Alt+n+e

To insert a bar graph Alt+n+b

To insert an area graph Alt+n+a

To insert other types of charts Alt+n+o

To insert a header/footer Alt+n+h

The Pagelayout tab (Alt+p)

To change the page orientation Alt+p+o

To resize the page Alt+p+s

To insert breaks in the page Alt+p+b

The Formula tab (Alt+m)

To insert a function Alt+m+f

To sum/average/count/Max/Min Alt+m+u+s/a/c/m/i (This function is in Home tab also)

To insert a text function Alt+m+t

To insert a math function Alt+m+g

To work with name manager Alt+m+n

To define name Alt+m+m

To show a formula Alt+m+h

To calculate a sheet Alt+m+j

The Data tab (Alt+a)

To filter data Alt+a+t

To consolidate data Alt+a+n

To perform What-of analysis Alt+a+w

To group data Alt+a+g

The Review Tab ( Alt+r)

To insert a comment Alt+r+c

To show all comments Alt+r+a

To share a workbook Alt+r+w

To protect a workbook Alt+r+pw

To protect a sheet Alt+r+ps

The view tab

For page break view Alt+w+i

To freeze panes Alt+w+f

For full screen Alt+w+e

These were a few shortcuts that you might use more frequently. Hope you found this post useful for there is more coming which would be discussed in the posts to follow, so just watch out for this space!

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