Some smart MS Word 2007 shortcuts

Microsoft word 2007 toolbar

For those who have become used to using MS Office on Windows 97, 2000, or XP, using Office in Windows Vista might be some kind of a surprise! So, thought of coming up with a few shortcuts which one would use extensively in MS-Word 2007.

In the posts to follow, we will come up with a series of shortcuts on Powerpoint, Word, and Excel which would be exhaustive! (and you could download the same!)

The MS-Word 2007 has the following appearance where there are different tabs such as Home, Insert, Page layout, Reference, Mailing, Review, and View. Each of them is a ‘ribbon’ by itself and can be separated from the main bar (like a toggle view).

The shortcuts for the mail tabs are

Alt+h – Home
Alt+n – Insert
Alt+p – Pagelayout
Alt+s – Reference
Alt+m – Mailing
Alt+r – Review
Alt+w – View

Alt+h – Home
To change font Alt+h+ff
To Change font size Alt+h+fs
To highlight font Alt+H+i
To bold, italicize, underline font Alt+h+ 1/2/3
To insert bullets Alt+h+u
To align left / right / centre Alt+h+al/ar/ac

Alt + n- Insert
To insert a chart Alt+n+c
To insert smart shapes Alt+n+sh
To insert picture Alt+n+p
To insert table Alt+n+t
To insert header Alt+n+h
To insert footer Alt+n+o
To insert clipart Alt+n+f

Alt + p- Pagelayout
To insert margins Alt+p+m
To resize page Alt+p+sz
To insert page border Alt+p+pb
To change orientation Alt+p+o

Alt + s- References
To insert table of contents Alt+s+t
To insert end note Alt+s+e
To insert footnote Alt+s+o
To mark citation Alt+s+i
To insert bibliography Alt+s+b
To insert citation Alt+s+c

Alt + m- Mailing
To get envelop option Alt+m+e
To get label option Alt+m+l
To select recipients Alt+m+r

To start spell check Alt+r+s
To start thesaurus Alt+r+e
To introduce track changes Alt+r+g
To add a comment Alt+r+c
To have a word count Alt+r+w

Alt+w- View
To enable print layout view Alt+w+p
To enable full screen reading Alt+w+f
To insert ruler Alt+w+r
To zoom Alt+w+q

The above is not an exhaustive list but some of the shortcuts which could be used more often than others. Hope this makes your work a little easier! There is more to come, so watch out for this space!

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