How to Download and Install Periscope on your Computer

In the world filled with applications stored on your android and iOS phones, many stand out of the clutter. Periscope is one such application that gives the user experience of live video streaming. This application is the brainchild of Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. It was launched in 2015 and it was acquired by Twitter before it was launched.

Great moments deserve to be shared with our near and dear ones and not just captured. Be it a special occasion or a mesmerizing view. This is where Periscope is effortlessly great. Some people aspire to emerge as big social media stars and this application has the evident potential for the same. Capture yourself, your interests, and your hobbies and show it to the world. This will spark interest amongst the users towards the work you do, your personality will catch attention. That is exactly when you can use this application prominent on social media. This is where Periscope is effortlessly unmatchable. People are notified when their friends and family start a live video. They get to be a part of the video by sharing their comments. This global connectivity can be made even better. Wonder how?

We are so used to using the little screen for all our applications that we forget that our world is much larger, brighter and bigger. We can do a little justice with it. That’s exactly the great news. There is a way where you do not have to strain your eyes trying to watch great experiences on your little screen. You can instead watch on a bigger and better screen and also save your vision. Yes, Periscope can be easily downloaded on your computer and thus enhance your complete experience. This will not only save your eyes from the strain but also end up helping you get a better and clearer video.

To download and install Periscope for PC you need the help of some emulators. Emulators are generally software’s that enable connectivity of the host computer and the application. It is the pathway for the user to download and install their app with ease. Earlier it was not possible to download Periscope on your PC. But with the increasing advancement in technology and ongoing constant changes, this is now very much possible. You can download and install Periscope for PC.


Bluestack is the most famous emulator for androids. You need to first download Bluestack emulator on your Windows PC. Let the installation process be carried out and once it is done, go to the Google app store on the Bluestack app and simply search for the app like you generally do on your phone and quickly download it. It is very easy because once Bluestack is installed then the process is very similar to your phone app downloading. When you must have read windows then how to go about it on Apple Mac must have been your next question. There are emulators available online for Apple Mac as well, for example, Nox App Player. With great ease, you can follow the same procedure and get Periscope on your PC.

Web Application:

There is another way of having this application on the computer. That is the web application. This application is suitable for all Windows, Linux and Mac. Thus you do not have to worry if your PC will have Periscope working on it or not. You just need to type this and the web app will open. The best part is that the user interface of the web app is very much the same as the mobile app. This makes it easy for you to work on it and enjoy the experience. You can view your video on the entire computer screen by opting for full screen. This is possible by clicking F11 hotkey. You can happily interact with your near and dear ones all around the world with this application and that too on your computer, with its widescreen offering clear view.

After having the complete knowledge of how to download and install Periscope on your computer, the next must be about how you can broadcast a live video. Since live video streaming is the main function of the Periscope application, this knowledge can be handy for you.

  • Firstly you need to create an account by filling all the necessary information on Periscope.
  • On the bottom right of your screen, you have a camera icon which will open your first step to capturing the essential moments.
  • You then need to define what you are going to show people by writing a topic relating your video. This is a crucial step because Periscope has a feature where people can search you with your video topic or location itself. They do not have to know your name essentially. Make sure you write a catchy name that attracts viewers.
  • Now you can select whether this video has to be available for the public or you would like to share it on some private groups only.
  • Post this the next and main part is to click ‘Go Live’. As soon as you do this, you are live streaming.
  • You can click Stop Broadcast and end the video once you are done.

Thus, this live video streaming application on your computer can help you connect to all your family and friends by the interface. It also can connect you to the entire world and you can make a mark of yourself. With a similar interface on phone and computer, you can have a better transition to the computer app.

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