Should Your Company Use Helpdesk Software?

There are multiple benefits that are associated with using a web-based application. This is especially true if it helps your company develop a knowledge base which is a kind of a forum that has the answers to common problems that your customers may face. At the same time, your customers and users can also report different kinds of incidents and manage various assets.

A great benefit of having such a knowledge forum is that the customer will be able to search for answers to more common problems rather than having to wait for someone from customer support to help them. The customers are given the power to discover any kind of relevant information where they wouldn’t have typically had to opportunity to access it. These forums can also help them create a service request when they are not able to find the answer that they need.

Benefits of an IT help desk with a self-service portal for your employees When an IT help desk has a self-service portal, your employees will be able to enjoy a little peace of mind. The office will be much quieter as there will not be as many calls that come in from the customers. Fewer calls mean there will be less help desk tickets, this is a significant benefit if the company is fast growing.

The self-help portal will help divert many customers to the knowledge base which will, in turn, allow the customer to find a solution to the problem that they may have faced. If there is a reason why they are not able to find that solution the request gets automatically diverted to a representative who will solve the issue.

A benefit of having this system is that your employees will not be held up solving simple issues and can focus their time and energy at more complex problems on hand. It also helps improve the workflow of the operations team.

An added benefit is that the company will have less overhead costs when they encourage their customers to help themselves instead of hiring more customer support agents to meet the growing demands.

How customers benefit from an IT helpdesk self-service portal?

A problem doesn’t usually have a specific time at which it arises, and it can occur at odd times when there is no customer support available. A self-service portal is always within reach of the customer, and they can easily get a clarification of the problem they may have. It is better to widely advertise your customer support portal as it will be easier to find and your customers will be satisfied that they are able to fix their problems the minute it arises.

The patience level of the customers has decreased now more than ever before. They want fast customer service, however with phone service they are usually asked to hold for extended periods of time. This makes them more agitated and likely to move on to your competition. By having a self-help IT free helpdesk software the customers have the tools to solve their own problems and can do so at the comfort of their homes with just their mobile devices or laptops.

More importantly, the customer is more self-sufficient which allows them to resolve their problems faster and without clogging up the customer support lines. The customers become more appreciative of this service as it shows them you respect your time. An associated benefit is that as the phone lines are not busy with simple issues the representatives have more time to solve problems that are more complicated and the wait time is usually less than it previously was.

A sophisticated form of software also allows the customer to track the issue when it is highly complex and needs more work. The self-help portal helps the customer log a complaint themselves and also keep a track of the activity which makes it a more efficient system to work with.

Self-help portals help increase the customer satisfaction levels among customers which ultimately results in happy customers who are loyal to your brand. This is especially important now as the age of the internet has brought more businesses into the limelight and gives customers a choice of companies that provide similar services.

At the end of the day, an IT helpdesk ticketing software is very useful to the company as it helps your customers get to know you better and gives them more information about the system. At the same time, the customers are also able to give their valuable feedback about the service they have received which can help you improve any service that is lacking. At the same time forums allow the customers also to support each other and the company at times of need which makes it an efficient system.

An IT Helpdesk is a way of bringing your company to the next generation with Hi-tech software solutions that are entirely social media integrated and allows your customers to access it from anywhere at any time. Reduce your work and improve the quality of customer support you give to your customers with the help of these kinds of software.

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