Best 8 Webinar Software Tools In 2021

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The present situation of the global pandemic has led to a drastic change in the business sector. A majority of businesses have gone digital now. In such a case, webinars have become a common phenomenon.

Business institutions need to host webinars as a means of communication. First, however, they need to choose efficient software for that. Several webinar software tools are available on the internet, although the buyers must be aware of its features, charges, and the number of audiences for a webinar.

The Recent webinar platforms

Some facts of the top webinar platforms are mentioned here in detail. You can also know about the benefits and drawbacks of each software here. Check the following points before choosing the best one that meets all your necessities.


EverWebinar software is one of the most affordable webinar platforms and offers a seamless service. Hosts can organize both on-demand and live webinars on EverWebinar. It is available in three packs, like the Installment Plan, Annual Plan, and Biennial Plan.

Top features of EverWebinar

  • Allows chatting simultaneously
  • Integration of tracking and email listing tools
  • Presence of autoresponders
  • Hosts can get remainders on SMS and emails
  • Allows branding

Advantages of EverWebinar

  • Efficient audience tracking
  • The convenience of sending SMS to every participant
  • Calendar marking to ease segregation of the workflow
  • Real-time videos and chatting

Thumbs down

  • No free trial available
  • The automated interface can be problematic
  • One time charges are high


The Demio webinar software tool is excellently designed to upkeep communication in a business. Moreover, its features help in customer management that enhances sales. Users can choose from five different webinar campaigns, like Live, Hybrid, Series, On-demand, and Automated.

One can choose among three packs of Demio viz. Starter, Growth, and Business according to their necessities.

Top Features of Demio

  • Allows up to four hosts to conduct a webinar
  • Provides unlimited storage
  • Unlimited and seamless chatting experience
  • Allows online webinar rooms
  • Easy file sharing

Advantages of Demio

  • Demio has a complete business-centric module
  • Hosts can provide 24/7 email and chat support for the audience
  • One can choose to localize the webinar
  • Easy handling and audience tracking

Thumbs down

  • No free webinar plans available
  • Only a 14-day free trial available with limited features


The GoToWebinar software is unique among all webinar software as it allows a large number of participants at an affordable price. All standard webinar features are present in the GoToWebinar packs. Three packs like Standard, Pro, and Enterprise are available on reasonable monthly charges.

Top features of GoToWebinar

  • Comprising several webinar templates
  • Allows proper branding
  • Compatibility with several marketing tools and CRMs
  • Efficient audience tracking and scheduling
  • Advantages of GoToWebinar

Advantages of GoToWebinar

  • Allows more people to access webinars compared to other major software
  • User-friendly software
  • Compatible with different gadgets
  • Allows virtual chatting and virtual response while on a webinar

Thumbs down

  • Low recording quality can be a problem at times
  • GoToWebinar takes frequent updates, which can hamper continuity of work


Livestorm webinar software comprises a professional interface. It provides a lot of features and a free version is also available. Different formats of webinars like live, pre-recorded, and recurring are available on Livestorm.

The paid plan starts at $99, and the host of the webinar can pay add-ons to increase the number of audiences. This software is convenient for corporate enterprises because of its features.

Features of Livestorm

  • Presence of several company profiles and language convenience
  • Compatible with Office software easing file and information sharing
  • Unlimited storage and automated recording of webinars
  • Easy and accurate audience tracking

Advantages of Livestorm

  • User-friendly software
  • Free plan available
  • Hosts can customize the webinars
  • Outstanding landing pages are available

Thumbs down

  • Frequent updates can hamper regular workflow
  • The maximum number of participants is 1000

Livestorm – Conducts high-quality webinars

A browser-based webinar and video conferencing tool that provides a platform for end-to-end interaction. Apart from this, it supports workflows, including landing pages, emails, registration, etc. required for efficient video conferencing.

Livestorm logo

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex webinar software has global acclaim due to its features and quality services. It allows the hosts and participants to participate in a webinar, chat, and share files easily. A free version is available with all essential features, which makes it ideal for small businesses. The charges for the paid version of this software is $13.50 monthly for a single user.

Features of Cisco Webex

  • Allows screen-sharing during the webinar
  • Live chat option available
  • Gives real-time notifications and alerts
  • Efficient participant management

Advantages of Cisco Webex

  • Hosts can choose a free trial version of Cisco Webex
  • Lucid user-interface
  • Easy management and mobile responsiveness

Thumbs down

  • Poor in advanced features
  • Inappropriate for team communication
  • Low audio quality can be a problem


Zoho is an essential webinar software studded with the primary features. Due to its affordable prices and desirable service, it is appropriate for small enterprises. However, it limits to only 100 participants for a webinar.

Features of Zoho

  • Presence of all basic live chat features
  • Allows audience polling and chatting during a webinar
  • Correct and real-time audience tracking ability

Advantages of Zoho

  • Affordable software
  • Lucid handling
  • Efficient customer support team

Thumbs down

  • Unfit for large groups
  • Advanced features are absent


The most convenient feature of Restream’s is that it is compatible with the leading social networking sites. Therefore, it is another essential webinar software that medium-scale entrepreneurs choose to live and on-demand webinars.

The hosts get direct access to the free version as no trial version is available. The paid version has monthly charges of $19.

Features of Restream

  • All standard live chat features along with add-ons
  • Allows branding and customization
  • Screen sharing feature available

Advantages of Restream

  • Excellent uptime allows seamless working.
  • Hosts get the opportunity to edit the stream title while the webinar is live.
  • Live webinars can be changed to on-demand webinars easily.
  • No technical knowledge needed to handle the software

Thumbs down

  • Controlling problems can often occur
  • Frequent frame drops on connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Poor connections with other platforms and websites


LiveWebinar is a powerful cloud-based software that delivers top-notch webinars and meetings. Just because “webinar” is part of their name doesn’t mean that’s the only thing the platform is capable of hosting! Lead team and business meetings, host online lessons, or interview and onboard new employees, and more with this versatile platform.

Price per month starts at $14.99 and there are three packages: PRO, BUSINESS, CUSTOM. An Enterprise package is available for clients who want a fully personalized platform.

Top features of LiveWebinar

  • The webinar room can be customized across all packages, and an Enterprise option also exists for users who want an entirely custom platform.
  • Two main interfaces available: a meeting interface (think Google Hangouts) and a webinar interface with six different room configurations.
  • Create your own leads or registration forms.
  • Countless integrations are available.

Advantages of LiveWebinar

  • No downloads or plugins needed and the platform works on all smart devices.
  • Plenty of interactive features such as whiteboards, polls and tests, breakout rooms, event streaming to social media and more.
  • Create evergreen content or record your webinars for later use with the built-in recorder.
  • Access detailed reports about your events that provide information helpful for the creation of mailings list and other useful data.

Thumbs down

  • Screensharing is not yet available in Safari.
  • Some users might find there is a slight learning curve for the webinar room. 


ClickMeeting is a webinar software that fits large business organizations due to its high price range. However, hosts can enjoy several advanced features with this software. There are no free plans available, and ClickMeeting’s basic pack comes at $25 per month only for 25 people. An increase in the number of participants costs more.

Features of ClickMeeting

  • Hosting paid webinars for more audience
  • Intense rebranding for any webinar
  • Easy social-media sharing of any webinar
  • Proper analytics and tracking during every session
  • Presence of an agenda-based waiting room

Advantages of QuickMeeting

  • A high-end user interface helps the hosts to control the software tool
  • Paid packs are customizable
  • Marketing and branding tools allow the hosts to make informative webinars

Thumbs down

  • No recent update of compression tools
  • Only a few webinar templates are present

Final Words

Webinar software tools have turned out to be a vital inclusion into online buzz at present as different aspects of running a profitable business have gone digital. All the software you have learned about here is reliable and outstanding. Although each of them has a few drawbacks, they provide quality service to the customers.

Entrepreneurs must choose a specific webinar software keeping in mind the type of service to be dealt with. Pricing is another crucial aspect, apart from all other features that the webinar software generally comprises.

The right webinar software enhances the business setup and leads to easy team management. This results in faster development of the organization and provides excellent services to the end-users.

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