ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly: Which tool to use?

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly

When choosing a reliable grammar checker online, only two names come to our mind: Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Being a writer, you would definitely need the best tool out there to help you improve your writing style.

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If you have used both these tools and have any confusion about choosing one, read this guide till the very end. There is a detailed comparison of each feature, pricing, user-friendliness, accuracy of spell-check and editing, and customer service response. After all, a full comparison of every possible feature and use is necessary for you to make a calculated decision.

But before we get into a detailed comparison, let us tell you, these two tools serve similar purposes. They are mostly used to correct and improve the writing style and grammar. Professional copywriters swear by these tools due to the huge help they offer, almost like a high-quality virtual editor.

That being said, both these tools also have one more similar thing. They both have a free version and a paid version. The free version permits you to check for grammar errors, while the paid version helps you with pretty much everything, ranging from clarity, engagement, use of repetitive phrases, passive voice, etc.

You can even choose the style of writing you’re aiming for. That makes the tool lean more toward the tone you’re aiming for and suggests you relevant edits. It could be creative, casual, business, academic, technical, medical, etc. These tools also offer plagiarism checkers included or offered outside of their premium plans. The major differences are in the user interface, integration, and pricing for these tools.

Now, let’s begin the game! Here’s a detailed comparison of both tools!

User-friendly interface. Grammarly or ProWritingAid?

Grammarly is more of a real-time editor and shows you all the errors at once, categorized in various sections. The sentence flow, clarity, engagement, consistency checks, and other writing style elements are simultaneously analyzed in Grammarly.

Even the basic version gives you a lot of information about your content’s correctness and potential engagement. Still, the premium version actually presents each error and suggestion within a category. The categorization of errors makes the process of editing very clear.

Grammarly – AI-powered writing assistant

The most popular AI-based spelling and grammar checkers.

Grammarly logo and Icon

It analyzes your writing style over a period and reflects on your common mistakes to help you learn better and faster. This feature is handy when you are trying to develop your writing style. All in all, it is a clean editor.

You can either paste the text or upload a document onto it, and you’ll see your mistakes broken into categories. Surprisingly, Grammarly also offers a Chrome extension that makes editing hassle-free and super quick!

Grammarly extensions are also available on MS Word and MS Outlook add-in, Google Docs support, Native apps for Windows and macOS, and a Keyboard for iOS and Android.

ProWritingAid, on the other hand, is quite behind in its editing style. It has a report-based system which doesn’t seem convenient when you have less time to spare for editing. You have to manually move the cursor over the text to check for errors, and the process is overall tedious.

Now, many people might choose this feature over Grammarly’s real-time checker, but at times, reports are a better way to understand your mistake, reflect upon them and redesign the way you write.

Our vote goes to Grammarly for this section!

Number and usability of features:

Grammarly is available in both desktop and web formats that can also be used with Word Documents. You can also do it on your iOS and Android devices. Both the free and premium versions of these apps are available. Even the free version offers a lot of editing and proofreading aid.

Some super-useful and popular features include:

  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Sentence punctuation checker
  • Spelling
  • Repetitive words
  • Word variety
  • Weak adjectives
  • Style suggestions
  • Word variety
  • Tone detector

Note: Only a limited number of features are available on the basic version. You will have to sign up for a premium version to make use of all these features.

ProWritingAid surprisingly has a better range of features as compared to Grammarly. But the turnoff here is that it does not support any Android or iOS devices. In addition to all the features mentioned for Grammarly above, Prowritingaid has the following features:

  • Style suggestions relevant to the context
  • Homonyms
  • Word explorer
  • Dialogue checks
  • Thesaurus report
  • Visualize Sentence
  • Contextual Thesaurus Report

This one is a straight win for ProWritingAid!

Accuracy of suggestions

Accuracy is the most important feature one should look for when deciding upon a tool for editing and proofreading.

When it comes to the number of suggestions, ProWritingAid tops the chart, but Grammarly gives more accurate suggestions even though the number is less. We can say that ProWritingAid might be leading in terms of suggesting more corrections, but Grammarly’s suggestions are mostly accurate, and we found almost all of them to be acceptable.

ProWritingAid is a better tool for writers who care more about creative writing. It takes care of how you fragment your sentences and works really well when you want to write dialogues. Basically, it is the best for fiction writers. At the same time, Grammarly is more of a helping hand to copywriters.

There is no winner in this condition because they are different and useful in their own way!

Pricing comparison 

Pricing is one of the most important factors one would consider before investing in a tool. So here’s a comparison of premium plans for both tools.

Grammarly pricing

Grammarly - Free, Premium and Business Plans
Grammarly – Free, Premium, and Business Plans – Price

The monthly plan for Grammarly costs about $29, and as the duration of your package increases, the cost keeps reducing. The quarterly plan costs you $19 per month, and the yearly plan allows you to use a Grammar premium at $11 per month for a year!

There is one more plan Grammarly offers. It is for business owners and people working in teams. The pricing varies a little from the premium plan and allows you to choose the number of members you will be working with. You can go up to 150+ users a month, and Grammarly with show you the corresponding prices as you move the slider.

The business account comes with perks such as a style guide, priority email support, Centralized billing, etc. It also allows you to trace team usage statistics and an admin seat to transfer users.

Both premium and business accounts help with correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery, along with providing a plagiarism checker. You can check the parameters under these categories on the official website of Grammarly.

Grammarly Business Pricing
Grammarly Business Pricing

ProWritingAid pricing

ProWritingAid is less costly as compared to Grammarly. They only charge $79 for an online plan, whereas Grammarly charges $132. The pricing of ProWritingAid is pretty simple. Have a look at the image below to understand.

ProWritingAid Pricing
ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid doesn’t seem to have different offers for premium and business accounts. But, it does offer a discount on bulk sign-ups which go as follows:

  • 3-4 licenses: 10% discount
  • 5-9 licenses: 15% discount
  • 10-15 licenses: 20% discount
  • 16 or more licenses: 25% discount

Customer support comparison

You ought to have direct access to a support network as technological problems could occur at any moment. Let’s see how Grammarly and ProWritingAid constructively deal with interface issues.

Grammarly provides email and ticket service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also go to their support hub and search the information base for answers to your questions.

The ProWritingAid support team is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT Monday through Friday. You can reach out to them via email and their “Contact Us” section. They still have a FAQ page with posts on a variety of technological topics.

Pros and cons: final comparison

Grammarly and ProWritingAid, like any other editing system, have certain advantages and disadvantages. And at times, it is not just the pros and cons we set out to compare. Sometimes we only need to know about how this tool will aid your process of working.

Nevertheless, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons. Some of the most important are mentioned below. This segment will assist you in making a more informed decision.

Grammarly pros

  • Grammarly highlights the incorrect terminology in a text and helps you to alter it in real time.
  • The application is really user-friendly. Beginners can use it without any previous instruction.
  • It’s intended to serve as a simple proofreader for your content. 
  • It’s more reliable in comparison, particularly for nonfiction authors.
  • It allows you to store documents in an indirect account-based manner.

Grammarly cons

  • A few domains are incompatible with the Chrome extension of Grammarly.
  • On a Mac, Microsoft Office is not supported. It doesn’t support Apple systems.
  • Though Grammarly corrects many of the faults it indicates, it does occasionally catches incorrect errors.
  • Only grammatical and spelling errors are corrected in the free edition.

Prowritingaid pros

  • ProWritingAid has more functionality than most proofreading and editing software online.
  • It generates over 20 separate reports for improvement based on your writing.
  • It is less expensive than most grammar checkers.
  • Other platforms support fewer integrations than ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid cons

  • It is slower to edit than Grammarly, particularly when there is a big chunk of text to edit.
  • For Android and iOS, ProWritingAid does not have a smartphone version.
  • The plagiarism checker is only open to paid subscribers.

ProWritingAid – A grammar checker, style editor, and writing coach

An AI writing assistant with an expert writing guide and grammar-checking tools.

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Final words:

Having ProWritingAid and Grammarly together is a winning combination! They do a lot of the same stuff, but there are a handful of things that each of them overlooks. As a result, combining the two – together with the good ol’ human eye – will help you ensure a tidy, polished text.

We tried ProWritingAid’s free version and Grammarly’s free version; then, we went for the premium versions. And we suggest the same for you. Try both and see which one works well for you and is the most cost-effective!

You’ll be an editing genius if you can manage both! But at last, the decision is yours. Considering your profession, use, and the kind of features you are more inclined to, you can easily choose between these tools.

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