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Desygner Review

Internet is littered with thousands of graphic designing tools that are marketed the best. And given the demand & popularity of Graphic Designing, it’s quite understandable.

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One such graphic designing tool that is gaining rapid popularity is Desygner. Often pitched as the best graphic designing tool for beginners & non-designers, thousands of individuals & businesses are using it.

But the question is, is this tool up to the mark? Is it really what it claims to be? Who wins in the battle of Desygner vs. Canva?

To answer all these questions, I decided to give this tool a try for a hands-on review. In this detailed Desygner review, I explored various features of Desygner, its pros & cons & whether it’s worth your money.

So let’s get started.

What is Desygner?

Desygner is an online Graphic designing tool loaded with a ton of ready-made templates that competes with the industry behemoths like Canva. Often described as the best Graphics Designing tool for beginners & non-designers, it packs a mighty punch.

It eliminates the need to hire professional designers, especially for SMBs, startups & Solopreneurs. You can design posters, social & web graphics, PPTs, printing material, marketing material, banners, brochures, visiting cards, newsletters& flyers.

There are millions of free images available via Flickr & Google that you can use to redesign& customize your templates. You can also create your designs from scratch if you want to.

What are the top features of Desygner?

Desygner Review
What are the top features of Desygner

Simple & Easy UI

Using Desygner is way easier than other competitors, which I liked the most about Desygner. Once you log in, you can see everything right on the Dashboard, as shown in the image below.

You can access Templates, Images, My designs & Assets right from the Home screen. E.g., if you want to create a Social Media post for Black Friday, type Black Friday in the search bar & you’ll get thousands of templates right away.

You can also filter out these templates for Facebook, Instagram & Stories. Simply choose your template & customize it. No other tool in the market is simpler than this one.

Desygner Review
Desygner Review 2021: Templates library to choose from.

Millions of Images

One limitation with a lot of graphic designing tools that I have observed is the scarcity of images. Either such tools don’t have many images in their library, or you’ll have to burn some cash to use them.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Desygner. Here you get millions of Free images from various resources like Pixabay, Shutterstock, & Unsplash. Although there are Pro+ images, you can filter Free images from the available filters, as you can see in the image.

The best part is that you also get access to a large variety of vectors & illustrations apart from images. And what I liked the most is you can resize these vectors & none will stretch or blurred (which, by the way, is a major issue with some other tools).

Desygner Review
Desygner Review 2021: Find the right asset for your next project from the asset library.

PDF Editor

This is one of the most amazing features that I came across while using Desygner. This PDF editor can be the sole reason to use Desgyner.

This PDF Editor allows you to make a lot of changes to your PDF once you upload it. When I uploaded my PDF, it felt like it was the design created in the Canva itself! Desygner breaks PDF files into multiple elements precisely, and Desygner was able to identify different elements exactly. And guess what, you can even change the fonts in your existing PDF.

In short, PDF Editor makes Desygner worth a lot.

Share & Print right from the software

One more feature that sets Desygner apart is its Share & Print feature. Unlike many software that requires third-party software to share & print your design, Desygner allows you to do so through itself.

You can share your designs on multiple Social Platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, making it the most desirable tool for Small Businesses.


Branding is a vital part of building a trustworthy Business in current times. For this, you need compelling websites banners, Color & Tone consistency, & uniqueness.

Desygner lets you do all this by creating high-quality website banners that boast your branding.

You can add these banners & thousands of vectors to make your website more engaging & authoritative.

In the “Asset” section, you can upload your images, choose specific fonts, create color pallets for your brands & add Logos.

Desygner Review
Desygner Review 2021: Other branding assets like, colors, fonts, logos, etc.

Excellent Support

Unlike many Graphic Designing tools, the users of Desygner get pretty decent support. You can get a lot of useful information from the smart search section, and you can also access the support app for contextual assistance.

Pro+ members have an added benefit here as they get Live support.

What did I like the most about the Desygner?

  • Clutter-Free Dashboard
  • Awesome PDF editing tool
  • 125 million+ images
  • Direct Sharing & Printing from the designer
  • Google ad template creation
  • Facility to import images from Facebook pages & Instagram
  • Multiple Assets to use in images
  • Blur-free vectors

What I didn’t like about Desygner?

  • The free version doesn’t have Live Support
  • Template Designing feature is not extraordinary

These limitations of Desygner are nothing as compared to the benefits it offers.

What is Desygner Pricing structure?

The pricing structure of Desygner is divided into 4 parts. You can access many features via the Free plan, but the paid plans are much better. Check the benefits of various paid plans of Desygner below.

Desygner Review
Desygner Review 2021: Desygner pricing details.

Desygner vs Canva: Who wins the duel?

Desygner Review
Desygner vs Canva Who wins the deal?

Desygner is a great graphic tool designed specifically for non-designers & beginners. It trumps Canva on multiple fronts like pricing, PDF editor tools & ease of access.

If you are a Small Business owner, Entrepreneur, or Solopreneur looking for the best Graphic designing tool, Desygner is a perfect choice.

It’s easy to use, affordable & efficient. You can design Social Media Posts, website banners, Marketing Materials, flyers & every other thing that you’ll need to grow your business.

Conclusive thoughts

Amazing graphic designing tools are vital for the success of your business in current times. Desygner can satisfy all of these needs.

So, in my opinion, it’s a good Canva option. So if you are searching for the best Graphics Designing tool, give its free trial a try. And if you like the tool, you can go for the paid plans.

I hope this detailed review will help you decide to while choosing a Graphics Designing tool for your business.


Is Desygner a better option against Canva?

If you are a beginner, Desygner is a great tool. It offers many benefits over Canva, and in my opinion, it’s a better option.

Can I use the designer for making website banners?

Yes, you can use thousands of templates for designing website banners.

Does Desygner offer a free trial?

Yes, Desygner offers a free account where you can use a lot of features & create amazing Designs.

Does Desygner offer a PC app?

Yes. You can visit this link to try it for using your PC.

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