Sidekick Browser Review: Your Productivity Superhero in a World of Digital Distractions

Sidekick Browser Review

Ever felt like you’re drowning in a sea of tabs, notifications, and endless distractions while browsing? I feel you! Given the multitude of distractions from ads, promotions, and notifications, it becomes harder to focus on your core task.

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But what if I tell you there is something that can help you focus and keep you away from all the distractions?

Enter Sidekick, the web browser designed with productivity in mind! Aiming to be your digital lifesaver, Sidekick is an amazing browser to use. Created by a person diagnosed with ADHD, this Chromium-based Browser is on a mission to provide a focused work environment for professionals and teams alike.

I recently started using it, and man! I was stunned by the benefits that this amazing browser brings with itself. In this hands-on Sidekick browser review, I will run you through this amazing browser, and you can make your own decision.

Let’s dive into this detailed Sidekick browser (Sign-up and get Sidekick Pro for Free) and find out how Sidekick plans to make you the productivity superhero you always knew you could be!

Sidekick Browser Features!

Sidekick Review: Some crazy features!
Sidekick Browser Review: Some crazy features!

Well, every software, tool, or browser claims to be different, and we all know how it is! But that’s not the case with Sidekick! It does offer some amazing features that set it apart from the competition. Here’s the list of a few features I liked the most during my Sidekick browser review.

Distraction Blocker

Like a productivity ninja, Sidekick’s distraction blocker helps you stealthily avoid time-wasting websites by setting up redirection rules. Craving some Instagram scrolling? Too bad you’re going straight to Gmail instead. Take that, distractions! By customizing your rules, you’re in control of your online experience, making it easier to stay on task and resist the siren call of social media.

Task Manager and Sticky Notes

Sidekick knows that a cluttered mind is a productivity killer. So it comes armed with a Task Manager that lets you pin tasks as sticky notes on your desktop. You’ll never lose sight of your priorities again. These sticky notes serve as constant reminders of what needs to get done, nudging you to stay focused and complete your tasks one by one.

Sidekick task and notes
Sidekick browser task and notes

Pomodoro Timer

Sidekick’s built-in Pomodoro timer is like your personal productivity coach. It will constantly push you through focused work intervals followed by well-deserved breaks. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a balanced work rhythm! This technique has been proven to increase productivity and prevent mental fatigue, making it an invaluable tool for tackling your daily to-do list.

Want to be the productivity wizard? Who has it all? Sidekick offers seamless integration with an impressive array of popular services like Slack, Gmail, Telegram, Skype, Notion, and more.

During my Sidekick Review, I found that you can connect multiple accounts and watch your efficacy go boom! With all your essential tools at your fingertips, you’ll save time switching between platforms, streamlining your workflow like never before.

Split-Screen Mode and Session Manager

Tired of tab-juggling? Say no more! Sidekick’s split-screen mode lets you work with two tabs in one window, making multitasking a breeze. No more flipping back and forth between tabs to compare information or reference documents.

Meanwhile, the session manager helps you group tabs like a pro, so you can easily switch between projects or tasks without losing your place. Managing your digital workspace has never been so smooth.

Sidekick split App
Sidekick split App

Focus Mode

When it’s time to hunker down and get stuff done, Sidekick’s focus mode silences all notifications, allowing you to zero in on your work. It’s like the digital equivalent of hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.

This feature eliminates the constant barrage of alerts that can disrupt your concentration, ensuring you can maintain your focus and achieve maximum productivity.

Sidekick focus mode
Sidekick focus mode

Calendar Integration

For the meeting mavens among us, Sidekick’s calendar integration ensures you’re never caught off guard. You’ll receive a notification two minutes before a meeting with a one-click option to join.

No more scrambling to find those elusive meeting links! Sidekick ensures you can dedicate time and energy to the tasks at hand by helping you stay on top of your schedule.

Sidekick calendar integration
Sidekick calendar integration

Quick Commands

Are you ready to unleash your inner keyboard ninja? Sidekick’s quick commands let you navigate like a pro with keyboard shortcuts, from switching tabs to accessing your favorite apps. Say goodbye to slow, tedious clicks and hello to a world of speedy and efficient navigation. Your productivity will soar to new heights with this timesaving feature!

Here are some of the Sidekick browser keyboard shortcuts I use most often:

  • Press ⌥ + 1-9 to quickly switch between applications in the sidebar
  • Press ⌥ + left-click to open an app/tab in Split-View
  • Press ⌥ + F (Alt + S on Windows) to open Global Search

Visit Sidekick’s learning center for more such shortcuts.

You can always modify the shortcut settings by visiting sidekick://extensions/shortcuts in Sidekick browser.

Custom Workspaces

Let Sidekick be your personal productivity architect! Create custom workspaces tailored to your needs, grouping apps and tools based on tasks or projects. No more sifting through a cluttered digital landscape.

Instead, you’ll have a neatly organized command center designed specifically for you. This feature, which I came across during my Sidekick review, is like having a personal assistant who keeps everything you need right at your fingertips.

Dark Mode

Night owls, rejoice! Sidekick’s built-in dark mode lets you choose between light and dark themes so that you can customize your screen’s appearance to your liking. Not only does this add a touch of personal flair, but it can also help reduce eye strain during late-night work sessions. Sidekick knows that when it comes to productivity, one size doesn’t fit all.

Sidekick dark moder
Sidekick browser dark moder

Smart Tab Suspension

Ever felt like your browser is running slower than a snail? Sidekick’s smart tab suspension has got your back! This feature automatically suspends inactive tabs, freeing up valuable system resources to keep your browser running smoothly.

No more sluggish performance or frustrating lag! Plus, with a single click, you can bring suspended tabs back to life when you need them.

Sidekick smart tab suspender
Sidekick smart tab suspender

Collaboration Tools

Sidekick is your team’s digital headquarters! Share workspaces and sessions with your teammates, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and has access to vital resources. During my Sidekick review, I found that it breaks down communication barriers and makes collaboration a piece of cake. This helps your team to collaborate and work together like a well-oiled machine.

Offline Access

Internet connection got you down? No problem! Sidekick’s offline access lets you continue working even when the internet gods are against you. This feature lets you stay productive and focused, regardless of your connectivity situation. Sidekick has got your back, rain or shine!

Sidekick Pro

For those who crave even more productivity prowess, Sidekick Pro is available for $8/month, offering a wealth of additional features. Unlock password sharing, unlimited sidebar apps, split view, multiple workspaces, and more. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll be unstoppable in your quest for productivity domination.

These are just a few of those amazing features you’ll encounter while using Sidekicks. The more you use it, the more secrets you will unveil!

Sidekick Browser Privacy

Everybody is worried about their privacy, and for the right reasons. The cyber-crimes are through the roof, so you can’t be overprotective of your privacy.

In a world where Big Brother seems to be lurking around every corner, Sidekick swoops in to save the day by championing user privacy. This browser superhero automatically blocks those pesky trackers and advertisements, giving you a safer, more secure browsing experience.

Plus, with an “Advanced fingerprinting protection” feature currently in beta, Sidekick is sharpening its tools to further enhance your privacy and security.

Sidekick performance and Privacy
Sidekick browser performance and Privacy

Sidekick Browser Memory and Speed

Every one of us is tired of sluggish browsers, aren’t we? Although Chrome is good and fast, it still lacks that lightning speed. If you ever wished for a browser that could keep up with your lightning-fast thoughts, Sidekick is the answer to your prayer!

 Sidekick is here to grant your wish! With memory optimizations, tab suspension, and tracker removal, this browser powerhouse aims to deliver a faster browsing experience. During my Sidekick review, I found that this browser flies like a rocket!

Sidekick’s AI algorithms work their magic to reduce memory and CPU consumption, letting you work more efficiently. Say sayonara to long loading times and hello to a distraction-free zone!

Sidekick Browser for Teams

When it comes to teamwork, Sidekick is your team’s digital cheerleader! Packed with advanced features for teams of all sizes, this browser helps create a more efficient, collaborative work environment. With team provisioning, you can assign role-based access like a boss, equipping each role with the apps and capabilities they need to succeed.

Password sharing among team members? Piece of cake! Sidekick streamlines access to shared resources, making collaboration a breeze. And with the active workspace display, you’ll always know who’s online, fostering a greater sense of accountability and camaraderie. Here are some other amazing team features that I absolutely fell for during my Sidekick Review:

  • Team Provisioning: Flex your managerial muscles with Sidekick’s team provisioning feature, letting you create roles for team members and tailor their access with specific apps and capabilities.
  • Password Sharing: Sharing is caring, and Sidekick makes password sharing secure and simple among your team. No more fumbling with forgotten passwords or locked accounts!
  • Active Workspace Display: Keep your finger on your team’s activity pulse with Sidekick’s active workspace display. Stay informed and connected, building a stronger, more collaborative team.

In a nutshell, during my Sidekick review, I found that it is a reliable tool and can help you manage your team buttery smooth!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Sidekick.

Sidekick Browser: Pros and Cons

Every tool has some flaws they wish to correct, while there are some pros they are proud of. The same goes with the Sidekick. After using it for almost 4 months now, here are some of the Pros and Cons that I came across during my Sidekick Review:


  • Enhanced Productivity: Sidekick’s suite of productivity features, such as distraction blocker, task manager, and Pomodoro timer, help users stay focused and accomplish more in less time.
  • Seamless Integration: Sidekick integrates with popular services like Slack, Gmail, Telegram, Skype, and Notion, making it easy to manage multiple accounts and streamline your workflow.
  • Split-Screen Mode and Session Manager: With Sidekick’s split-screen mode and session manager, multitasking and tab management have become a breeze, creating a more organized digital workspace.
  • Focus Mode: Sidekick’s focus mode silences all notifications, allowing users to concentrate on their work without distractions and improve their overall productivity. This is probably the best feature I encountered during my Sidekick review.
  • Privacy and Security: The Browser prioritizes user privacy by automatically blocking trackers and advertisements with advanced fingerprinting protection in development.
  • Team Collaboration Features: Sidekick offers advanced features for teams, such as team provisioning, password sharing, and active workspace display, fostering a more efficient, collaborative work environment.


  • Learning Curve: As with any new tool, there may be a learning curve for users to familiarize themselves with Sidekick’s unique features and layout.
  • Limited Free Plan: While Sidekick offers a free plan, users may need to upgrade to the Pro version at $8/month to access the full range of features and functionality.
  • Chromium-based: Although Sidekick is a powerful browser, it is still based on Chromium, which may not appeal to users seeking an alternative to Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers.

Sidekick Browser Review: The Final Verdict

In the digital jungle of distractions, Sidekick emerges as a true productivity powerhouse for professionals and teams alike. With its impressive array of features tailored to boost focus, streamline workflow, and promote collaboration, Sidekick is a worthy contender in the browser arena. I experienced this during my hands-on Sidekick review.

While there is a learning curve, and the free plan may not cover all your needs, the investment in Sidekick Pro could pay off in spades for those willing to embrace its potential. If you’re ready to take your productivity game to the next level and conquer the chaos of the modern workspace, Sidekick might be the trusty Sidekick you’ve been searching for.

Like the review? Wanna give the Sidekick browser a try?

We hope this Sidekick review helps you in your search for a perfect browser. You can also check out reviews of other tools on our website. 

Till then, happy and safe browsing!


Is the Sidekick browser suitable for individual users as well as teams?

Absolutely! The Sidekick browser offers a range of features that cater to solo professionals and teams, enhancing productivity and focus for all users.

What sets Sidekick apart from other popular browsers like Chrome or Edge?

Sidekick specifically targets productivity and focus, with features like distraction blocking, task management, focus mode, and seamless integration with popular services, making it a unique choice for professionals and teams.

Is Sidekick available for free, or do I need to subscribe to a paid plan?

Sidekick browser offers a free plan with limited functionality, but to unlock the full range of features, you can subscribe to Sidekick Pro for $8/month (billed annually) or $12/month (billed monthly).

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