AppSumo Review? Contains a List of the Best AppSumo Deals!

Review of AppSumo Deal 2022: Is AppSumo legit or just a scam?

In this AppSumo Deal review, let’s find out how legit the AppSumo Discount codes & their offers are.

Offers and sales have become so common today. In fact, they are so common that many of us think most of these offers are just another marketing gimmick.

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And when you are constantly bombarded with requests on your phone & email, it becomes so irritating that we even let go of some genuinely good offers.

Yes, you are reading it right. There are a lot of genuine promotional offers & sales where you can enjoy great benefits. Instead of scam deals, these real offers can help you get your hands on some handy tools. But where to find one?

Enter AppSumo. AppSumo claims to be a platform that comes up with irresistible AppSumo deals on various software & tools, especially for startups & SMEs. AppSumo claims to offer unmatched discounts you will find nowhere else in the market.

But is AppSumo legit? Does AppSumo Deal really offer great discounts on tools & software? I will try to answer all your questions in this detailed AppSumo Deal Review.

So let’s get started right away.

What is AppSumo?

Founded by Noah Kagan in 2011, AppSumo is a daily deal-finding website. It focuses on helping Startups & SMEs grab fascinating AppSumo deals on various SaaS products for better growth. In fact, AppSumo is part of a much larger Sumo family, designed by Noah Kagan. Sumo tools are often touted as excellent growth-hacking tools. AppSumo is another of the Sumo family.

It has a massive database of over 800,000 tech-savvy & techno-geek customers who are always on the hunt for the best deals on various tools & software. You can call AppSumo, Amazon of SaaS, but with massive discounts & offers!

AppSumo is more like a community, where people from the technology niche connect & interact with each other, sharing ideas too.

How does AppSumo work?

AppSumo offers customers deep discounts on every product available on its website. The values can range from 55% to 99%. Yes, that’s correct, 99%! Its mechanism is simple. The team at AppSumo identifies & reaches out to the software developer & tech companies that create fantastic tools.

They enter a deal where these companies can feature their products on AppSumo, albeit at a heavily discounted price. Similarly, many tech companies also reach out to AppSumo to promote their products with heavy discounts. By running campaigns with such heavily discounted products, AppSumo offers an excellent opportunity to buyers to grab great tools.

Why do tech companies offer such massive discounts on AppSumo?

AppSumo Deal 2
Why do tech companies offer such massive discounts on AppSumo?

This is a legit question. In fact, such massive discounts are sometimes the reason that disheartens the buyers, forcing them to believe it’s a scam! But it’s not. Companies offer real discounts on their products on AppSumo. Let’s understand why.

AppSumo has been here for more than a decade. On such a long journey, it has created a loyal community of over 800,000 “Sumolings”! These Sumolings hail from different sectors of the Business. Some are startup owners, some are tech geeks, some are entrepreneurs, some are bloggers, and some are Social Media influencers.

When they use the product of any company & like it, they will surely share their experience with their followers, subscribers & fans. And this means marketing to the companies by offering discounts on the product!

In fact, AppSumo has become a super-efficient marketing platform, especially for emerging tech startups & software development companies.. And that’s why they offer such massive discounts to their customers.

What are some of the best AppSumo deals available?

AppSumo is like a massive treasure trove of hundreds of SaaS products, website themes & WordPress tools. You can also get mind-blowing AppSumo deals on courses, templates & software you have never experienced before.

appsumo dashboard
What are some of the best AppSumo deals available?

The categories of products in AppSumo Deals include: Accounting, AI, App, Client Management, Content, CRM, Data Analytics, E-commerce, Education, Email, Marketing, Productivity, Podcast, Sales, Security, SEO, SMS, Social Media, Video, Web Development, Webinar & the list goes on!

The AppSumo deal campaign runs for 14 days for each product. You can grab any of them during this period & can enjoy massive benefits. In the past couple of years, the number of AppSumo deals has increased dramatically. So you have a lot of options to choose from.

You can check out a lot of deals available on AppSumo here.

Are AppSumo deals really worth the price you pay?

The number of deals available on AppSumo is overwhelming. You will constantly feel the urge to keep grabbing the deals. But before you go on such a wild shopping spree, there are specific points you should consider.

Be 100% sure about the products you want to buy. Don’t buy any AppSumo deal just because it is available. Give it a second or maybe third thought. Do a thorough analysis of all the deals available for the niche you are interested in. This will help you find the best AppSumo deal & get the maximum Return On Investment.

Personally, I have bought a lot of tools from AppSumo. And till now, the experience has been pleasant. There are some tools that I regularly use for my business, and others I use little. But the AppSumo deal I got on them makes them worth it. Every now & then, almost every tool comes in handy with my work.

So, based on my experience, I can say that AppSumo deals are worth the price you pay. Sometimes, you get lifetime access to the tools at a dirt-cheap price. So even if you use such tools once a week, it’s a good buy.

In short, AppSumo deals are great, but you must make sure you pay the right price for the right product. Don’t just buy anything just because it’s available at discounted rates. Analyze its utilization for your business & then decide.

How does the best AppSumo Deal work?

Getting the best AppSumo deal is super easy. All you have to do is register for AppSumo here & you can start exploring all the deals immediately. Once you find the best AppSumo deal you like, click on the sale, and the product page will open. Here, click the “Buy Now” button & purchase the product.

appsumo buy now
AppSumo review: How the best AppSumo Deal works?

Once you are done with the purchase, you will receive instructions on redeeming the AppSumo deal. AppSumo will redirect you to a particular landing page of the product. Here you will have to sign-up for the development & enter the code you received to redeem the offer.

You will also get an email asking you to submit the tool’s review via AppSumo. As with all the other websites, you will get emails about some offers for future purchases too. Age-old email marketing tactics, you know what I mean!

There is one more feature that makes AppSumo an excellent choice. Some products are FREE! The filter by the Price section has a whole category for free products. You can check out all of them by applying the filter. I have downloaded a few of those products, and they were satisfactory.

appsumo free tools
AppSumo review: How the best AppSumo Deal works?

AppSumo offers an excellent opportunity for Small Business Owners, Startups & SMEs to get highly efficient tools at a dirt-cheap price with the AppSumo deal.

What If you are not satisfied with any AppSumo deal?

This is where things get very interesting! AppSumo has a robust refund procedure that boosts the confidence of buyers. Let’s understand how it works.

You go through a product, do some research & purchase it. You use the product. But within a couple of weeks, you feel the AppSumo deal was not worth it. Well, AppSumo comes to your rescue here! It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to all its buyers.

So you can buy any product from AppSumo & rest assured about the refunds. 60 days are more than enough to test any tool & determine its feasibility.

So if you are worried about wasting your money, please don’t! AppSumo has got you covered.

Why is AppSumo successful?

AppSumo Deal
Why is AppSumo successful?

AppSumo is a unique platform that gives win-win opportunities to buyers on the forum & sellers on the platform. For tech companies that create SaaS, AppSumo is a platform to market their products with just discounted offer prices.

On the contrary, it’s a platform that helps buyers get tools at significantly discounted prices. In some cases, the discounts can range from 55% to 99%! Almost every tool available on AppSumo has been tried & tested by thousands of buyers.

The community of Sumolings is very active & hence, it can guide new buyers before they purchase any tool.

In short, buyers can raise their product’s popularity & buyers can use them affordably. This makes AppSumo a very successful platform.

What are the Pros & Cons of AppSumo?

Pros of AppSumo:

  • Massive Discounts on every product.
  • You’ll pay just a part of the yearly subscription for lifetime access!
  • The variety of tools is enormous. You name the category & AppSumo will have that tool for you.
  • Each device available on AppSumo is handy.
  • Nothing beats the discounts on AppSumo.

Cons of AppSumo:

  • AppSumo customer support team is quite in-efficient. You might bang your heads getting support from them.
  • Some Apps are new & hence, they do not have an effective Customer Support Team, resulting in poor support.
  • Some lifetime deals are not lifetime deals. Certain AppSumo deals will expire within a year, or you won’t get customer support from the developers.

Is AppSumo legit?

I don’t think I need to answer this question after offering you such a detailed App-Sumo review. Still, I’ll say it. AppSumo IS 100% LEGIT! No matter what some unreliable sources claim, there is no scam & buyers do get genuinely massive discounts.

So even if you find any AppSumo deal too good to be true, it will be valid as it’s on AppSumo! So if you are worried about AppSumo being legit or not, please don’t. It’s legit.

Should you buy any AppSumo Deals?

Now, this is an important question! There are hundreds of sellers in AppSumo. AppSumo itself is 100% legit & reliable, but some tools you find might not be what their sellers claim them to be. You might end up buying a useless tool, albeit at a discounted price.

So the answer to this question is “YES” & “NO.”

YES, buy from AppSumo if you get a good AppSumo deal from a reliable seller.

NO, you should not buy from AppSumo, even if you get a great AppSumo deal from an unverified & unreliable seller.

List of AppSumo Best Deals (Categorized)

AppSumo Deals for Copywriters

  • NeuronWriter: The rapid article writing and research tools in NeuronWriter are driven by AI to assist you in creating content that ranks highly on Google.
  • WordHero: Using WordHero you can create high-quality blog posts, social media captions, emails, advertising, sales copy, product/SEO descriptions, marketing concepts, poetry, and even song lyrics!
  • CastMagic: The best post-production tool for podcasters, producers, showrunners, content marketers, and creators is Castmagic, which helps them produce more material quickly.
  • BlogAssistant: You can quickly create SEO-optimized material on any subject with BlogAssistant, from quick product summaries to in-depth blogs and articles.
  • You have access to more than 60 content-generating tools with, such as keyword research, subject analysis, content optimization, and many others.

AppSumo Deals on SEO Tools

  • Linksy: A WordPress internal link-building plugin powered by simple yet effective AI.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer: Through website image optimization, EWWW Image Optimizer increases site speed, bounce rate, SEO ranking, and user experience.
  • Keyword Revealer: Anyone searching for low-competition keywords can significantly reduce their search time by using Keyword Revealer. Start concentrating your SEO efforts on terms with low difficulty scores that are simple to rank for.

AppSumo Deals on Video Tools

  • InVideo: Even if you’ve never created a video before, InVideo makes it simple with pre-made templates that you can rapidly customize.
  • Gumlet Video: This is a video hosting service that enables you to upload, edit, and broadcast videos while keeping track of comprehensive metrics.
  • FlexClip: With the help of FlexClip’s robust editing features, you may completely customize the look and sound of the video.

Some of AppSumo Alternatives

  • StackSocial: Offers deals on software and online tools for businesses, as well as courses and e-books.
  • DealFuel: Offers deals with software and tools for businesses, as well as graphic design assets and themes.
  • MightyDeals: Offers deals on software and tools for businesses, as well as design assets and templates.
  • Dealify: Offers deals on software and tools for businesses, as well as design assets and templates.
  • BundleHunt: Offers deals on software and tools for businesses, as well as design assets and templates.
  • ProductHunt Deals: Offers deals on software and tools for businesses, as well as courses and e-books.
  • AppDeals: Offers deals on software and tools for businesses, as well as courses and e-books.

Parting Thoughts

AppSumo is an excellent website, especially for Digital Marketers, Agencies, Small businesses & startups. The deals you find on AppSumo will be better than on any other platform. But you must find the right seller, or you will end up with poor-quality tools.

Other than that, I would recommend AppSumo for great tools.

I hope this detailed AppSumo review will help you make the right decision. If you want to explore reviews of any other tools, you can visit our review page.


Is AppSumo legal?

Yes, AppSumo is 100% Legit.

Are there any free products available on AppSumo?

Yes, there are a lot of free products available on AppSumo. But to access them, you need to register first.

Are the AppSumo deals real?

Yes, the deals available on AppSumo are real. You can save a lot of money with these deals.

Which products are available in AppSumo?

A wide variety of SaaS products, website themes, software, tools, courses & templates are available in AppSumo.

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