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Semrush Ads launch assistant

I’ve been using Semrush for quite a long time now. I’ve used almost every feature from Semrush, and it has always been a delight. Recently, Semrush launched another outstanding feature called Ads Launch Assistant.

Designed for those who use Google Ads, this feature aims to simplify the whole advertising process for the users.

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But does this feature really deliver what it promises? Is it up to the benchmark that Semrush has set for itself? It’s time to find out! Let’s put Ads Launch Assistant to the test and explore its features. But before we begin, a little background for better context.

Why you can’t ignore Google Ads?

Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads? It’s a return on investment that’s hard to overlook. And with over 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, the opportunity to reach your target audience is colossal.

Now, onto the mechanism of action. Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, which is pretty straightforward. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. No click, no charge. It’s a fair deal, especially for small businesses keeping a tight leash on their budget.

But that’s not all. The magic lies in the precision targeting. Want to reach 20-something-year-old gaming aficionados in New York? Or maybe health-conscious seniors in San Francisco? Google Ads allows you to target your ads based on demographics, location, and even the time of day.

Ever heard of retargeting? This feature lets you reconnect with visitors who’ve previously interacted with your website. It’s like saying, “Hey, remember us?” And with a bit of customization, you can make your message hit home.

Moreover, the analytics. Oh, the analytics! It’s not just about throwing your ad into the digital realm and hoping for the best. Google Ads provides robust analytics that lets you see exactly how well your ad is performing. Click-through rates, conversion data, you name it. This insight is invaluable for tweaking your strategy and getting the most bang for your buck.

What is Semrush Ads Launch Assistant?

Ads Launch Assistant is the latest addition to Semrush’s arsenal of tools. It utilizes Semrush’s massive keyword database, powered with artificial intelligence, and offers real-time suggestions for keywords and ad copy. Semrush claims that Ads Launch Assistant can help create a compelling ad that’s relevant to the user’s target audience. 

Apart from this, this tool also offers intelligent budgeting assistance. A boon for those advertisers who are struggling to optimize their Google Ad spends! It offers budgeting insights and recommendations with pinpoint accuracy. This will ensure every dime you spend is accounted for and gets results for you.

With its centralized Dashboard, Ads Launch Assistant simplifies multiple campaign management and hence saves a lot of resources. You can easily view, edit, and manage all your campaigns from this centralized dashboard.

Here are some tasks that you can accomplish with Ads Launch Assistant:

  • Optimize Ad Campaign ROI to Peak Performance.
  • Leverage Analytics for Data-Driven Success Metrics.
  • Gain Competitive Edge with Advanced Market Intelligence.
  • Utilize Big Data Insights for Strategic Decision-Making.
  • Allocate Ad Budget for Maximum Cost-Per-Conversion Efficiency.
  • Enhance Funnel Effectiveness to Surge Conversion Rates.
  • Distinguish High-Performing Campaigns from Underperforming via A/B Testing Insights.

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Who is Ads Launch Assistant suitable for?

Who is Ads Launch Assistant Suitable For?
Who is Ads Launch Assistant Suitable For?

While almost anyone dealing with Google Ads can utilize the Ads Launch Assistant, certain individuals or organizations might find it more helpful. Semrush Ads Launch Assistant is a perfect choice for you if you  are:

  1. Large Enterprise: As a large enterprise, you need to manage multiple ad campaigns and better oversight. If you are such an enterprise, Ads Launch Assistant can help you do that with ease. ‘
  2. SMBs: If you are an SMB and are a little tight on budget, Ads Launch Assistant can come to your rescue. This tool will help you with your ad spend management and will ensure you get the best ROI for every dime you spend.
  3. Digital Marketing Agencies: If you are managing multiple clients, scattered ad campaigns, and multiple tools as a digital marketing agency, this feature can be a lifesaver for you! You can deliver consistently high ROI with exceptional efficacy.
  4. Freelance Digital Marketer: Being a freelancer is a tough nut to crack. And if you are doing digital marketing as a freelancer, the job becomes even more challenging! But when you have an AI-powered side-kick like Ads Launch Assistant, you can easily ace the game. It can take over the responsibility of managing your ad campaigns, giving you much-needed breathing room.

Now enough with what you can do with Ads Launch Assistant! Now is a time to understand How you can do it! So let’s get started.

Ads Launch Assistant: The First Impressions

When you log in to your Semrush account and open Ads Launch Assistant, you can feel the simplicity and clutter-free UI. It left an amazing first impression on me, just like every other feature from Semrush, to be honest!

It’s sleek; everything is right where it should be and easily accessible. So, for that, I’ll give 10/10 to Semrush.

Now, let’s understand how you can use Semrush Ads launch assistant and grow your conversions.

How to grow your conversions using Semrush’s Ads Launch Assistant?

Step 1: Set up a Google Ads account

This is the first step, obviously. If you already have a Google Ads account, all you have to do is link it with the Semrush. But if you don’t have one, you can create it directly from Ads Launch Assistant. Once you log in, you’ll see the “Sign Up with Google” button. Click on it, add all the necessary details, and you are good to go.

Ads launch assistant - Semrush
Ads launch assistant – Semrush App Center

Step 2: Setting up Google Ads

 First, select the “Go to Google Ads” option, indicating your intention to set up an account. As you progress, you’ll be asked to provide essential details, ensuring your account is tailored to your needs.

An essential part of this setup is entering your billing information. Google mandates this to ensure you can launch your campaigns without any hitches. If you’re feeling a tad uncertain about this step, Google offers a helpful guide titled “Submitting Billing Information,” which breaks down the process.

Once these steps are done, circle back to the Semrush Ads Launch Assistant and give the page a refresh. You’re now primed to roll out your inaugural campaign.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Campaign

Embarking on your first campaign with Semrush is exciting. Start by christening your Smart Campaign with a unique name – Google prefers distinct names for each campaign. Remember, campaigns via Ads Launch Assistant are designated as Smart Campaigns, differing from traditional Search Campaigns.

Smart Campaigns operate using keyword themes, offering a broader match to connect ads with Google searches. Curious about the intricacies? Dive into Google’s guide on Smart Campaign functionalities.

Create Campaign Ads Launch Assistant - Semrush
Create Campaign Ads Launch Assistant – Semrush

Initiate the process by sharing key business details – think of your business name, website, preferred language, and target location. While your phone number remains optional, consider syncing your Google Business Profile; it can be a time-saver, populating fields automatically.

Speaking of locations, you have flexibility. Whether you’re targeting a broad area surrounding a specific location or pinpointing an exact address, a map view will visualize your chosen space.

Creatives and keywords - Semrush app center
Creatives and keywords – Semrush app center.

The fun part? Crafting your ad. Here’s where keyword themes come into play. Choose up to ten, and the tool will align them with the language you’ve identified earlier. Rely on the AI’s prowess to suggest headlines and descriptions tailored to your themes and aligned with Google’s ad standards.

Not completely sold on a suggestion? No worries. You can refresh the options or lock-in favorites, ensuring they remain unchanged.

Headlines and descriptions - Ads launch assistant - Semrush
Headlines and descriptions – Ads launch assistant – Semrush

Budgeting is the final frontier. Whether you’re inclined to opt for one of Google’s calculated suggestions or wish to set a custom figure, the Choice is yours. Once satisfied, hit the “Create Campaign” button.

Do exercise a smidgen of patience post-creation, as Google takes a moment to review; you can monitor the approval status in your “My Campaigns” dashboard.

Campaign budget - Ads launch assistant - Semrush
Campaign budget – Ads launch assistant – Semrush

Once your campaign is up and running, it’s equally important to keep track of it. And Semrush Ads launch assistant offers an array of metrics precisely for that purpose. Let’s take a look at them.

Keeping Track with “My Campaign” Dashboard

The “My Campaigns” dashboard is your comprehensive tool for efficiently managing and understanding your Google Ads campaigns.

My Campaigns - Ads launch assistant - Semrush
My Campaigns – Ads launch assistant – Semrush

Dashboard Overview:

For every campaign, you’ll readily see:

  • Status: Current state of your campaign.
  • Daily Budget: The average spend you’ve allocated for each day.
  • Clicks: The count of times users clicked your ad.
  • Impressions: The frequency with which your ad appeared in search results.
  • CTR (Click-through Rate): A ratio of clicks to impressions, highlighting the effectiveness of your ad.
  • Spend The total expenditure for a particular campaign.

Essential Functionalities:

  • Quick Filters: Streamline your dashboard view using filters for campaign status or type – including options like Eligible, Pending (awaiting Google’s approval), Paused, or Removed.
  • Editing Capabilities: Directly edit target locations, headlines, descriptions, keyword themes, budget, and ad schedules of existing campaigns. While some edits require Google’s authorization, adjustments like campaign location or keyword themes will result in a CPC recalibration.
  • Ad Scheduling: Customize when your ads appear to optimize for your target audience.

Interactive Reports: An expansive reporting system offers:

  • Key Metrics Overview: Impressions, clicks, total spend, conversions (both general and specific actions), average CPC, and user actions like phone number clicks or Google Maps directions initiation.
  • Location Insights: The ‘Distribution by Location’ feature displays campaign performance by targeted regions, cities, or specific areas within cities.
  • Device Distribution: Understand user interactions based on device type, whether desktop, tablet, mobile, or others.
  • Historical Analysis: Track and compare how clicks, impressions, CTR, and spending patterns have evolved over time.
  • Search Term Metrics: Delve into the impact of each search term, evaluating impressions, clicks, spending, and average CPC.

Additional Notes:

Some campaign edits necessitate Google’s green light, generally granted within 24 hours.

Once activated, certain attributes like business name and start date remain uneditable.

Using the pencil icon adjacent to campaign names or within specific sections lets you seamlessly transition to the editing page.

The dashboard also facilitates the quick addition of new campaigns and provides straightforward access to granular reports for each one.

Why Opt for Semrush Ads Launch Assistant When Setting Up Google Ads Campaigns?

Now, it’s obvious that you might wonder, “Why would I use Semrush Ads Launch Assistant instead of Google Ads directly?” Well, here are the reasons why I would strongly recommend Ads Launch Assistant:

Reasons why I would strongly recommend Ads Launch Assistant.
Reasons why I would strongly recommend Ads Launch Assistant.
  • It’s a Breeze to Use: Ever felt lost in the maze of Google Ads? Don’t worry; many of us have been there. Semrush simplifies things with a friendly interface that feels like it’s holding your hand through the process.
  • Everything in One Place: Semrush isn’t just about ads. It’s packed with SEO and SEM tools. So, while you’re setting up ads, you can also sneak a peek at those keywords or see what the competition’s up to. Handy, right?
  • Guided Optimization: Semrush isn’t just about getting you started; it’s about getting you results. It’s like having a buddy who’s been in the ad game for ages, giving you pointers based on what’s worked for others.
  • One Dashboard to Rule Them All: Tired of clicking through countless tabs and windows? The Semrush dashboard brings all your campaigns under one roof, making it simpler to see how things are shaping up.
  • A Peek into the Past: History isn’t just for textbooks! Semrush lets you see your old campaigns, which is super helpful to know what worked and what flopped.
  • Smart Suggestions: The Assistant’s got your back, offering smart, AI-driven advice on headlines, descriptions, and keywords. It’s like having a brainstorming session without needing to round up the team.

Make the right choice

Finding the right tool for your advertising endeavors can be transformative. The Semrush Ads Launch Assistant stands out as a beacon for many, turning the complexities of Google Ads into a manageable endeavor. We genuinely think it’s a standout tool.

Yet, the beauty of choice is that it remains yours to make. Explore its features, assess its value, and see if it resonates with your aspirations. Ultimately, the best choices are the ones that empower you to achieve more.

Here’s to your success, no matter which path you choose! If you like this type of hands-on reviews, do check our reviews page for more. You will find tonnes of such detailed and honest reviews.


What is the Semrush Ads Launch Assistant?

It’s a tool designed to simplify the process of setting up Google Ads campaigns. By streamlining steps and providing expert guidance, it makes advertising more accessible, even if you’re new to the game.

How does Semrush’s tool differ from using Google Ads directly?

While Google Ads offers the platform, Semrush’s Ads Launch Assistant provides a more intuitive interface, actionable insights, and a step-by-step guide. It’s like having a co-pilot, making the journey smoother.

Can I edit my campaigns after they are launched?

Absolutely! The tool offers a dashboard where you can tweak campaign details, adjust budgets, and more. Plus, it gives visual reports to help you gauge performance and make informed decisions.

Is Semrush Ads Launch Assistant suitable for advertising beginners?

Yes, indeed! One of its standout features is its user-friendly approach, ensuring that even those new to advertising find it easy to navigate and utilize.

Are there any additional costs associated with using this tool?

Semrush’s Ads Launch Assistant is a part of the Semrush suite. While there might be costs associated with Semrush’s subscription, it’s best to check their official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details.

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