CleanShot X for MacBook: A Comprehensive Hands-On Review

CleanShot X

Are you tired of the default screenshot functionality on your MacBook? Well, you are not alone! The default functionality is good, but not that great. Option? A lot of them, in fact!

If looking for a powerful and versatile alternative for taking screenshots on MacBook, there are plethoras of tools available.

Today, delve into the world of CleanShot X, an innovative screenshot tool designed exclusively for MacBook users. With its impressive range of features, CleanShot X promises to elevate your screenshot game to a whole new level. So, let’s get started!

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface

Cleanshot X Screen capture tool for Mac
Cleanshot X Screen capture tool for Mac.

One of the highlights of CleanShot X is its easy installation process. Simply visit the CleanShot X website, download the app, and follow the installation instructions. No fuss!

Once installed, you’ll be greeted by a sleek and intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly access all the essential features. The app integrates seamlessly with your MacBook’s menu bar, ensuring that it’s always within reach.

Capture Your Screen with Precision

CleanShot X offers a variety of screenshot options to cater to every need. Here are a few of our favorite and most used CleanShot X features:

CleanShot X screenshot tool for Macbook
CleanShot X screenshot tool for Macbook.
  1. Capture Full-Screen: Capture your entire screen with a single click.
  2. Capture Window: Select a specific window to a screenshot. CleanShot X intelligently detects open windows and offers a preview, allowing you to choose the right one with ease.
  3. Capture Area: Draw a custom area on your screen to capture the exact portion you want. You can even magnify your selection for pixel-perfect accuracy.
  4. Self-Time Capture: Set a delay before the screenshot is taken, giving you time to prepare.
  5. Scrolling Capture: One of my favorite and most used features which allows me to capture scrollable content to a certain scrollable area instead of taking screenshots of the entire scrollable content area.

Annotate and Edit on the Fly

Cleanshot X Annotation tool for Mac.
Cleanshot X Annotation tool for Mac.

With CleanShot X’s built-in annotation tools, you can:

  • Add arrows, text, and shapes to highlight important details. Customize colors and sizes to make your annotations stand out.
  • Blur or pixelate sensitive information to maintain privacy.
  • Crop or resize your screenshot to focus on the relevant content. The app’s smart aspect ratio guides make it easy to maintain consistent dimensions across multiple images.
  • Add watermarks or logos to personalize your images and protect your intellectual property.

Scrolling Capture: Tackle Lengthy Webpages with Ease

CleanShot X Scrollable area snapshot
CleanShot X Scrollable area snapshot.

Ever struggled to screenshot an entire webpage? No worries’, CleanShot X’s scrolling capture feature is the perfect solution. It automatically stitches together multiple screenshots to create a seamless, full-length image of the entire webpage.

Compatible with the most popular browsers, this feature saves you time and effort when capturing long articles, chat logs, or social media feeds. Problem solved!

Record Your Screen and Create GIFs

CleanShot X Record GIF or Video
CleanShot X Record GIF or Video.

Who can do away without videos and GIFs today? And that’s where CleanShot X comes into play. It isn’t limited to static images. You can also record your screen and save it as a video or create engaging GIFs.

With adjustable quality settings and optional audio, CleanShot X makes it easy to share your screen recordings with colleagues, friends, or social media followers. You can even trim your recordings and add annotations to create clear and concise video tutorials or presentations.

Efficient Workflow with Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Don’t like wasting time using trackpads too much? No worries, CleanShot X understands that time is of the essence. That’s why it offers customizable keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to access your favorite features quickly and efficiently.

 You can also configure the app to automatically copy your screenshots to your clipboard or save them to a designated folder. This means you can instantly paste your images into documents, emails, or image editors without missing a beat.

Seamless Cloud Integration for Easy Sharing

CleanShot Cloud Storage
CleanShot Cloud Storage

Sharing your screenshots has never been easier. CleanShot X integrates with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can automatically sync your captures across devices.

You can also generate shareable links for your images and videos, making collaboration a breeze. This feature is especially useful for remote teams or when sharing content with clients who may not have access to your internal storage systems.

Capture History and Quick Access

CleanShot X maintains a history of your recent captures, making it easy to access and manage your screenshots. With the built-in gallery, you can quickly browse, search, and organize your captures without leaving the app. This saves you time and effort when locating a specific screenshot or revisiting past captures for reference.

Optimized for macOS Performance

One of the key factors that set CleanShot X apart from other screenshot tools is its optimization for macOS. The developers have designed the app to work seamlessly with your MacBook, ensuring minimal impact on performance and battery life.

This means you can enjoy all the powerful features of CleanShot X without sacrificing the efficiency and smooth operation you expect from your MacBook.

Dedicated Customer Support

The CleanShot X team understands the importance of customer satisfaction. They offer dedicated support through their website, providing prompt assistance for any issues or questions you may have.

This commitment to customer service ensures that you can make the most of CleanShot X and its features, knowing that help is just a click away.

Pricing Plans for CleanShot X

CleanShot X now presents two tailored pricing options to accommodate various requirements, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Here’s a thorough breakdown of these updated plans:

App + Cloud Basic

Ideal for users with fundamental needs, this plan features:

  • A single payment of $29
  • Permanent ownership of the Mac app with a provided license key for activation
  • One year of updates, including enhancements and new features
  • 1 GB of Cloud storage to upload screenshots and instantly create shareable links
  • Optional $19 yearly renewal for continued app updates or the choice to use the Mac app without renewing (no pressure)

Discounts are accessible for students or PixelSnap 2 users.

App + Cloud Pro

Designed for heavy cloud users and teams, this plan offers:

  • $8 per user/month when billed annually, or $10/month for monthly billing
  • Mac app access for all users, activated using a Cloud account
  • Continuous updates with the latest CleanShot features and improvements
  • Unlimited Cloud storage to upload captures and create shareable links
  • Custom domain and branding: add your own domain and logo for sharing
  • Enhanced security options, such as self-destruct settings and password-protected links
  • Advanced team management features, including easy team administration and SSO login

All prices are in USD, and applicable taxes may apply. CleanShot X is compatible with macOS 10.14 or newer. Cloud plans are subject to a fair use policy.

Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

CleanShot X stands behind every purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not content with your investment for any reason, simply inform the team, and they’ll arrange a refund.

CleanShot X: Pros and Cons

CleanShot X offers a range of features that make it an appealing choice for content creators, designers, developers, and other professionals. However, no software is perfect. Let’s find out the pros and cons of CleanShot X, as well as some alternatives to consider.

Pros of CleanShot X

  1. Intuitive Interface: CleanShot X offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use for users of all experience levels.
  2. Feature-Rich: With powerful features such as customizable keyboard shortcuts, annotation tools, scrolling capture, and cloud integration, CleanShot X provides a robust solution for capturing, editing, and sharing screenshots and screen recordings.
  3. High-Quality Recordings: The software is capable of recording high-quality videos with audio, making it suitable for tutorials and presentations.
  4. Quick Access Overlay: The Quick Access Overlay allows users to quickly access CleanShot X’s tools and features without interrupting their workflow.
  5. Customization: CleanShot X offers a range of customization options for both screenshots and screen recordings, including the ability to add watermarks, choose file formats, and adjust video quality.

Cons of CleanShot X

  1. macOS Exclusive: CleanShot X is designed specifically for macOS, making it inaccessible to Windows or Linux users.
  2. Paid Software: Unlike some alternatives, CleanShot X is not a free tool. Although it offers a comprehensive set of features, the price tag may be a barrier for some users.
  3. No Built-in Video Editor: While CleanShot X offers a range of tools for editing screenshots, it lacks a built-in video editor for more advanced editing of screen recordings.

CleanShot X Alternatives

CleanShot X is an exceptional software, but if you are not satisfied with what it offers or are worried about its price tag (which is extremely affordable and totally worth it in my opinion), here are a few CleanShot X alternatives you should definitely try:

  1. LightShot: A lightweight and easy-to-use screenshot tool available for both Windows and macOS. LightShot offers basic annotation tools and a user-friendly interface but lacks some of the advanced features of CleanShot X.
  2. Snagit: A powerful screen capture and editing software available for both Windows and macOS. Snagit offers advanced features similar to CleanShot X, as well as a built-in video editor, but comes with a higher price tag.
  3. ShareX: A free and open-source screen capture tool for Windows that offers a range of features, including customizable workflows and the ability to capture scrolling web pages. However, ShareX does not offer native macOS support.
  4. Greenshot: An open-source screenshot tool for Windows that offers basic screen capture and annotation features. Greenshot is a more lightweight option but lacks some of the advanced features found in CleanShot X.
  5. Skitch (by Evernote): A free screenshot and annotation tool for macOS and Windows. Skitch offers basic annotation tools and easy sharing options but lacks the advanced features and customization options of CleanShot X.

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Final Verdict: Is CleanShot X Worth It?

From precise screen captures to annotation tools, scrolling capture, and screen recording, CleanShot X offers everything you need to create professional and engaging visual content.

Its seamless integration with cloud storage services, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and optimized performance make it an invaluable tool for MacBook users of all skill levels. Moreover, you can enhance your MacBook’s performance with these amazing MacBook Pro accessories!


Is CleanShot X compatible with all MacBook models?

Yes, CleanShot X is designed to work seamlessly with all MacBook models running macOS 10.14 Mojave or later.

Can I use CleanShot X on multiple devices with one license?

Yes, with a single CleanShot X license, you can use the app on up to two personal devices.

Does CleanShot X support multiple monitors?

Yes, CleanShot X supports multi-monitor setups and allows you to capture and record screens across all connected displays.

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