Roadmap to Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Tips for successful Email Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are the lifeblood of any company. Even if you make a brilliant product or you offer superb services, till the time people get to know about the same, all your efforts will go in vain in case the people are not aware of your products.

So, in such a scenario, online marketing comes a major rescue and one of its form that plays the most crucial form is e-mail marketing. In this digital age, no company can expect to survive and flourish without a marketing plan. Needless to say, Email marketing is not a new concept and the two kinds of emails that are most widely used are direct emails and transactional email.

Two kinds of E-mails

Direct Email

Sent to potential customers with the purpose of product or service promotion.

Transactional email

Aims to bolster past relationships between company and customer. Examples of transactional emails are email confirmation mails, password reset email etc.

For ensuring success and long term growth for your web or mobile app business, it is pertinent to put a successful email campaign in just the right manner.

Given below are some tips to ensure a successful email marketing campaign:

1. Make the subscribing process easy

If a customer wants to subscribe to your company, the process should not be cumbersome lest they will miss it out. They will happily walk away in case you offer them something complicated. Just make them supply you with basic information and once the trust factor is established you can ask them for investing some more few minutes. One vital tip for a good email marketing campaign is – Make it Simple. The signup form should have several fields, but then these fields could be made optional. A long-form will scare away most of the readers. The readers should find it easy to fill the form. So, go ahead post an email signup form for your company and build long-lasting relationships.

2. Use diligence to create your message

Never mail in a rush.  Plan beforehand and spend time on what message you wish to put across to your target audience. Ensure that message which you send holds complete relevance for the target audience.  Only a compelling mail will lead to the desired action. The recipient should accrue true value from what you send them, only then you will have a successful e-mail marketing campaign. Provide readers with Call to Action system in the email to direct the viewer to the website or mobile app.

3. Customize your newsletter

Your emails should be designed in a way that they suggest your organization’s trademark. The email template should carry the company’s color as well as the logo in the header. In this way when users receive e-mail from your company, they will immediately identify with the same. Customizing the email lends it a quality of familiarity.

4. New subscribers should be sent a welcoming mail

Once a reader subscribes to your company, you should send a special thank you note. This will prop up your relationship with the client as they will get a feeling of being treated as special. Welcoming mail can take the form of special offers or exclusive content.

5. Let the subscribers know what they will get

Whatever information or offers you intend to send to your subscribers they should have an idea of the same. Whether you’ll be sending weekly, monthly or even daily information, the readers should be aware of it when they fill the sign-up form. This minimizes the chances of opting out by the readers in the imminent future.

6. Make your content precise and lucid

Nobody wants to jump into the sea of information. The world is actually inundated with an information deluge. People now seek for precise data. They lose interest quickly so it is vital that you provide simple and concise information. There is no need to beat around the bush. When you provide readers with small paragraphs; the content becomes scannable. If very long information is provided, the reader will delete your emails without reading sensitive information.

7. Target the need of the customer

One of the biggest benefits of e-mail marketing is spot targeting. When you provide customers what they want they are automatically attracted towards you and this enhances the conversion rate. A successful email marketing campaign brings the most relevant content to a specific set of people. This leads to a high level of efficiency. Email newsletter services generally present grouping as well as segmentation features. The people can place a tick on the group which they want to subscribe to or which is most applicable to them. Segmentation enables targeting of a particular group of people in your mailing list.

8. Regular newsletter – To keep your audience glued

In order to grab the interest of your audience, you must send them regular newsletters. In case you do not keep the contact for a longer span of time, then chances are high that the users have shifted to other providers, and your mailed are considered as spam. It is very important to keep your brand fresh in the minds of readers. You must follow a publishing calendar, which will tell you whenever it is the time to publish.

9. Infuse personal touch

When you permeate a personal touch in your mails, it helps in bolstering your brand image. Users are more likely to trust you and this will improve your conversion rate. Keep a tab on user behavior and accordingly offer information to enhance the level of personalization.

So, these are some of the ways how you can put in place a successful email marketing campaign. Customer needs and demands require a lot of attention thus, must be dealt with utmost priority. Dealing with email campaigns are a way of showing to your customers that “you care”. Via emails, you can clearly share your goals, aims, and way of working to your stakeholders and this will enable you to accomplish your long term goals in a more insightful manner.

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