9 Proven Methods To Grow Your Email List With Optinmonster

Working ways to build your email list

Everyone has an email address, as they have a residential one.

One of the most sustained platforms of communication is email. Since the era of email was introduced, it has been the modem of professional communication.

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E-mail is your unique identification and is used for many purposes, besides simply communicating. The email platform allows you to connect with a wider range of audiences.

To reach a really large audience, you have this email as the only medium that is reliable. Social media carries a different set of people. And all those people who are following varying approaches, do have emails in common. Here, preferences of email domains may vary, but the email address is something that everyone owns. 

From a business and reach a point of view, none other than email can help you ace the race.

Here are some proven and genuine ways to grow your email list:

1. Give some kind of free giveaway

The legal way of getting into someone’s inbox with their permission is to give away some gifts in their inbox. This way, you get in and follow them up by providing value directly in the inbox. The best part of fetching emails this way is they won’t feel your emails as spam.

As they themselves have opted-in, it is clear that they are interested in your giveaway. So all your audiences are interested in your niche. The next thing is to provide them with value via emails. This will help your list know that you are providing value to them. And that is too free of cost.

OptinMonster – Best lead generation tool

Growing email lists, and improving website conversions along with the integration of email marketing services are the major benefits of OptinMonster.

Optinmonster lead generation software

The question is, sending them weekly or monthly emails is a hectic task to do. For consistency to remain, it is actually necessary to automate your emails. Email automation not only allows you to schedule your mail but also allows you to decide whom to send which mail. There are various tools for email automation that simplify your work.

Creating campaigns with Optinmonster
Create engaging campaigns with Optinmonster.

2. Start a weekly newsletter

People love to know a bit more about whatever they are interested in. When you are asking them to subscribe to a weekly newsletter free of cost, they will Opt-in. With the value that your email content provides them, they will remember you and build trust in you.

This way, there are more chances that your emails are either forwarded or recommended by your existing users to others to subscribe. As you grow your email list with a more trustworthy and genuine audience, your promotion is more likely to convert.

The OptinMonster email list-building tool helps you build your list category-wise. You will have separate channels for freshers, and other channels categorized interest-wise. For instance, for a few, you only need to send thank you and welcome emails. For others, you will need to send a mail with a very specific subject line with as much particularity.

Weekly newsletter with Optinmonster
Weekly newsletter with Optinmonster

3. Host webinars or provide access to recorded webinars

In the digital era, more than live seminars in the city, people prefer to attend online webinars. The first thing is that they are convenient. No need to travel and no need to run late. Second thing, they can be recorded and watched again. With webinars, you get a warm and interested audience. These audiences are more likely to convert than cold traffic.

To the attendees of your webinar, you can send a thank you mail. And then the next day will be the initiation of your actual relationship-building program. To all those attendees, your email automation tool will send a simple mail introducing yourself and your journey to date.

Now, having template content ready and pasting it every time your host a webinar is a bad idea. Hence, OptinMonster email workflows and, likewise, automation helps you send the right email to the interesting ones.

4. Create a quiz

The more personalized you are, the more you are liked and trusted by people. Your service or product is meant to help others. With the quiz, you get to know your audience more personally.

This way, even your audience feels that they are not generalized. And this very first step makes them your warm audiences. Now you can ask them to enter their emails to get the result of quizzes in their inboxes.

Now, as you already have their emails and other details from the quiz, you can personify your replies. Also, you can categorize them into 3-4 categories broadly and send them the relevant emails.

This will help your audiences to be in touch with you and will build trust in them. Manually, you cannot manage these things smoothly. Hence, the email automation tool helps you in managing your traffic and also converts them, leveraging your business.

5. Offer a free tool or ebooks or guides

Reading a blog and receiving an ebook, guides, or tools, is a completely different thing. You may have a blog, and people might even have bookmarked them. Still, they won’t read you every week.

The best thing about mailing your viewers’ free ebooks and guides is you get their email ids. You get the advantage of sharing with them the updates on your site and blogs.

People will read your emails as they know you have provided value in the ebook. And they will seek more value in your emails as well. In such cases, automated workflows of emails by OptinMonster will help you increase your email open rate.

Free ebook or guide with Optinmonster
Create a free ebook or guide with Optinmonster.

6. Offer coupons or promo codes

Offering promo codes or coupons via email has more benefits than you ask for. Your email list will be piling up drastically. Besides that, you will never face the problem of people unsubscribing from your list. Who will ignore you for offering them discounts, though? The only thing to take care, you send them promo codes and informative emails, and promotional emails in a certain ratio.

For the same follow-ups, email management is an essential tool. To ask your followers to opt for your services or products, you got to send them more value and coupons for free. Then you can approach your subscription to get more discounts. The email management tool will help you send your list of apt emails.

7. Give some personalized feedback or answers

Many people have their own problems and concerns. If your service would help them answer their questions personally, it will add immense value to them. To help them personally, you could always ask them for their email ids. Next, you will need to email them saying thank you and ask them for their feedback. 

Your readers will love you for your free service. Next, you can follow your steps of relationship building and trust building via your email swipes. Automation of your email is the genuine way of your promotion. This method is very traditional, and it doesn’t come in spamming.

8. Offer a free shout-out from an influencer

While influencer marketing is at its peak for social media like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. To approach an influencer and ask them for shout-outs has become a trend for the marketing niche. Hence, approaching people in the marketing domain for a free influencer shout-out is always a captivating deal. 

With this deal, you can stay in touch with your audience by providing more such shout-outs at a discounted rate than others. Or you can also start a subscription business for marketing. For digital marketing agencies, this is the most captivating deal that you can ever have.

9. Offer them a personalized or DIY-enabled template of designs and content

These days, SEO and SMO are on the top to spread your word of marketing and promotion. Hence, providing your audience with the templates of creatives and the original pieces of content will lure the viewers to opt-in for your email list. The more value and unique content you deliver free of charge, the more chances you will have to convert your audiences to the next level of the funnel.

With the best and most easy-to-use email marketing tool, you are more likely to achieve your target. The tool helps you manage all your lists and emails as you wish. The email swipes are sent in the order and to the group of followers that you want to send.

OptinMonster Alternatives

If you’re considering other options besides OptinMonster, several noteworthy alternatives can cater to your email list growth and conversion improvement needs. So it would be a good decision to give these tools a try and explore their features:

  • Thrive Leads: A budget-friendly WordPress plugin, Thrive Leads provides an intuitive interface and an array of features to expand your email list and boost conversion rates seamlessly.
  • ConvertBox: With its ability to create engaging opt-in forms and pop-ups, ConvertBox is a versatile and user-friendly solution to capture leads effectively and enhance your conversion rates.
  • Convert Pro: As a potent lead generation plugin for WordPress, Convert Pro boasts a wide selection of templates, targeting options, and integrations that work together to help you grow your email list and optimize conversions.
  • Leadpages: A popular choice for creating high-converting landing pages, Leadpages empowers businesses to capture leads effortlessly and improve conversion rates with its comprehensive toolset.
  • Unbounce: Unbounce is a renowned landing page platform offering extensive customization options, A/B testing capabilities, and easy integration with various marketing tools, all working in tandem to maximize your conversions.

Now that you have a list of OptinMonster alternatives, you can make an informed decision and select the most suitable option for your business needs. Keep in mind that growing your email list is an essential aspect of online marketing, and using the right tools can make all the difference in your success.

But remember these tools, too have some limitations and drawbacks. So, while giving them a try, make sure you delve deeper and test every feature they have to offer.


Email marketing is a long-term approach to marketing. The visitors that you get to you, you would have them for life long. Hence, you can always promote your high-ticket product or service to those who are really interested in it. In the long run, email marketing is the only thing that serves best.

Do let us know what your take on email marketing for your business module is, in the comments below.


What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a well-known lead-generation tool that assists in growing email lists and improving website conversions through targeted campaigns, A/B testing, and a variety of other features.

Is OptinMonster compatible with WordPress?

Yes, OptinMonster integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing you to grow your email list and increase conversions on your website with ease.

Are there free alternatives to OptinMonster?

While some free lead generation tools exist, they often lack the comprehensive features and customization options provided by paid alternatives like OptinMonster and the alternatives mentioned above.

How does OptinMonster help in growing my email list?

OptinMonster offers features such as exit-intent technology, geo-location targeting, and page-level targeting, all designed to capture leads effectively and grow your email list.

Can I integrate OptinMonster with my existing email marketing service?

Absolutely! OptinMonster is compatible with a wide range of email marketing services, making it simple to manage your email list and send targeted campaigns.

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