Cold Emailing? Thinking Anatomy

Cold email marketing strategy

Cold emailing has existed since the dawn of the telephone. It is very different from email marketing. It is in simple terms door-to-door sales in the modern era of internet marketing.

The mail is sent to specific audiences in bulk with whom the organization has no prior relationship and has not opted to receive the email in the first place.

The cold email works for both small and big organizations. Birchbox, LeadFuze, Ambition, and Lead pal are the organizations that have grown using the cold email strategy. Jamon Lemkin says- cold email always works at some level.

It is generally seen that a person receives around 121 emails in a day. Cold emailing is tougher than usual business strategies. In 2018, Forbes posted, the success rate of cold emailing is two percent of the time, qualified leads convert twenty percent of the time and referrals convert half the time, as an estimation presented by Marketer Charlie Cook.

There are some strategies, prospects, and guidelines to be followed while sending a cold email. The content of the mail, sending time, and tools used are very important.

Here are some statistics you can work on making the cold email give you a better conversion rate.

1. Targeting Audience

The initial stage is to get the emails of the audience the organization is targeting for. The organization has no verbal communication and has to send more than a thousand to ten thousand emails every day. The chances of a reply are to the bottom line of about two percent. It is a strategy that to be included and get hold of the customer’s preferences. Targeting a specific audience is key.

An experiment was performed by Shane Snow, co-founder of contently, and Jon Yoshaei co-founder of EveryVowel. They target the busiest people and send emails to around a thousand people. 293 messages bounced but 707 emails had a success rate. The targeted cold emails result in better functioning and meet the average success rate by meeting potential customers.

2. The role of the subject line

A persuasive subject line is very important. The subject line has to be short, simple, and actionable. It should explain what the mail is about. It is the key component to decide whether your mail will be read or not. If you fail to persuade the recipient by a creative subject line. You can customize the subject line according to each recipient.

The mention of the recipient’s name adds value. It grabs their attention. It will compel them to open the mail and read further as it adds a personalized tone. It is reported that the inclusion of recipients’ names in the subject line can increase the chances of mail opening by 22.2%.

The testing of the subject line with its success rate has to be counted. Experiments have to be performed with various mails. It will help understand the market, recipients’ choices, and help the organization grow. A/B testing of the subject line boosts the chances of 49% as reported by the propeller. The subject line can help you reach a specific audience.

3. The content of the email

Personalization is the key here. You directly start by appreciating their social media presence, ask them something relevant to your product launch or the business strategy. It is like initiating a conversation with a stranger. The greeting has to include the recipient’s name.

You can also congratulate them on the launch of something new. Email personalization is the key to connect with the recipient and increase your chances of a reply to at least 10%. Try to be very specific. Do not introduce everything via mail. You have to persuade the recipient to reply or call.

Divide your paragraph into tools that every content marketer needs. initiating a conversation by flattering the recipient. Then, explain the purpose of your mail leading them to why it is important for them, and ask them to subscribe or join the organization. The ending has to ask for a follow-up.

4. How to not get spam? Using the right platform

You must have considered most of the unsolicited emails to be spam. Most of the emails even end up in your spam folder. This occurs because of the usage of marketing tools such as MailChimp, Active Campaign or Hubspot, etc.

Cold emailing is very different from email marketing, newsletter, and usage of the same tools can be a threat. These tools send mails in mass through the same server. These tools send all emails at once. It is not what you need to work with, as it will degrade your email deliverability. Also, it should be kept in mind that your email is verified.

The response of the customers also plays an important role. The work of the email is to intrigue the person to be your customer, but keep them intrigued and lead to a conversation where you can explain them in person.

Domain authentication is very crucial to gain trust as the mail is sent by you and not somebody else. The misleading or any doubt can end your email getting into the spam folder. Never use an email marketing tool to send cold emails and vice versa.

Why does it still work?

The era of the 21st century has now deeply grasped its root in internet marketing. The access to the fast internet to the mass population has widened the scope of the organization is targeting the customer.

With the evolution of internet marketing. Internet marketing has enabled the gate to the success of cold emailing. The cold emailing also has got a better opportunity by doing’ experimentation and persistence’. It has made it easier now for senders to understand the tactics and has also introduced them to reputable platforms.

How and why the cold email can work better.

It is very important to send your emails in small batches. It keeps the recipient’s acknowledgment of your mail in memory. The ideal number is 20 for one batch. Do not sit back after one email. Follow the customer at different periods with different subject lines.

Ask for follow-up. Sending the follow-up emails can double your chances of grabbing the customer to having a conversation. Rewrite your subject line and then send it again and keep the track of response rate.

The script of the mail has to be customized. It is the key concept of Cold emailing. Consistency is required with this emailing. There has to be no lag. It is also important to keep the email authentic and humane by the tone. It should not be too flattering or give too much information about you but enough to fix your authentic existence.

Myths and facts about cold emailing.

Myth does not avoid images

  • Avoid images and templates. This is a myth, as images and templates can work brilliantly. It also differs from the customers you are targeting. The experiment has to keep its pace. The CEO of Lemlist estimated 52% of the reply rates.
  • Keep your content short, again a myth. The content needs to have a relevant topic. It should look as if the sender is real, including your signature and company detail as well.
  • The content should have the short, asking a question that is necessary and not bragging. Engage the customer in your detail. They will definitely read the whole email.
  • It is important to be a good practitioner and hold your patience. Do not decide on a specific time to send emails. Just send and read the stats of response and continue with the lesson.
  • Cold emails are illegal is a myth, according to GDPR rational number 47 named overwriting legitimate interest. The processing of performance for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for legitimate interests. GDPR tries to fight spammers. But being a modern-day door-to-door sales, knocking a door without a response several times is illegal.

The Cold emailing success rate also depends on the kind of business you are running and its demand and supply rate in the market. The organization has to be very specific while choosing its potential customers.

One needs to be a very good practitioner and understand the tactics when Plan A fails. Cold Emailing is about creating relationships with the customer and email is your first step. Be concise, specific, and do not hesitate to initiate again.

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