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Finding a target audience is extremely important and challenging at the same time. It can be time-consuming and tedious if done manually.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential audience and prospective clients, and the conversion rate is pretty high. But as mentioned before, finding these people and their emails does not come out of thin air.

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A lot of sales managers and business owners try finding these emails via the internet and believe me, creating email lists this way is more frustrating than anything. Fortunately, you can now stop going through the endless process of hitting wall after wall, as there are multiple tools that grant you the freedom to do these tasks manually.

One of my very favorite tools is, and I’ll give you an insight into how it works:

What is

An important component of any business is reaching out to potential customers. And a streamlined outreach process is the only way one can efficiently reach the maximum number of prospects. Tools like help in this phase of a business. is an email finder and verifier tool for businesses that already have a list of targetable websites, but still require contact information to pitch their services or products. It allows you to perform a domain search for email addresses.

Basically, this tool can help with the entire contact scraping phase of the outreach process. Moreover, it also offers exciting features that give way to the formulation and execution of an email marketing campaign.

Tools by to find email addresses offers three powerful tools for finding email addresses available at different locations on online platforms. The tools differ based on the source of email addresses and the mode of action. Here are the details about the same:

Using the domain search tool by, one can find an entire list of emails along with the names of the people in a company. It is helpful to know about the right person to contact in a particular business.

The tool helps to find email addresses from a company name or website in less than a second. Not only do you get the emails that are publicly available on the website, but also their confidence scores, detailed sources, and department filters associated with the same.

This tool returns verified email addresses, i.e. it validates them for their operation and returns them with a green icon stating that they are being used actively. Sometimes, the results do not have this icon, which means that the tool was not able to verify them.

But these emails have a high confidentiality score that provides a thorough validation of their activity. Although this tool is not available free of cost, you can go for a maximum of 50 searches per month with zero fees.

Domain search wittysparks in
Finding email addresses through the domain search tool by Email finder

This tool assists in finding the email addresses of a professional, working for a particular company using the most common database consisting of public email addresses. It is mostly used to find the correct contact information of the person so that one can reach out to him/her for further business purposes. The tool returns two types of email addresses.

Email finder
Finding email addresses of professionals associated with a particular domain – email finder

The first type is verified/validated which has a green shield, and the other is the one that is not validated. In order to identify the correct email address from the later list, one needs to check the confidence score for self-verification. The higher the score, the higher the chances of the email address being valid.

Email verifier

The email verifier by is an email checker that is used to verify the validity of any email. It helps to avoid bounces by offering email validations at multiple levels that include email formats and databases, domain information, and response to the mail servers.

However, the verifications obtained are not 100% sure. But one can increase the validation by checking the confidence score. The email verifier demands a simple two-step process to come up with the outcomes. The first step is to enter the email address that needs to be verified, followed by a click on the “verify” button.

Email verifier
Verification of email addresses on

Getting started with hunter

It takes no time to start your journey with Hunter. Here is a complete guide to it:

  1. Go to the website at
  2. Click the user tab and go for the sign-up option.
  3. You can either add your work email or opt for the “Continue with Google” option.
  4. When you click on continue, you will land on a page where you need to add your name and set up a strong password for your account.
  5. Complete the email confirmation step by following the instructions that you receive on your registered email.
  6. Once the process is completed, you will be redirected to Hunter.
  7. You can now start with your search and verifications.
  8. After you go for your first search, a dialogue box will pop up asking for your telephone details.
  9. Enter your mobile number and verify it as per the instructions.
  10. As soon as the process is completed, you will get 50 free searches along with the paid plan details.

The features of Hunter

Apart from the three powerful tools, has several features that make the application of these tools broader. Here is the list of those features:

1. Chrome extension

On installing a Chrome extension for, an icon will appear on your google chrome screen. When you land on any website and wish to find email addresses, you simply need to click the icon, and the list of email addresses will be displayed on your browser within no time.

Apart from this, the results will also present the domain name of the site, sources of the email, and discovery date. You can save unlimited leads through this feature.

2. for google sheets also offers a Google Sheet add-on that needs to be installed from their website. This add-on then becomes an in-built tool of google sheets where you can perform domain or email searches and get the results organized in your Google sheet.

Enter the domain name or website in the tool, and all the email addresses associated with the same will appear in the sheet along with its confidence score, source information, and type. Further, you can use the email finder tool to sort the email addresses and find the one in your interest.

3. Bulk task management

This feature by helps to run multiple email searches at a time. The bulk task manager is available with all the tools. In order to run bulk searches using the domain search tool, you only need to enter various domains that you wish to search for and apply filters related to departments and types of email addresses to get desirable results.

Another tool is an email finder where you can upload the list of professionals with their names and domains in a CSV format on the tool. You will immediately get a list of verified or scored emails matching your inputs. The email verifier tool by also allows bulk tasks where you get confidence scores and validations for the entire list of emails that you upload for verification.

4. Email campaigns

Apart from the email finding and verification, has also launched its email campaign services where the company takes up the responsibility of cold emails and follow-ups for the clients. You can add your message to these emails.

The features of these campaigns enable the user to edit and review the emails scheduled in the campaign prior to sending the messages. You can also track the emails once you send them to know if they reach the audience successfully and fulfill your purpose.

The email verifier helps you to attain the highest deliverability. Further, also allows you to connect other Gmail accounts to your account for better management of the campaign. Surprisingly, every user gets the perk of designing his/her personalized email campaigns.

5. API

You can create an account on and get your API key for integrating different applications with it. The major advantage of this is that you can integrate it into your Gmail account for gathering leads.

Further, you can reach out to them at your convenience and take follow-ups for the conversion of maximum leads. Thus, the email campaigns and API help you create a fuss-free email marketing campaign that enables you to draw the attention of maximum targets. Pricing offers both monthly and yearly payments for its plants. Surprisingly, it also offers free plans on its tools for new users. You can run a maximum of 50 free searches on all the tools. But if you wish to avail yourself of the premium features, you will have to make a purchase. email finder pricing details email finder pricing details

The monthly plans start from $49 per month to $399 per month according to the increasing number of email searches and verifications allowed on Hunter.

If you decide to purchase a yearly plan, you can save up to 30% of your money. These plans range from $34 per month to $279 per month, according to the email searches and verifications allowed.

Whichever plan you purchase, you will always get access to the premium features by under paid subscriptions.

Apart from these, also offers team subscriptions where you can share a single plan with your colleagues, friends, or employees. They also offer custom plans for people with distinct requirements (that are not available in our pre-designed plans).

You can alter or cancel your plan at any point from your dashboard. However, you will have access to your premier plan until the subscription cycle ends.

Advantages of choosing is one of the simplest email search and verification tools. Apart from this, it holds many advantages for its users, which are as follows:

  • Free plans – offers free searches on every tool, i.e. Domain search, Email finder, and Email verifier. This helps you to know the tool thoroughly before applying for a subscription.
  • Easy – Working with is more comfortable as compared to several other tools, as the navigation is simple. Every tool has no more than three steps in its process.
  • Reliable – The results provided by the tools are highly reliable as the list of email addresses obtained can be double-checked using an email verifier. This helps you to weed out the irrelevant email addresses from your campaign.
  • Integration and API – The API feature is provided by helps to integrate it with different platforms and find email addresses of your interest available there. One of the best examples of this is its integration with google sheets which helps you to conduct a streamlined email marketing campaign. Alternatives

Now if you are thinking of giving some other tools a try, it’s the right thing to do. Before you commit to, it’s better to test other alternatives too. This will help you understand the distinguished features of other tools and itself.

Here are some alternatives that I would recommend for you:

Alternatives to

  • ZoomInfo SalesOS – A comprehensive sales intelligence platform that provides detailed contact and company information for targeted prospecting and lead generation.
  • – An all-in-one sales platform that combines email finding, lead scoring, and engagement tracking to improve your sales process.
  • Lusha – A B2B lead generation tool that helps you find accurate contact information for professionals, including their email addresses and phone numbers.
  • UpLead – A sales intelligence platform that allows you to find, connect, and engage with your ideal prospects, offering verified email addresses and direct dials for better outreach.
  • RocketReach – A contact search platform that enables you to find email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles of professionals, making it easier to reach out to potential leads.

All of these tools have some benefits and some drawbacks. Try them out and see which one suits your needs the best. But in my humble opinion, going with will make more sense!


Email marketing has a tremendous scope in lead generation and conversion. This requires valid email addresses to reach out to the potential audience. To make this process effortless and quick, has developed tools like Email finder and verifier, and domain search. All these tools help in finding and verifying emails based on public databases. also provides integration options to link it to the platforms like Chrome and social media to extract contacts. Moreover, it provides several features and add-ons that make the process easier. They provide initial free searches, after which you need to purchase their plans. The prices are affordable and worth the services. They also provide custom and team subscriptions for better solutions.


Can I use for free?

Yes, offers free plans for new users, allowing up to 50 free searches across all the tools. This helps you familiarize yourself with the platform before opting for a paid subscription.

How accurate are the email addresses found by provides highly reliable email address results. You can double-check the email addresses using the email verifier tool to ensure their validity, helping you weed out irrelevant addresses from your campaign.

Can I integrate with other platforms?

Yes, offers API integration with other platforms, such as Google Sheets and CRM systems, allowing you to extract and manage email contacts more effectively. Are there any discounts available on’s pricing plans? offers a 30% discount on yearly pricing plans, making them more affordable for users. No coupon code is required to avail of this discount.

Can I share my subscription with my team?

Yes, offers team subscription plans, enabling you to share a single plan with your colleagues, friends, or employees. They also provide custom plans for users with specific requirements not covered by their pre-designed plans.

Get multiple email contacts at one click with
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Reach out to for finding and verifying email addresses to get better leads for your email marketing campaign.

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