How to write email subject lines to elevate the reading rate?

Email subject lines in your marketing strategy

What is the first thing that your readers see when you send them an email? The subject line. 47% of the readers open an email looking at the subject line. It’s thus clear that a successful email marketing campaign needs catchy subject lines for emails.

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In this article, we have covered some of the best examples of successful email subject lines. Once you learn this art, automate your marketing campaign with Aweber, and you are ready to reach your prospects!

The no-nonsense email subject lines

These subject lines usually work when you communicate with your existing customers. For example, AJIO brings in subjects like “You have left some stuff in your bag” OR “Your order number XYZ is delivered.” They are best for notification emails as your customers might look for a crisp subject that summarizes the entire email.

Subject lines that create fear of missing out

Creating fear of missing out on your subjects increases the chances of them opening your email. Words like “Urgent”, “important”, and “alert” are the prime component of such subject lines. Here are the examples:

OTTs: “Uh-oh, your subscription expires on XYZ date,”

Digital marketers announcing their schemes: ” [URGENT] The offer will expire in the next 24 hours!”.

If you are a service provider, use this subject line and streamline your email marketing campaign with Aweber to get the best results!

Funny Email subject lines

When people get a reason to laugh, they are likely to read your entire piece. This works well with subject lines. Some of the best examples of such subject lines are as follows:

The Muse: “We like being used.”

Rebels Market: “C’mon, it’s Friday and you are Killing Time Anyway.”

These subject lines are perfect if you like to announce your products or events. If you are planning something in this line, go for building funny subject lines. You can analyze the amazing results that these subject lines offer using the automated analytics feature of Aweber.

The Best of Formula

This is a successful formula used by many email marketing campaigns. Here is how you can use it for your subject lines:

The best of [ANYTHING]

For example, “The best time to post on social media” (one of the best subject lines used by social media mentors).

The Case study subject line

When you mention a case study in your email, it is good to use the following formula to ensure that your readers open the mail:

[Case study] [Results of Case Study] OR [Results][Case]

Here is an example of the same:

Buzz Sumo, “How do these eCommerce sites grow sales by 42%?”

Sharing your personal experience through the subject line

If your emails deliver some tips that you have personally applied to your business or to yourself, you can follow this formula for designing an engaging subject line:

[How] [Method] [Results] OR [How] [Result] [Method]

For example, an email subject line curated by Dr. Achyuthan Eashwar says “How my migraine vanished on a plant-based diet?”

Use this formula if you are into writing such emails. Grow your email list using Aweber, and send them to a wider audience. Aweber will help you track your emails and derive results for your campaign at highly affordable rates.

Avoid this email subject lines

When your email consists of some of the frequently committed mistakes in your niche, using the word “Avoid” in the subject line catches the attention of the readers. The best-proven formula for such a subject line is as follows:

Avoid these [number] [mistakes] [niche/topic]

For example, one of the email subject lines from Houzz says “Avoid these kitchen design problems”.

Email subject - Houzz
Email subject – Houzz

Call-to-action subject lines

While sharing an email that consists of ready-to-use tips and tricks, the call-to-action subject lines have been readers’ favorite. It is all about motivating your readers to take an action. The examples for the same are as follows:

Avi Arya: “Join our team: MVM Internship Champions Program” and “Learn 3 secrets super entrepreneurs know you don’t.”

Email subject workshop
Email subject workshop

Subject lines that announce a freebie

Such subject lines are designed to express the value of the content in the email. Using numbers can work wonders in these subject lines. Let’s have a look at one of the engaging formulas of such subject lines:

[Number] Steps/ Tips/ Tricks [subject]

Here is an example:

Team SEMrush: “6 steps to attracting paid traffic that converts.”

Email subject SEMrush
Email subject SEMrush

Avi Arya: “5 key metrics for breakthrough online events.”

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The most interesting email subject lines

“Interesting” is a word that naturally forces the reader to open the email as humans have a tendency to read through unique content. Use it in your email when you are describing an interesting work, person, place, food, business, or any such aspect of the email.

Here is an example of the same:

Tim Ferris: “The most interesting man in the world is back!”.

The last call subject line

This subject line is majorly used for follow-up sales emails. They signify the deadline for an offer or discount. Starting the subject line with phrases like “Last call” or “Last chance” will attract the user to re-think the product or service that they might have left unpurchased.


Neil Patel: “Last day to get your access.”

Paytm: “Last 2 days for your valentine’s day travel treat!”.

Surojit Mahato: “Last chance to sign up for the digital marketing workshop.”

Email subject - digital marketing workshop
Email subject – digital marketing workshop

If you are organizing a webinar, or course, or selling a digital or physical product, you can draw the attention of your prospects using such subject lines. Get the entire process automated through Aweber and reach out to the maximum number of people with your product growing your sales efficiently.

The problem solver subject line

People love to get solutions for specific problems. If your email consists of the same, include a crisp description of the problem and its solution. Using numbers in the subject lines increases the chances of your readers opening the email.

For instance, Harvard Medical School offers weekly health newsletters and some of the subject lines say “5 foods that fight cholesterol,” “5 ways to keep arthritis from slowing you down,” and “3 diet changes to help you reduce your cholesterol levels.”

Use this simple formula to design a highly engaging subject line, triggering the pain points of your readers. Sign up to Aweber to automate your marketing campaign, and see the surprising results that you get!

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The “I Found You” subject lines

You can use this subject line while approaching a person. Basically, it works for cold emails to ensure that the prospect, authority, or company opens your email and reads what you have from them within.

Follow this simple formula, I found you on [social media platform/ groups] OR I found you through [reference].

For example, if you are approaching an artist on Instagram through email, you can write the subject line as “I found you on Instagram”.

The follow-up subject lines

When your clients open your cold email and you are now deciding to send them a follow-up email to know if they are thinking about your product, service, or offer, go for such subject lines. Following are the templates for the same:

“Still thinking of buying [product/service]?”

“We still on [date and time]?”


“Still thinking of renting the hotel?”

Use Aweber to manage your subscribers and send follow-up emails to the targeted audience. You only need to design the email and its subject line; the rest will be handled by Aweber!

Crisp subject lines

Such email subject lines are to-the-point and relatively short. They can be as simple as “Whatâ’s your next move?” Sometimes a short phrase works wonders! For example, leaving a subject line like “You’re in!” itself drives curiosity among the readers to open the email and go through it.

These subject lines are best for follow-ups as your audience is already familiar with you because of the cold email.

The invitation subject lines

These subject lines are specially curated to invite the audience to your webinar, online event, or community. Some subject lines specify the word “INVITATION” at the beginning to draw the attention of their reader, while others elaborate on the invite.

For example:

Hexagon Nutrition: “Invitation for 5th Feb NUTRIFY TODAY LAUNCH”

The action required email subject lines

Such subject lines are used for emails to notify the users about their pending actions on the mobile or website application. Usually, the phrase “ACTION REQUIRED” is mentioned at the beginning to remind that readers that they are missing an important step.


“Action Required: Confirm your email address”

All you need is to manage your subscribers through Aweber, feed the initial settings, and send this email whenever required automatically through the tool!

Subject lines with emojis

Many brands today choose to use emojis in their subject lines that make them stand out. Studies have also shown that emojis increase the opening rate of an email beyond normal. Refer to this image to know about the trending emojis in email subject lines:

Email subject Smilies
Email subject Smilies

Here is an example of one such subject line shared along with an emoji:

Email subject exclusive discount
Email subject exclusive discounts or offers.

Try this out and analyze the opening rate of your email using the Aweber reports and analysis tool for an email marketing campaign!

How to curate a subject line that improves the reading rate?

After going through some of the best examples for email subject lines, you might be curious to know about the method of creating subject lines that work wonders. Here are a few steps to attain this goal:

  1. Use time-sensitive words like urgent, important, hurry up, etc. at the beginning of the subject line.
  2. Try using numbers wherever possible
  3. Use emojis
  4. Optimize the length of your subject line such that the readers can view it even on their mobile phones.

Once this is done, go to Aweber, open up your email list, personalize the emails automatically, and send them to the audience within no time. Keep analyzing the results and checking on what’s working. Modify your email marketing campaign accordingly and achieve your goals through Aweber!


Subject lines are a crucial part while designing an email. They decide the fate of your email (whether the readers will open it or not). Refer to the examples mentioned above for designing successful subject lines. Bring more creativity while curating them and get the higher attention of your readers!

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