How does Mailfloss help you verify the list of your email addresses?

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What matters most to a business is effective communication with its customers. How will you engage with your audience and build a strong relationship without effective interactions from time to time?

Now imagine you are writing an email, and you misspelt the email address or entered a non-functional email.

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Your email can land in a box that even doesn’t exist, or it can reach the non-target audience. Here comes the role of the email verification process. Doing it manually can bring in a lot of errors. Hence, Mailfloss offers an automated email verification system that allows you to verify bulk emails and streamline your email marketing campaign.

Mailfloss: An overview

Mailfloss is an email verification platform that has its application in managing every sector’s emails right from e-commerce, start-ups, and even large-scale industries. It is one of the most flexible email-checking solutions, as there are zero requirements for any APIs or spreadsheets while using the services.

This cloud-based software is loaded with multiple functionalities that can help you upscale your email activities.

Mailfloss Integration - Connect your email service provider
Mailfloss Integration – Connect your email service provider

It is highly automated software. All you need to do is set and forget the email checking system. It will automatically bring the email verification to autopilot mode. It cleans your email lists of typos, fake emails and bounces from time to time. This improves the deliverability of your emails and thus increases the ROI from your email campaigns.

The platform can easily integrate with various email service providers like Mailchimp, HubSpot, AWeber, Infusionsoft, CovertKit, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor, etc.

Steps to get started with Mailfloss

It is very simple to get started with Mailfloss. Here are the steps for the same:

  • Connect your email service provider with your Mailfloss account
  • Set the priorities or filters
  • Allow Mailfloss to clean your email automatically

What does Mailfloss offer?

Let’s now discuss the amazing features offered by the Email verification tool:

Bulk email verification

Mailfloss allows the verification of entire batches of emails irrespective of the batch size. You can link your Mailfloss account to the email service provider to verify unlimited emails. If you don’t wish to purchase their subscription, the tool also allows you to have some prepaid credits and use them for a single-time bulk email verification.

The highest number of emails you can verify through onetime purchases is 2.5 million. Thus, you can save tremendous time and energy that you might have to invest in screening these emails manually.

Detecting disposable emails

Some people provide fake email addresses. These can be categorized as disposable emails. As they are not useful for your business, they need to be disposed of from your email list. Mailfloss allows you to check such email addresses and delete them permanently.

This minimizes the chances of your emails getting wasted on people who can never benefit from your freebies. It also ensures that the conversion rates of your audience improve with time.

Detecting role-based email IDs

Imagine you are sending an email to the address that is associated with a company or organization. The emails will have high bounce rates, spam complaints as well as spam traps. Thus, the email checker helps you identify role-based email addresses through which you can eliminate the professional email addresses and shortlist the personal email addresses for better reach.

This will also ensure that your emails reach some real person and not the company bot that controls the company’s emails.

Detecting spam traps

This is a fantastic feature offered by Mailfloss that detects the block spammers that exists in your email list. These email addresses are operated solely to spam your emails and reduce your email marketing campaign’s reach.

Once your email is marked as spam multiple times, it will directly drop into your potential readers’ spam box. Thus, the email verification tool’s spam trap detection tool helps to reduce the chances of your emails travelling unread through your audience.

Keep your e-mail list up-to-date with Mailfloss

Mailfloss provides the following features for keeping your email list updated automatically:

1. Auto floss

Mailfloss provides an auto floss feature for cleaning up your email list daily. Set this up and stop worrying about the unwanted emails getting added to your database. This will ensure that almost all of your emails reach real subscribers.

2. Decay protection

Many email addresses get abandoned from time-to-time. These can be referred to as decayed email addresses. You can use the decay protection feature to remove such addresses from your list. The process repeats every month on its own!

3. Setting up the hardness of flossing

Here the hardness refers to the rooms that you allow while cleaning the emails. Set the levels according to your requirements, and Mailfloss will do the rest on its own. It is recommended to set a medium level of flossing for better results.

Mailfloss one-time setup demo

Validating the email syntax

Email syntax is the aspect that affects the way your email speaks to your readers. For a syntax that interacts well and engages with your audience, Mailfloss offers the following features:

1. Typo fixer

There are high chances that the list might have misspelt email addresses. For example, the spellings of well-known email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc., can go wrong. This can land your emails in incorrect email boxes. Mailfloss helps you correct these typos and ensure that your emails go to the target audience, bringing you organic leads.

2. Auto-removal

Some invalid email addresses can clog up your email list. You can set up the option for removing such email addresses automatically.

3. Automated unsubscribe

Some email addresses can affect your email marketing campaign. For example, some may be spammers, while your emails might go unread (that can also result in them going to people’s spam boxes). Mailfloss helps you unsubscribe such email addresses automatically to ensure that your emails reach an organic audience that helps in lead generation.

4. Auto-tagging and auto-update

This feature helps in automatically tagging invalid email addresses and updating their custom fields. You can further use this data for various other functions.

Reports and Analysis

Mailfloss also offers a wide range of features for analyzing your email marketing campaigns. It offers the following services for better email verification analysis:

Mailfloss reporting and analytics
Mailfloss reporting and analytics.

1. Manual reports

Mailfloss application displays the results for email address verification where you can manually check your email list and perform actions like tagging, deleting, unsubscribing, or fixing them.

2. Email analytics

Mailfloss also offers you detailed analytics reports through email. You can analyze them in detail and re-set your email verification filters accordingly.

Pros of using Mailfloss Email verification tool

There are several benefits of using Mailfloss. Here is a list of a few of them:

1. Top-notch integrations

Mailfloss offers various popular integrations to take your business on any platform and still use Mailfloss for a better email checker system.

2. Saves time and efforts

This email verification service keeps your email list away from unnecessary emails so that you can focus better on your target audience. It eventually saves your time and efforts, and you can invest them in your business’s upliftment.

3. User-friendly interface

Mailfloss does not have a complex procedure. To verify your email address, you need to set up a three-step process, and there are some tools for better management of your email list.

Mailfloss Pricing

Mailfloss offers highly flexible plans that are broadly categorized into:

1. Monthly/Yearly subscriptions

There are three plans under this category named as Launch Pro, Launch Business, and Launch Lite. All of them are available at $200, $49, and $17 per month. If you wish to go for the yearly subscription, Mailfloss offers an exciting discount in the form of zero cost 2 months of Mailfloss subscription. All of these plans offer the following services:

  • Automatic daily cleanup
  • Decay protections
  • Zapier access
  • Whitelist/Blacklist options
  • ESP integrations (variable according to the plan)
  • Discounts on paid credit purchases (variable)
  • Auto-removal of invalid emails

There are many such services that you might observe on their pricing page. Choose the one that best suits your business.

2. Prepaid credits

This is one of the best options offered by Mailfloss. If you only need to scan your emails, then you need not purchase the extra tools. Go to the prepaid credits section, purchase the credit you need based on the number of emails you wish to scan, and you can use it for improving the convertibility of your email list.

Add-on: There is no expiry date for the credits. Purchase them now, and you can use them anytime you want to!

MailFloss Alternatives

MailFloss is an excellent email verification tool that automates the process of cleaning and validating your email lists. However, it’s always good to explore other options to find the perfect fit for your needs. In this section, we will discuss five alternative email verification tools that you may consider trying out.

Each platform offers unique features and benefits, so make sure to check them out before making a decision.

  1. HubSpot Email Verification: HubSpot offers an email verification tool as part of its all-in-one inbound marketing, sales, and CRM platform. With its powerful features and seamless integration with the HubSpot ecosystem, it helps you maintain a clean and accurate email list, improving deliverability and engagement rates.
  2. Klaviyo Email Verification: Klaviyo, a popular email marketing platform, also offers email verification services to ensure your email lists are clean and free of invalid or non-existent addresses. Klaviyo’s email verification tool helps increase deliverability, reduce bounce rates, and protect your sender’s reputation.
  3. Infusionsoft Email Verification: Infusionsoft (now Keap) provides an email verification tool as part of its marketing automation and CRM suite. This tool helps you clean and verify your email lists, reducing bounce rates and improving your overall email marketing performance.
  4. Ontraport Email Verification: Ontraport is a powerful marketing automation platform that offers an email verification tool to help you maintain accurate and up-to-date email lists. With Ontraport’s email verification, you can improve deliverability, reduce bounce rates, and increase your email marketing ROI.
  5. Email Verification: is a marketing automation platform that offers email verification services. It can help you improve deliverability, reduce bounce rates, and protect your sender’s reputation.

Overall, these alternatives are good. But in my opinion, you can manage everything with MailFloss and at an affordable cost. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one suits you the best.

Wrapping it up

Thus, Mailfloss is an email verification tool that helps you check the validity of bulk email addresses. It ensures that your email address list is up-to-the-mark. Further, the tool also performs some valuable functions like unsubscribing unnecessary emails, deleting spam emails, etc.


What is MailFloss?

MailFloss is an automated email verification platform that cleans email lists by removing invalid or fake addresses, improving deliverability and email marketing ROI.

How does MailFloss integrate with ESPs?

MailFloss connects with popular ESPs like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and AWeber, allowing for automatic email list verification and cleaning.

What features does MailFloss offer?

Key features include bulk email verification, disposable email detection, role-based email address detection, spam trap detection, and reporting and analytics tools.

How much does MailFloss cost?

Pricing starts at $17 per month for the Launch Lite plan, with various features and allowances. Prepaid credits for one-time bulk email verification are also available.

How does MailFloss improve email marketing campaigns?

MailFloss increases email deliverability, reduces bounce rates and spam complaints, and provides valuable insights through reporting and analytics, helping optimize email marketing strategies.

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