20 Actionable Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Results

Email marketing tips to boost results

Email marketing is inarguably one of the most effective marketing tools out there. With the least investment, it generates many leads and helps you or your business establish itself as an authority in the industry.

However, it is challenging to position oneself as an expert, given that the trends in email marketing are constantly changing.

It would help if you had an email marketing strategy to crack the code and get what you want from your business. We have come up with a list of 50 email marketing tips with actionable ways to implement them and help you scale and promote your business. Before that, let’s know more about email marketing and understand why it is as important as it is considered to be.

What do we mean by email marketing?

One of the best ways of generating leads, connecting with them, nurturing them with your knowledge, and eventually converting them into your customers or clients, email marketing has been around forever. 

The process of email marketing involves sending out emails to existing customers and prospects to:

  • Generate new leads
  • Nurture old leads
  • Convert email subscribers into customers
  • Convert one-time customers into regular consumers of your service/product

It comprises strategic steps that create an impact via your email and help you skyrocket your sales through the same. The basic steps, however, are as follows:

  • Building a strong email list
  • Draft and send optimized emails to your target customers
  • Automate the entire process to convert your target audience into customers efficiently

As simple as it sounds, email marketing is no longer something that works on the principle of “one size fits all.” You need to have a personalized and segmented approach to create an email marketing strategy if you want to boost your business.

How does email marketing work?

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to have an automation tool to email marketing campaigns successfully. You can use Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo, but the problem with using these platforms is that you cannot track your results. Besides, these platforms offer a narrow choice of templates and designs to choose from. At times, people also face some problems with deliverability when it comes to these tools.

So, what can be done? Simple, opt for a tool that has it all. You need to have a tool that ensures effective results and is a one-stop-shop for things including but not limited to:

  • Create a strong email list
  • Help you with the segmentation of subscribers based on different criteria
  • Tracing your results
  • Designing effective and impactful newsletters and emails
  • Help you with A/B testing
  • Help you automate the whole process of email marketing

You cannot do all of this with tools as basic as Gmail. At the same time, email marketing tools such as Aweber have proven to be a gold mine for people who want to monetize their email lists and scale their businesses with the help of email marketing.

Aweber allows you to:

  • Create an email list
  • Gather data
  • Design emails and newsletters for your subscribers
  • Use autoresponders and automate your whole email marketing process
  • Analyze the statistics for your email marketing campaigns and help you create better strategies 

Why is email marketing crucial to a business?

High chances of reaching and connecting with your audience.

Do you still use email?

Do you send and receive emails on a regular basis?

Do you at least have a look at the subject lines of the emails in your inbox?

These are the proofs that email marketing still works and helps you connect directly to your ideal client.

Highest ROI

Businesses have reported that the minimum ROI they received from email marketing is 42:1, which is 4200% of the investment. No other type of marketing would allow you to generate an ROI as high as this. Additionally, email marketing lets you constantly understand the interests of your clients, customers, and prospects.

Highly adaptable

Having an effective tool in place will help you double, triple, or even quadruple this ROI by supporting you in tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of energy and time.

Personalization is the key to achieving desired results through email marketing. Tools such as Aweber help you do the same by helping you segment your contacts based on multiple criteria such as age, gender, location, etc.

It is crucial to know that only adding the receiver’s first name won’t drive your sales crazy. A lot more can be done by segmenting your email list and personalizing your emails based on purchase history, behavioral patterns, etc. Since the trends are constantly changing, you need to adapt to the ever-changing marketing scenario, and you need to do that fast.

Focusing on the content that you send out becomes very important at this step. However, if you are still doing the whole process on a manual basis or using tools that don’t support you fully with your email marketing process, you will be missing out on a lot of time you could utilize in leveling up your content game.

Enables you to measure the effect

Email marketing metrics are your gold mine if you are a regular user of email marketing for your business. These numbers are the only thing you’ll ever need to customize and optimize your campaigns. They allow you to increase your open rates and click-through rates while also helping you strategize your new email campaigns.

Measuring your ROI is super simple with email marketing, and hence, it is a technique you could apply if your business is still budding.

Let’s get into the details! Here’s what we are going to do. We will segment the sections of these tips to make it easy for you to understand the pillars of email marketing and implement these tips to either start email marketing from scratch or expand the same without having to face trouble.

Tips for writing effective subject lines:

  1. First and foremost, personalize the subject line: You have the data, you know how to write emails, make use of these two, and write kickass subject lines to improve your open rates. Analyze your target audience’s professions, locations, ages, gender, interests, problems, and behaviors. Create an amalgam of wit and warmth to create subject lines relevant to your audience, show them you care, and enjoy the bliss of sales coming through!
  2. Be a human: Yes, you heard that right. Given a choice, would you open an email from a human or one from a company? The fact that one has received an email from a company implies that it is an advertisement that they want to promote a product or service. An email coming from a human from another person feels warm, connects better, and is more welcome. Use a name, your name, an employee’s name, but use it!
  3. Catch the attention: You can only use a few words. Why would you waste that on a wordy, boring subject line? Use power words to inspire them, use action-oriented verbs to make them click on that email, use their pain points to create an effective hook! Want an example? Here it is!
    • Live now: Instagram course from Jule Vernes
    • Instagram growth hacking course from a six-figure, no-fluff coach
  1. Use numbers: People love reading stats. Numbers give them a sense of authenticity and inculcate trust in you. Even though the stats in your subject line are hard to believe, people are more likely to click on the email to verify it.
  2. Run tests: Now, this specific test is called an A/B test where you write two separate subject lines for the same email and check which one brings in more readers! You can ask a question, convey a sense of urgency by offering something scarce, or create curiosity in them. The trick is to try, test, and use the best subject line.

Tips for writing an email:

  1. Please keep it simple and brief: Do not give away truckloads of information in one email. Your knowledge is unsegmented in your head. For writing an email, you need to sit and decide on a chunk of it to share with your audience. Also, understand that your audience is people who are grown and mature. You do not need to spoon-feed them by giving long explanations. Keep it brief and exclude the fluff!
  2. Align the content in your email with the subject line and your landing page: If your content is not aligned, you are basically creating clickbait. Sure, your open rates would grow but do not expect anything further. No click-through, no sales, no admiration from your readers. Synchronize the content everywhere!
  3. Do not use a template: If you are thinking of just using a template, you saw on the internet, believe us, not sending out an email would perhaps be a better option than that. Be creative, use your personality, and voice your brand through your emails.
  4. Offer value: Your email won’t be read thoroughly by your readers if there is nothing in it for them. Ask yourself this question before sending out the email: Is there something else I could add to this email to make it more useful to my audience? If the answer is yes, edit your copy and then send it.
  5. Focus on the customer and show the benefits of your service/product: This is the most common mistake a lot of email marketers make. Use the word “you” and highlight the benefits of your product instead of just telling them its features. They want to buy the benefits, and they want to feel like the product is specially designed for THEM!
  6. Use templates if you are not very confident about writing emails yourself. Aweber provides some of the best email templates and saves you a lot of time and energy.

Tips for email design:

  1. Plan the layout in advance: Consider that internet connectivity is sometimes an issue for emails to go through and look as they are supposed to look. Make sure you add a “view online” link to be seen as a web page. Additionally, it is also good to check on your email marketing tool if the email will appear on a particular email service.
  2. Tell a story, and don’t forget the CTA: Be all creative and weave stories around your service or product. Make sure your email comes out as a warm, empathetic story and not a sales-y pitch that only looks greedy. However, your purpose hereof marketing your services, so collate the information well and add a CTA at the end to talk business!
  3. Be very smart with images and fonts: The appearance of your email is significant. Try various combinations of texts and images and then finalize the draft. Maintain an 80-20 ratio for text and images to optimize your email.
  4. Do not ever send a single image email: Your chances of landing right in the spam folder are high if you send out an image as your email. Use the right amount of text to avoid getting your effort wasted.
  5. Stay aligned with your branding elements: Use the colors, fonts, images, etc., that align with your brand. Do not make it chaotic and messy by constantly changing the way your emails look.

Some genetic tips for email marketing:

  1. Add an unsubscribe button: Consent is important when it comes to email marketing. You do not want to establish your identity as a spammy brand that won’t stop bugging you with its emails and won’t leave you an option to unsubscribe from them!
  2. Add alt texts: This applies to any platform. Alt text is something your readers will be able to read no matter how slow their connection is. It helps get the message to go through.
  3. Optimize the sending time for better open and click-through rates: Like any other platform, people have a certain time period going through their emails. Try out different timings to understand what time works best for you, and keep optimizing your send time accordingly.
  4. Segment the lists: People on your email lists are unique. They are from different backgrounds. Segment your lists to compound the personalization and thereby increase your subscriptions and sales!
  5. Clean up your list: Last but not least, remove the people that have become inactive. They are not opening your emails because maybe they were only one-time buyers or got into your email list for no reason. Let them go!

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These were some of the best tips we have collected over the years and it is your time to put them into practice and kickstart your email marketing journey today!

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