Practical Email Marketing Tips to Boost eCommerce Sales

Increase your eCommerce sales via email marketing

Email Marketing has evolved into a necessary marketing tool to promote a business on a global level and help enhance the existing sales of a given eCommerce enterprise and make it more profitable and successful.

Email marketing in its way comes with a lot of benefits and prompts easy impacts and returns if the formulation has been done with simplicity and care.

Here in this article, we have highlighted some of the best actionable ways through which you can boost the sales of your e-commerce stores and advertise, as per the norms, with the correct email marketing strategy.

1. Avoid Sending Emails From A Company Domain

Sending incessant emails from a commercial domain can be a source of irritation for consumers who can easily get annoyed by constant push emails. To avoid losing consumers due to growing irritation, avoid sending commercial and automated emails.

2. Correct Subject Line

One of the primary mistakes often committed by many online marketers is while sending out emails, the subject line is either not enticing enough or consists dull, full of grammatical mistakes, and lacks proper excitement which prompts a consumer to open the email and read it. To avoid such implications, make sure the subject line is crisp, to the point, and edgy to hold the attention of the customer.

3. Using Numbers to Hold Attention

One of the significant email marketing tactics is to mention the numbers in the subject line to entice consumers and let them open and read the email. For example, using numbers such as “top three benefits of using lotions and creams” will radicalize customers’ attention and compel them to read the data marketed to boost sales and revenue.

4. Subject Should Hold Commanding Words

A well-formulated subject line ensures that the message has been powerfully drafted and compels the users to open the content and read as it might contain valuable information. A powerful subject line ensures that the reader is now hooked on the marketing technique and is ready to explore the content of the email to look for promising product content and other information that might benefit him.

5. Utilizing The Power Of Urgency

Email marketing will prove extremely beneficial at places where there has been an established sense of urgency to make the consumers react instantly to the given promotional content. For example, including urgency in the form of ” click on this product before the voucher expires” will prompt the customers to avail the given offer promptly and help boost sales of the concerned advertised product.

6. Compact Content Matter

Using irrelevant words and content can shift the user’s focus and make them uninterested in the given advertised product that can result in extreme losses. Hence, making the content of the email more meticulous and precise can initiate instant feedback from the consumers and alleviate the business proceedings.

7. Offers Discounts And Vouchers

To make the most out of email marketing, a brand should always offer valuable discounts and vouchers to their users that can be availed by the consumers on their next purchase. These vouchers will act as certified guarantee rickets to compel the users to redeem them on their next purchase before they expire.

8. Offer Additional Benefits

Email marketing should never merely focus on just promoting a product to boost sales but also should focus on how the enterprise can retain consumers and help facilitate a loyal brand following. To do so, a brand should always offer additional benefits in the form of seamless UI and b2b marketplace theme and friendly website navigation, vouchers, and discount codes to help make a customer feel valued and cared for.

9. Focus On Forming A Personal Connect

It can become quite agitating for a consumer to always be provided with a choice and promotional content that leaves a nagging residue behind, making a consumer feel like a money vending machine. To make a customer feel valued and taken care of, email should always focus on forming a personal connection with the customers and using simple language to make them feel precious and valued.

10. Utilize Welcome Emails

When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s important that you send them a customized welcome email. It’ll help to make sure they remember who you are and what you offer when they’re ready to go shopping for the product or the services you provide.

The best way to keep new subscribers is by sending out an irresistible offer like discounts with exclusive coupon codes or free samples for new subscribers. When people subscribe, they’re doing your business a favor so give something back in return!

11. Making A Customer Feel Honoured

Email marketing should always infuse elements that can make a customer feel honored in sales proceedings and not like a scapegoat to produce money. Hence, to accomplish such dealings, a brand should always form connections by making use of respectable informal language to retain more customers and promoting them to buy products made solely for their usage and requirement.

12. Avoid Automated Templates

To make an email marketing campaign feel more valued and personal, a brand should avoid using contemporary templates and fonts that can throw the interest of a consumer and make their decision askew. Using personalized and customized user tools will be an easy way to form a personal connection with the users in general.

13. Avoid Using Abbreviations

Sometimes the marketers can infuse too much informal language usage, which can result in customers not responding to the emails as they feel their respect quotient declining in the process. Abbreviations are not suitable to be used in professional email marketing and using elegant and professional language is the only way to a consumer’s heart.

14. Appropriate Usage Of Fonts

Using elegant and sophisticated fonts while addressing the consumers in an email will make the customers feel happy and respected at the same time. The language used should also be very formal and should clarify the intent behind the advertisement to make sure that the customer understands the nuances of the related product.

15. Write in Crisp And Engaging Format

An email marketing content should be amplified in a way that it should be told in a very interactive engaging and organized manner to ensure that the readers from all age groups and demographics can make use of interactive storytelling narrative and understand the intent behind the sales promotion.

16. Add Appropriate Call To Action Buttons

Including an appropriate call to action, buttons will enhance the market implications and will help the users figure out the intention behind the email and help crisply promote the advertising.

17. Include Simple Unsubscribe Option

While email marketing may appeal to other people, there might be some people who might find such emails quite exhausting and nagging. It becomes the duty of the enterprise to ensure a smooth unsubscribe option to take care of the user’s needs and requirements with ease.

While sending out emails to potential consumers, the eCommerce domain must include new registration or sign-up links to create a virtual archive of promising consumers and help boost ad campaigns and promotional content with a large number of people.

19. Avoid Using Capital Letters

Using capital sentences while formulating content might send out a commanding online presence to the users, which can be proven irksome for consumers. To make them feel cherished and valued, using simple sentences with concise wordplay will enable ready responsive and friendly aptitude of users in general.

Segregating and making use of categorizing email policy will affiliate that the users can get email content and ads related to products that are suitable for their needs and ages. Employing labeling and categorization will ensure faster output and ready results.

21. Clean Dormant Users

The admin must ensure the email list consists of all important users who are active in their social circles and all the dormant users have been deleted to keep the list active and updated.


Email marketing is one of the finest tools of marketing and ensures instant feedback and results that can help easily facilitate sales and revenue. To seek the best email marketing experience. The e-commerce must ensure the following points to keep their email marketing campaign sharp and thriving.

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