Best email newsletter formats for your business

22 top picks for email newsletters for you to choose from

Internet is an ocean of knowledge, and you can never get over reading stuff that interests you. Among the rapidly growing social media platforms, email has gained a bad rap for killing our time and productivity over the course of years.

However, some email marketing campaigns are exciting. They prove to be consistently excellent in terms of content as well as design.

Technological tools like Aweber have greatly supported designing and distributing valuable email newsletters throughout these campaigns.

Here is a detailed list of best email newsletters examples that you would never want to miss in your Inbox:

1. Hacker newsletter:

Hacker newsletter
Hacker newsletter

This newsletter covers a variety of topics right from startups, and technology to programming and much more. It is a weekly newsletter with 60,000+ global subscribers. Several magazines, entrepreneurs, and developers rate it as one of the best email newsletters.

Have you ever wondered about how they could manage to send such top-notch newsletters consistently to all the subscribers? You can also create an ever-lasting impression on your readers. Aweber has brought a great deal of automation to assist you create and distribute your unique email newsletters.

2. The daily water cooler:

It’s a daily newsletter that brings you some of the top-rated news. The email newsletter reaches you every morning so that you never miss a global update! It consists of a video or image with a short description of the event.

3. The skimm

This is among the popular email newsletters describing day-to-day events in a simple and readable format. It is dropped in your inbox daily morning with fresh editorial content that consists of everything that you need to start your day!

Designing such newsletters has been a cakewalk with several tools. You can check out Aweber for the best experience. It provides you with ready-to-use templates that can be an add-on to your content!

4. Buffer

Social media marketing has been essential for any business. Buffer delivers daily email newsletters with proven tactics to grow your online presence on social media. It covers almost all the social media platforms, right from Instagram to Twitter as well as Facebook.

Even if you own a small business, you can drive sales through your email marketing. Go to Aweber, use the email listing, and subscriber management features to reach a greater audience in no time.


It is a weekly email newsletter that helps you learn from some of the hustling folks around the world. They share their ideas, thoughts, and knowledge to inspire the readers to build and manage a productive work community.

If you are close to a network of such hardworking people, you can empower the world with your newsletters by sharing their learnings and opinions. All you need to do is get the content, decide the template, build an email list, and manage your subscribers automatically using Aweber.

“The earlier, the better!” – bring your idea to action.

6. Product Hunt

Product hunt newsletter
Product hunt newsletter example.

Product hunt offers an excellent email newsletter that delivers content on innovative products in the market. You can go for their daily or weekly subscriptions. It’s a unique experience altogether to read these newsletters. They come up with an unimaginable concept that serves as fuel to your brain.

7. Tasting Table

Tasting table delivers regular email newsletters with exciting information on a wide variety of topics viz. Dining, restaurants, cooking, travel, wines, and cocktails. You can definitely sign up for these newsletters if you love reading about these sectors.

8. NoshOn.It

This newsletter has made it possible for people to get daily tips on cooking and delicious recipes. If you are fond of cooking, this is one of the best pieces you should subscribe to.

Are you an artist looking forward to releasing your email newsletters like NoshOn.It? Are you waiting for a team to handle the email marketing chores? You don’t have to! Aweber provides some of the best features for email marketing that suit small business and their growth. The tool helps you handle your email marketing single-handedly without compromising on your quality and email outreach.

9. Good Beer Hunting

This, again, is a unique idea meant for beer lovers around the globe. You won’t miss any information about the best beers in the world once you “sign up” for their email newsletters. They also have links to their amazing podcasts on the facts revolving around beers.

10. SealFit

Who doesn’t talk about fitness today? SealFit is a group of fitness enthusiasts encouraging their audience with fitness hacks. This reflects strongly in their newsletters. No matter what profession you belong to, the newsletter is helpful to motivate you towards your journey of fitness.

Taking inspiration from their work, you can also build a small chain of email newsletters if you are a fitness, health, or lifestyle coach. Choose some of the awesome templates available on Aweber, craft your knowledge in them, and send it to your audience. It is as easy as it sounds!

11. Now I know

It is a venture by Dan Lewis where he makes people learn about interesting things. The daily newsletter consists of a trivia, fact, or myth-buster that is an eye-opener for the audience. Reading it as the first thing in the morning ignites your mind to give maximum outputs throughout the day.

12. Milkshake

This email newsletter is all about delivering the positives of a company, organization, person, place, association, as well as product. It has a huge list of active subscribers attracted to this rare USP.

13. Think clearly

Think clearly delivers one of the most useful email newsletters. The letters consist of tactics that help people live a better life. The content revolves around gaining clarity on your thoughts and how to drive the best future for yourself by thinking out of the box?

The art of living life is the current world demand. If you are good at it and want to share it with the world, use Aweber and start doing it from now. This won’t take much of your time and will save all the efforts that you might have to put into email marketing activities.

14. Life edited

This newsletter includes information on how to design your life in order to attract wealth, happiness, and prosperity even when you own considerably lesser stuffs, space, and energy. It also offers daily as well as weekly subscription options.

15. Groww

Groww is an investment platform that offers daily newsletters with information on investment and trading. The evening newsletter gives an update about the overall trading atmosphere throughout the day. This helps you check out for the best investment options and choose your unique plan in the upcoming days.

16. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Newsletter
Neil Patel Newsletter

The daily newsletter by one of the best marketing experts, Neil Patel, is impregnated with robust information on marketing tricks and tactics. It is a simple newsletter with some links attached to your reference. The interesting part of it is that you get it for free!

Get wonderful email marketing tips from this newsletter and apply them efficiently through Aweber. It offers everything you need for successful email marketing at highly affordable rates.

17. SaaS weekly

This is a technical email newsletter meant to deliver the latest updates about the SaaS business. It is single-handedly managed by Hiten Shah, who is actively involved in tweeting about startups as well as the growing market of the SaaS (software) business.

18. Startup Digest

Startup digest shares the information of emerging ventures in the various fields right from agricultural technology, software, and healthcare to art, music, food and beverages, and Mompreneurship (Mom+ entrepreneurship). There are many more sectors covered in the newsletters. Go for it if you have been a startup enthusiast and want to learn more about real-world entrepreneurship.

19. Charged

It is the compilation of some of the best startups, technological events, and long reads from the companies like DropBox, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Thousands of people are associated with this amazing weekly newsletter. However, technological tools like Aweber help them manage their subscribers efficiently, ensuring that no one is left to receive the newsletter.

20. Campaign Monitor

This is a monthly newsletter that gives you deep insights into email marketing. There are several concepts that may slip underneath your eye while reading on this topic.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach a wide variety of audiences when used effectively. If you are into marketing, don’t miss any updates by Campaign Monitor.

Sign up to Aweber for an end-to-end application of all the tactics that you learn from this newsletter and enhance your email marketing campaign for better sales!

21. UX design weekly

This newsletter by Kenny Chen is published every Monday with hand-picked links to some of the user-friendly UX designs that can create the best user experience. It serves a community of 19,000+ subscribers.

22. Smashing magazine

Smashing Magazine Newsletter
Smashing Magazine Newsletter

They deliver fortnightly email newsletters with powerful editorials speaking about the useful tips and resources for designers and web developers around the world. The team reads through a variety of resources to curate a well-structured newsletter for the experts.

Create your exclusive email marketing campaign

The above-mentioned is the list of some of the best email newsletters curated by firms around the world. Do you want to create newsletters that help you gain your audience’s attention? Keep the following points in mind:

  • Make a strong email list
  • Integrate your social media platforms with your email marketing campaign
  • Design highly engaging newsletters with useful content and eye-catching design
  • Send personalized emails to your subscribers
  • Try reaching out to your audience frequently
  • Analyze your campaign from time-to-time
  • Save time through automation

You don’t need to work harder to achieve these requirements. Simply sign up for the email marketing services of Aweber and you will get them at highly affordable rates!

AWeber – Email Marketing Service

Access to several email templates, pre-stocked images, a drag-and-drop editor, free migration, and more with Email Marketing. Aweber’s key features are autoresponders, reporting, and split testing.

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Wrapping it up

Email marketing drives a huge audience to your business when crafted efficiently. Some of the most famous email newsletters have gained over 60,000 subscribers through consistent efforts and outreach.

However, the content they provide is extremely valuable for the audience. Make use of this tool to drive your sales, too. Automate it using tools like Aweber and there you are, good to go for a perfect email marketing campaign!

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