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Postaga outreach marketing tool

Everyone with experience in running websites will know that building a good-looking site and quality content is only part of the story of making a successfully running website.

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Aside from that, you got to be doing a lot of Search engine optimization, applying a multitude of digital marketing strategies, and more.

An important one of them is managing public relations and outreach. While there exist many tools and services for other aspects of reaching out, there are a relatively small set of tools for the aforementioned PR and outreach and is mostly done manually.

As with many other things, manually doing these would take a lot of energy and time, which could be kept over something else much needed.

Postaga promises to make them easy with its Artificial Intelligence-based automated Outreach Assistant and change the way you increase traffic for your site. But how well does it do? Is the tool worth it for the time and possibly the money you spend on it? Read the Postaga review and find out.

Postaga Features

Postaga features
Postaga features

Postaga would help you in majorly three aspects for you – getting more backlinks for different pages of your site, getting more shares for your content, and building more relationships with people.

Postaga Overview Link Building Outreach Made Easy

Let us understand all of its key features in more detail:

Opportunity finding:

Postaga’s opportunity finder automatically detects the best opportunities for which you can get backlinks, more shares, and also promotions, all based on the campaign you are running.

Content analysis & Contact finder:

Postage analyzes your content and recognizes all the outbound links, key contacts, and other information, and includes it in your emails, which makes your emails more personalized.

In addition to these details, Postaga would also involve certain key advice snippets to make your email more personalized and unique for your recipients. In addition to this, Postaga could also do follow-ups on the emails if they have not responded!

Not only emails, though, but Postaga would also find social profiles and other information to reach out to them. Like, it would send a tweet or connect on LinkedIn.

Outreach assistance:

Postaga campaign type
Postaga campaign type

There would be many influencers and thought leaders in your domain whose knowledge and wisdom would help you craft better emails. The outreach assistant provided by Postaga would use artificial intelligence technology to find any relevant advice that is given by them that you can use in your emails automatically!

Highly tailored campaigns:

Postaga: Onboarding + Running Your First Campaign

Every campaign is different and requires unique strategies to a certain degree for sure, but certain fundamentals exist across all the campaigns. Using its features and a certain general understanding of the needs of various campaigns, Postaga provides a large collection of custom-tailored campaign opportunities for each campaign type which gives you a head start for your work!

Additional features under development:

In addition to all the features mentioned above, Postaga has been working on API access of its platform to its users and automated reporting. Both of these features take the working of the application to a higher level and provide more power and ease of use for its users.

Use cases with Postaga:

Most of all Postaga provides essentially a set of base capabilities upon which your execution of strategies becomes much simpler and easier. So for you to completely understand how postage is useful, the best way is just to see it in action!

There is a lot you could do in Postaga but first, let us talk about how to get started with it, and then, we can see how it can help certain use cases for implementing key strategies.

Getting started with Postaga

Postaga Demo – A Better Way to Build Links and Do Outreach

The first thing you need to do is to sign up with Postaga and create an account with them. To create an account, go to the Postaga website and click the Signup button. There, enter the URL of the website you are working on and then click analyze.

Postaga would then analyze the pages of your website and produce a list of blog posts that it suggests promoting. Then, you would need to choose a post and up next Postaga will walk you through the process to create a mention campaign to promote that post.

This is the basic campaign where Postaga finds the outbound links present in your article, gets the contact information for that website, and creates an email campaign for you for connecting with them.

There you go! Your first campaign in Postaga is nearing its completion. It is right here where you enter your information to create an account. Why do all these steps before creating an account you ask? Because even before going through all the hassle of account creation, you can get a feel of how powerful Postaga is and have something to look for.

After entering your information and the successful creation of an account, Postaga then will make you set up a test campaign that is designed to walk you through the platform and make sure that you learn to use it well and not commit any mistakes.

After completing the first campaign, you would then have access to creating other campaigns.

Using Postaga’s general features:

On the main page, after you log into your account, you can view central information regarding your campaigns and other things. From here, you can create new campaigns and it mostly involves the steps mentioned above – you give the URL and Postaga does the analysis, and so on.

As we have said earlier in the features, there are lots of campaigns you can try that suits for purposes. However, below are some recommended campaign types for certain scenarios.

If you are promoting a blog, campaigns like to mention, resources, Skyscraper & Roundup are good. For the promotion of a business or an application, reviews, tools & Expertise campaigns are highly helpful. For cold outreach, Custom search and URLs would help.

Let us now see how some specific things are done in Postaga:

Outreach opportunity finding & Getting contacts:

After Postaga finishes the analysis of your content, you can just enter any keyword in the search box and Postaga would automatically find appropriate websites for that keyword that is related to your campaign type.

Then, after getting the results, you can edit any of the results and take them out if you want. Then, Postaga would find a target contact for all the websites that you opted to reach out to. In the case it could not do it, it would try to find an approximation for relevant contact too.

Building Outreach emails:

Postaga cutom email templates
Postaga custom email templates

After selecting the contact list, you can build outreach emails for them and set up their sequence. A sequence can have as many emails as you want, which are separated by a certain delay.

You can set up a system in which your first email could be sent immediately and if a response is not received, the generated follow-up email would be sent after some days.

There are generated templates for your emails and you can also customize them easily. They are well formulated so that every mail does not sound very flat and like a robot.

Now that you know how to generally use Postaga, let us now see two of the most important techniques that can be implemented upon these capabilities. However, you must see that only Postaga cannot exclusively serve all the techniques, but it can pick up from the results produced by other tools and simplify the rest.

Using Skyscraper technique:

Uber Skyscraper Technique (100% Free and Automated in 2020)

Skyscraper technique is a popular technique to get more backlinks and increase traffic for your website. The technique essentially works like this: You research blog posts for certain topics that are high-ranking, with more backlinks.

Next, you would write a blog post that has a higher quality than the existing one. Now you would acquire emails for contact with the websites that link to that post and pitch your blog post to them.

The technique is very powerful, and you may have noticed, most of the steps are made very simple and easy with Postaga. However, you may not find features in Postaga that would help you with the first step though, there are some premium tools like Ahrefs, and Semrush that would help you out with this. While those tools might help with other steps, they are “premium” that costs a lot more than Postaga.

So, after getting the initial list, you can use Postaga instead to simplify other processes as generally described above a lot more economically.

Review outreach:

Review outreach is a very effective strategy in upping your public relations and getting your product/service promoted. Here, you would find the posts that are reviewing your competitors’ services, reach them out to review yours.

You may have guessed it, but the entire process of Review outreach is doable with Postaga also, within the free tier itself!

However, just with the skyscraper method, Postaga requires certain initial information to continue. You can use the search engine’s advanced features to get sites that review your competitors’ products easily.

For Google, going for “allintitle:” command whose parameter includes your competitor name and review would fetch you high-ranking reviews of your competitors easily.

From there on, you can get the URLs of the websites and then let Postaga do the rest of the work: getting the list of various ways of contacting them, creating a personalized email, and setting up the email sequence.

Postaga Pricing

Postaga pricing details
Postaga pricing details

As with many tools and services out there, Postaga divides its pricing into different tiers with a free tier being at the lowest position in the hierarchy. Options, features, and pricing increase as we go toward the top.

Other than free, Postage provides two pricing plans for Pro and Agency. Both include all campaign types and support unlimited campaigns, while the free plan only supports 3 campaigns and has SMTP integrations.

The pro plan costs $99 per month and allows only one account with 5 users of it, 2,000 contacts, 10,000 emails with 300 daily emails per user, and 1,000 opportunity searches.

The Agency version on the other side costs $300 per month and allows up to 30 accounts with unlimited users, 15,000 contacts, 100,000 emails with 300 daily emails per user, and 15000 opportunity searches.

As per the features that are coming soon, like API access and automated reporting, the Pro tier would have API access while automated reporting is provided exclusively to the agency tier of pricing.

You can request a free person 1 to 1 demo from Postaga where professionals from the company would contact and walk you through all the aspects of the Postaga platform. Here, you can directly see it in action and also get perfect ideas for your campaign.

Pros & Cons of Postaga


There are lots of advantages to Postaga. However, some of those that stand out are:

  • Campaign models provide a good starting point that can be further customized and adapted to your specific requirements and needs.
  • Postaga provides good learning resources for its usage through various articles and webinars, which reduces the difficulty for newcomers to use it.
  • Postaga’s customer support is very positive and would solve all your problems, if any, with Postaga and also help you with using the platform well.
  • Postaga’s inclusion of a free tier would provide a nice opportunity for people who want to test it before going to use it and also for the people who may not be able to pay for its advanced features.


Another complaint that is generally received on Postaga is that it’s hard to get used to it and its UX is bad. However, this problem is easily surmountable by following all the tutorials and learning content provided by Postaga. But, in case you are not able to comprehend a solution for a certain usage problem you are facing, customer service is always there to help you out!

Postaga Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Postaga, there are numerous options available. Consider the following options that offer similar outreach marketing and PR management features:

  • Meltwater: Meltwater is a media intelligence platform that helps businesses monitor and analyze online news and social media conversations. It offers features like media monitoring, social listening, and influencer outreach.
  • Cision Communications Cloud: Cision Communications Cloud is a comprehensive PR and communications software that provides tools for media monitoring, influencer identification, and distribution of press releases.
  • Newswire: Newswire is a press release distribution service that helps businesses create and distribute news releases to journalists and media outlets, boosting their visibility and brand exposure.
  • Agility PR Solutions: Agility PR Solutions offers media database, monitoring, and analytics tools to help businesses connect with journalists, influencers, and bloggers while tracking the success of their outreach efforts.
  • Muck Rack: Muck Rack is a PR software that combines media database, monitoring, and reporting tools to help businesses find and engage with journalists, bloggers, and influencers while measuring the impact of their outreach campaigns.

Remember, each one of these tools comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. So it’s important for you to go through the tool and explore its features before you make any decision. I’ve tried many of these tools, and to be honest, Postaga fares better than these tools in almost every aspect. 

But, it’s absolutely possible that your needs might be different, and your Postaga might not meet them. So test every one of them thoroughly.  

Postaga Coupon Code

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If you have been manually managing public relations and outreach, Postaga is a game-changer for you. It includes all the base features with the benefits of artificial intelligence which you can use to simplify the implementation of various strategies for improving PR and increasing outreach. Its adaptability to different scenarios would let it help people over a wide range of domains.


What is Postaga?

Postaga is an AI-based outreach marketing tool that automates link building, traffic generation, and lead tracking for your website.

How much does Postaga cost?

Postaga offers a free version, and a paid version starting at $99/month. Use the coupon code WITTYSPARKS for 50% off your first month.

What are the key features of Postaga?

Postaga’s key features include opportunity finding, content analysis, contact finding, and outreach assistance.

How do I get started with Postaga?

Sign up on the Postaga website, enter your website’s URL, and follow the guided setup process for your first campaign.

Can I customize my campaigns in Postaga?

Yes, Postaga offers a variety of campaign types to suit different purposes, such as promoting a blog, or business, or conducting cold outreach.

Use coupon code WITTYSPARKS to get 50% off.

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