Let’s talk about the Emoji language

The Emoji Keyboard for your MacBook

A major part of our verbal communication in person is done via facial expressions and body language. And when we’re not in a real-time one-to-one conversation, the emojis do the job. Disk Cactus is an art and technology studio that has come up with the idea that will make you smile, An Emoji keyboard!

Yes, you read right, they claim it to be the new QWERTY keyboard. At first sight, the silicon emoji cover may look like a kid’s PC, but it’s meant for us emoji addicts to communicate in a fun, more expressive manner. The silicon emoji cover comes in two sizes and custom keyboard layout software.

You will find emojis available for you anytime, and like any other silicon keyboard cover, it will protect your keyboard from dust and liquid. The cover has an emoji screen printed right on the keys; you have to press caps to lock to activate the emoji board. This makes it super easy to toggle on and off, so the emoji characters are easily accessible and become a part of your typing flow.

Each emoji button has several similar emojis in it, which can be accessed using the shift, control, and option keys. The keyboard itself is very thought after so that users can easily get acquainted and remember which emoji is where on the keyboard.

The Emoji Keyboard – Type Emoji on your Mac!

There are over 150 emojis that can be utilized for use. The software presently only works with Mac OS X. The keyboard comes in two sizes:

  1. Standard MAC: MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ (2010 onwards), MacBook Air 13″ (2010 onwards), Apple wireless Mac keyboards (2007 onwards)
  2. 11″ MacBook Air: MacBook Pro 11″ (2010 onwards)

This emoji keyboard is interesting at many levels; firstly, apart from performing the function of easy emoji entering in your emails and documents, it looks enjoyable. Also, it may help improve the typing speed of regular alphabets as the keyboard is visually appealing. This is great for visual learners; it may also provoke your photographic memory for remembering names or terms when using emojis.

This is great for school/college students as well when preparing for exams. It is an experiment; there may not be many adults who may like that weird keyboard cover on display while they’re at work or in a professional environment.

Another issue may also be getting too comfortable with emojis instead of alphabets and words. These types of technological developments and innovative ideas are fun to try out for sure.

But how many people in real would like to commit to buying an emoji keyboard will remain a mystery till this project is up and out. Considering that Dick Cactus is preparing its prototypes for Mac users, it will take even more time to hit the market for Windows users. And in that time frame, other companies would produce such covers with better ideas and functions!

Disk Cactus’s Emoji keyboard is still a project on Kickstarter with less than a week to go for it to reach its $20,000 pledge target.

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