Using Video in Email Marketing

Video in Email Marketing

Email marketing may be one of the best tools you have on your hand, but to use it efficiently, you need all the help you can get. Businesses that want to reap the benefits of this medium need to have all the latest information available at their fingertips.

By having a clear understanding of this resource and how it can help you, it’s possible to use it for value creation. Truth be told, email marketing is a saturated business, which has led many businesses to become lazy in their efforts.

In the race to appeal to customers and create compelling content, many businesses have given up. Even though there are some people who want to make the best use of this opportunity, they have run out of ideas.

Well, this is their chance to spice up their email marketing strategy and reel in high profits!

Visual media is steadily gaining popularity, and audiences are in love with it. Instead of having to read some boring text, audiences get to enjoy great graphics, music and a little bit of text. Visual media is opening new doors for businesses, and this is the right time to explore all that they can do for your email marketing efforts.

There have been projections that by 2021, almost 80% of all the internet traffic will be in the form of video. Now that’s a statistic that describes the potential of visual media and what it could mean for businesses. In the following years, videos will be crucial for business, and all the metrics suggest likewise.

So how can you use this medium to accelerate business growth and help take your email marketing campaign to the next level?

Here are a few tips that’ll help you with your decision to include a video in your emails. Go through them and then use a few of these techniques to see some great results.

An Alluring Subject Line

People who love the convenience of visual media will want to know if the latest email correspondence includes a video or not. You can easily reel in potential clients by including the word video in the subject line. Since the subject line is often your one and only chance to grab the attention of the reader, make the best use of this opportunity.

Make sure you mention the video and its title on the subject line. As long as you let the reader know that the email is worth opening, you have a great chance of increasing your conversion rate.

Just mention in the subject line that there’s an exciting video inside that’s exactly what the reader has been looking for. According to a survey, including the word video in the subject line can increase open rates by almost 13%. So don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Success Stories

Your potential clients will want to know more about the business and all it can offer to them. And the best way to assure them of your abilities is by including customer success stories in your emails. Let your happy customers promote your business.

Real words from real people are what will eventually give your potential customers faith in your services and products. Such powerful customer testimonials should be a part of your email marketing strategy because they are a viable way to increase your leads organically.

By showing things from the perspective of your customers, it’s possible to convince potential clients that they can avail of your services with the same benefits too.

Eye-Catching Video Thumbnail

An exciting video thumbnail will also do a great job of appealing to your target audience. If you are looking for a significant interest in your leads, this simple email marketing strategy will go a long way. It also serves another purpose – a much more complex one.

Based on the email service provider the receiver uses, there might be times when the video won’t play by itself. Some browsers ask for additional support because this service can be provided, so you need to be prepared for such a case.

If the thumbnail of the video is exciting enough to entice the recipient, they’re likely to click on the provided link just to see the video. So make sure you include a thumbnail that’s interesting and hints at the treasures hidden within the video.

Embed a Video

If you want to save your potential clients from the hassle of clicking on a video link, you should just embed a video within the email. This way, the video is right there for them to see and with the right thumbnail; you can also ignite their curiosity.

Some businesses don’t understand how important an embedded video can be. The fewer the clicks, the more efficient the viewing experience is. But the main benefit of an embedded video is derived from subscribers who use mobile devices. By eradicating the need for that one click, businesses can make for the seamless viewing experience, especially for mobile users.

The inconvenience of being directed to a link on a cell phone is well known, which prevents many subscribers from viewing the video. If you don’t want your effort and money to go to waste, it’s better to directly embed a video and be done with it.

Now that you know some tips on using video as part of your email marketing strategy, make sure that you keep learning more about the subject. There’s still much more to learn and the more you know, the more efficient your efforts will be. By genuinely engaging people, businesses can increase user engagement and earn higher profits.

The power of using video in email marketing
The advantages of using video in email marketing campaign.

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