5 Actionable Tips for Using Visuals in Your Emails

Emails that Engage and Entice

Recent market research suggests that people tend to retain more than 65% of the information transferred to them with the help of visuals and imagery, as compared to only 10% being remembered by other means of transferring data.

Undoubtedly, visuals are becoming immensely popular for the promotion and marketing of businesses on the Internet. At the same time, email marketing has turned out to be an excellent engagement tool and promoter for businesses and the return on investment (ROI) through email marketing is much higher than compared to other forms of marketing.

The combination of visuals and emails can be an excellent booster for the promotion and sales of your business.

Let’s discuss 5 actionable tips for using visuals in your email marketing efforts for driving better results:

Tell your Brand Story through Images

Improve Brand's Recognition And Loyalty
Following are the Branding strategies to grow your business.

According to a recent eye-tracking research study, internet users are bound to pay more attention to content that carries images.

Readers tend to be attracted to and spend more time looking at images in emails that are relevant to them, rather than reading texts on a page.

You could make use of images to promote your products to new users. You can also create a slideshow of your products or the reviews that customers have about your business to help make the new users understand why they should choose your brand.

You can also use images as directives in your email marketing strategy. While images are highly interactive, directive images state instructions for the role you want your customer to play.

You can also use images and other visual content from your social media feed to promote your business through email visually. Social media content is highly interactive, and a majority of users follow companies and brands on different social media platforms.

It is not necessary to include images from all different social networks; instead, you can combine the best of all to create a compelling visual promotion for your business.

Using images is an excellent tactic to promote businesses via email, especially if your competitors are using the old traditional ways of email marketing.

You could also create an email deliverability strategy for planning and managing your emails to avoid practices that will land you in a customer’s spam folder.

Use GIFs in your Emails

Graphics Interchange Format or a GIF is a bitmap image that allows and supports animations. Earlier GIFs were used as a social media tool for sharing entertaining content for fun. Nowadays, GIFs are ruling the world of visual marketing, and using them in your emails can make your business look more tech-savvy and dynamic to the technologically advanced audience.

Besides, GIFs are already being used by a vast majority of businesses operating and marketing through emails because of their high engagement and acceptability by internet users.

Using the AIDA sales strategy in your emails along with GIFs can significantly boost your interaction with customers and result in generating more leads and revenue for your business.

Match the Visuals with your Text

Sometimes marketers tend to perceive images and visuals as mere text decorations and don’t give much importance to the relevance of visuals in their sales emails.

Not matching the visuals to the core content of your email can cause confusion and dissonance in your readers about the message you are trying to send through your email.

Depending on the nature of your business, you should use the appropriate visuals and images that send your message across to the reader of your email.

If you are using the services of a designer to create your email visuals, make sure that they understand the message you are trying to convey through your visual email to your audience.

There are many tools and business software that you can use to create attractive and informative visuals for your emails. If you do not have access to a professional designer for making creative visuals, you could invest a few hours to create original images from many online tools that are available for free.

You should also be aware of the basic demographics of your email list and your customers so you can choose the best time to send an email. Sending an email at the right time can boost your customer engagement and fetch your business more conversions.

Make sure that the text content of your email matches the visual or image used. While email marketing in itself yields a good rate of ROI, using visuals will only boost the process and give you an edge over competitors not using the same strategies.

Video Integration

Video Marketing
Modularize for Better Video Marketing

Video content is the primary choice of marketers for promotion and marketing due to the excellent way it informs, interacts, and entertains audiences.

marketing automation strategy can be put in place to automate the process of engaging with customers of a broader space in a more personalized, timely, and efficient manner.

Integrating video content into your email marketing campaign will not only make your email highly interactive and engaging but also help you stand out from the crowd.

Suppose the product your business offers solves a problem for customers. You can create a “How to Use” video or a DIY video and make it a part of your email campaign for customers to know how your product can be useful to them.

Internet users are generally more interested in watching videos of how to do things rather than reading about them. You could easily take advantage of this and create video content that helps you generate revenue through email marketing.

Evoke Emotions through Visuals

It is quite hard to provoke an emotional response from readers through email content.

If your content is good enough to evoke a response from the receiver of your email, your chances of being noticed and influencing their decisions increase by many margins.

You have to make sure to create your emails with visual content that not only complements your message but also evokes an emotional response.

Create an outline of your idea and what feelings you would want people to experience from your email.

The time spent in creating such content is worthwhile because of the reciprocation and ROI this style of email marketing offers.


It is necessary to maintain and improve the overall quality of your emails from time to time. Repetition in visuals can become tedious, but fresh visual content keeps readers engaged continuously in the offerings of your business.

Try to keep the format of your emails simple and do not complicate them with irrelevant content, especially if there is a possibility that they might not work.

Always check the content of your email before sending it just to make sure of any errors and to see how it looks.

Also, try not to overload your email message with too many visuals, as it can become hard for some readers to view due to the size of the email.

Create content that is enjoyable for your reader and beneficial to your business in the long run.

How to use visuals in email marketing campaigns
How to use visuals videos or images in your email marketing campaigns.

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