How to engage your audience with interactive content

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Have you ever visited a website where nothing seemed to stand out? If people are just scrolling through your site without stopping to look at anything, then you are probably making a mistake. You might already be wondering how much it will cost you to overhaul your website, but you should not panic just yet.

You do not need to start everything from scratch. You can still use your existing SEO content to come up with new ideas. What kind of content is the most effective for your site? You first need to understand how people look at and construe info on the internet.

Changing how users respond to content

The first thing that you should understand is that some information takes longer to process. This is called processing efficiency: a brain function that decodes smells, sensations, images, and sounds. If you want your audience to connect with your content in a convincing and memorable manner, you need to know the content that leaves a strong impression.

Text usually takes longer to process when compared to shapes and images. If you present your readers with visual information, they will retain it for a longer time. When you use interactive content, you are just exploiting the brain’s ability to interpret different kinds of stimuli to bring people to your website.

Even the greatest scientists use graphs and charts to interpret complex info: this shows that online audiences need interactive, rich content to encourage understanding. If a consumer sees your website as a reliable and fast source of information, chances are that they will return for more.

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What will happen to the content that you have already published? You need to check the contract that you signed with your SEO agency. Businesses that provide a wide range of marketing and content services can repurpose information into quizzes, infographics, and polls that will bring users to your site.

On the other hand, if you create and manage your own content, you should think about new ways of displaying your information. Which aspect of your content is confusing to others? If you can, put this information to better use by making it more user-friendly.

Generating interactive content

To understand what interactive content is, here are some popular formats that will increase the traffic to your website:

Assessment tools, this is the most common type of interactive content as it gives users a chance to decide whether they want more info on specific subjects by asking them a number of targeted queries. Assessment tools also ensure that you reach the right audience before you decide to send follow-up newsletters or emails.

Online polls, quizzes, and polls are the quickest ways of engaging with your audience and getting them to interact with your site. A survey by DemandGen shows that people want to know where they stand in comparison to their peers.

Videos, Videos are a great lead generator that most businesses overlook. When you embed URL links and tags into YouTube videos, you can still reach an audience that prefers to evade written content. You should consider making a number of pre-recorded videos that expound the information on your website.

Infographics, although they are useful on their own, adding interactive bits to infographics makes for a better personal experience. To produce aesthetically appealing infographics, you should use digital widgets, which are customizable and give people the option of downloading and sharing their results.

With these great content ideas, you can break up the dullness on your static page as well as attract more users to your site.

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